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Families covered: Gascoigne of Barnbow, Gascoigne of Gawthorpe, Gascoigne of Harwood, Gascoigne of Lasingcroft, Gascoigne of Parlington

William Gascoign
1. William Gascoign
  A. William Gascoign of Harwood (d 1222)
  i. William Gascoign (d 1270)
  m. Elizabeth Boston (dau of William Boston of Aldwark)
  a. William Gascoign of Harwood (d 1351)
These first few generations are as reported in the 'British Genealogies' notebook identified below. Visitation starts with an unnamed Gaskon of Hartwood whose son William married Jane, dau of John Gawthorp, and was father of William of Gawthorpe who married Elsabeth, dau of William Bolton, who was father of William who married Margaret, dau of Nycolas Franke of Alwodley, who was father of Chief Justice William.
  m. Mansilda Gawkethorpe (dau of John Gawkethorpe of Gawthorpe)
  (1) William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe (d before 1383)
  BEB1844 and BLG1952 start with this William. BLG1952 reports that he bought land in Harewood, Yorkshire, in 1364. It is not clear whether or not this is contradicting the above ancestry which indicates that his family had held land in or around Harewood for a few generations. BLG1952 also reports that his elder son Lord Chief Justice Sir William was lord of the manor of Wheldale and dsp. However, he (son William) is widely reported as of Gawthorpe and as ancestor of the later Gascoignes of Gawthorpe. We provisionally follow those other reports, in particular the Visitation, but note concern that later research may have disproved the view (apparently still widely held) that he (father William) was progenitor of both the Gascoignes of Gawthorpe and those of Lasingcroft.
  m. (by 1351) Agnes Frank (dau of Nicholas Frank of Alwodley)
(A) Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe (d 12.1419, Lord Chief Justice)
  m1. Elizabeth Mowbray (dau of Alexander Mowbray of Kirtlington)
  m2. Joan Pickering (dau of Sir William Pickering)
  (B) Nicholas Gascoigne, 1st of Lasingcroft
  BLG1952 (Gascoigne formerly of Raby Hall) shows that Nicholas m. (c1389) Mary, dau/heir of _ Cliderow of Salebury. Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Gaskon) identifies her as Mary, dau/heir of John Clytheroo by dau of Grace. Noting the doubt on Clitherow1, we follow the 'British Genealogies' schedule in showing her as follows. Note that it appears thar she was widow of John Tempest.
  m. Mary Clitheroe (dau of Sir Hugh Clitheroe of Wimpole)
  (i) John Gascoigne, 2nd of Lasingcroft and of Parlington and Barnbow
  m. Isabel Heton (d 03.08.1473, dau of William Heton of Mirfield)
  (a) William Gascoigne, 3rd of Lasingcroft (d before 08.09.1476)
  m. (1465) Jeanetta Beckwith (dau of Sir William Beckwith of Clint)
  ((1)) Thomas Gascoigne
  ((2)) William Gascoigne, 4th of Lasingcroft (d c25.07.1521)
  m. Margaret Kighley (dau of Richard Kighley of Newhall)
  ((A)) John Gascoigne, 5th of Lasingcroft (d c20.11.1557)
m. Anne Vavasour (dau of John Vavasour of Haslehead family)
  ((i)) Thomas Gascoigne, 6th of Lasingcroft (dsp beore 04.05.1568)
  m. Jane Ilson (dau of William Ilson of Gunby)
  ((ii)) Richard Gascoigne, 7th of Lasingcroft (dsp 1592)
  ((iii)) John Gascoigne of Parlington 'of Adwick' (a 1584)
  m. Maud Arthington (dau of William Arthington of Aldwick)
  ((a)) Sir John Gascoigne of Parlington and Barnbow, 8th of Lasingcroft, 1st Bart (d 03.05.1637)
  m. Anne Ingleby (dau of John Ingleby of Laukland)
  ((vi)) William Gascoigne
  ((v)) Robert Gascoigne
m. Elizabeth (widow of Sir William Vavasour of Hazlewood)
  ((vi)) George Gascoigne of Kirkby and Oldhurst (d 1588)
  m. Mary Stokesley (dau of John Stokesley)
  ((vii)) Frances Gascoigne
  m. Geoffrey Barnby of Derby
  ((viii)) Elsabeth Gascoigne
  m. Michael Tompson
  ((ix)) Agnes (Anne) Gascoigne
m1. William Mallet (son of Roger of Normanton)
  m2. Henry Elles (brother of William of Kedall)
  ((x)) Katherine Gascoigne
  m. _ Beamond of Myrfield
  ((xi)) Jane Gascoigne
  m. Henry Ambeler of Leeds
  ((xii)) Alice Gascoigne
  m. (John) Newcom of Lincolnshire
((xiii)) Grace Gascoigne
  m. Thomas Wentworth (of family of Wentworth Woodhouse)
  ((B)) Margaret Gascoigne
  m. Anthony Hyppon of Fetherston
  (b) Jane Gascoigne
  m. John a More (son of Nycolas who married Agnes, dau of Nycolas Bromflet)
  (c) Katherine Gascoigne (2nd dau) probably of this generation
  m. Richard Beaumont of Elmley Park
  (d)+ other issue - Alvery, Richard, George
  (ii) Elizabeth Gascoigne (d before 1443)
  m. Anthony St. Quintin of Bradsburton (dsp 1448)
  (C) Richard Gascoigne 'of Hunslet'
m. Anne Elles (dau of Henry Elles)
  (i) Thomas Gascoigne (vice chancellor of Oxford)
  (ii) Elsabeth Gascoigne
  m. Thomas Everyngham
  (iii) Ales Gascoigne
  Visitation identifies Ales's husband as Sir John Nevell but the Harleian editor added a note "Should be Thomas". However, various web sites show that this was the Alice who married ...
  m. Sir Robert Nevile of Liversedge (d by 1438)
  (D) Anne Gascoigne shown by some sources as daughter rather than sister of Chief Justice William
  m. Sir Robert Constable of Flamborough (d 1441)
  (E) daughter shown as married to _ Aske, presumably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. (John) Aske
  (F) Margaret Gascoigne possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William Scargill of Thorp Stapleton (a 1351, 1376)
  (G)+ other issue - Thomas, John (priest)

Main source(s):
(1) BEB1844 (Gascoigne of Barnbow, in Scottish section), BLG1952 (Gascoigne formerly of Raby Hall), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Gaskon)
(2) some support/input from 'British Genealogies' - a collection of hand-written schedules found in the library of The Society of Genealogists in London, author and date unknown, which appears to have been pulled together from notes taken from a range of formal documents, including reports on Visitations to various counties
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