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Families covered: Eyre of Alport, Eyre of Crook Hill, Eyre of Grainfoot, Eyre of Hathersedge, Eyre of Ripley
[The original Eyre05 was renamed Eyre10 on 16.12.08.]

John Eyre of Grainfoot
m. Joan (dau of Robert Staley or Halley)
1. Thomas Eyre of Grainfoot
  m. (19.10.1563) Ellen Wilson (dau of Christopher Wilson of Bromhead)
  A. George Eyre of Grainfoot
  m. Constance Staley (dau of John Staley of Redseats in Castleton by dau of Stephen Eyre of Hassop)
  i. John Eyre of Grainfoot (d 13.04.1630)
  m. Ann Lees (dau of George Lees of Ashburn)
  a. George Eyre, last of Grainfoot, later of Ripley in Derbyshire (d 1694)
  m. Mary Wright (b c1630, a 1708, dau/coheir of John Wright of Ripley)
  (1) John Eyre of Ripley (b c1658, dsp 1710)
(2) Elizabeth Eyre
  m. Peter Laycock
  (3) Rebecca Eyre
  m. Charles Grave
  (4) Mary Eyre (a 1708)
  ii. Ann Eyre
  m. ??
  a. daughter
  m. _ Nichols (curate of Baslow)
  B. Robert Eyre of Dingbank by Derwent
  m. Dorothy Bretton (dau of John Bretton of Bretton by Tidswell)
  i. Thomas Eyre of Lady Bowerby, Derwent
  m. Ann Eyre (dau of Thomas Eyre of Hathersedge) @1@ below
ii. Robert Eyre
  m. Sarah Eyre (dau of Robert Eyre of Crook Hill) @2@ below
  C. Thomas Eyre of Hathersedge
  m. _ Barker (dau/heir of Hugh Barker of Hatersedge)
  i. John Eyre (Captain)
  m. _ Dakin (dau/heir of George Dakin of Padley)
  a. George Eyre of Hathersedge (b c1632, d 1712)
  m. Elizabeth Revel (dau of William Revel of Cold Aston by Dronfield)
  (1) Thomas Eyre of Micklefield by Hathersedge (a 1737)
  m. Frances Eyre (dau/coheir of Robert Eyre of Holmefield by Mary Washington)
  (A) Robert Eyre (a 1737, 3rd son)
  m. _ Wigfall of Sheffield
  (B) Winifred Eyre
  m. Thomas Winkill
  (C)+ other issue - Laurence( a 1737), James (a 1737), Mary, Ann, Elizabeth
  (2 George Eyre of Grinacre near Sheffield (d 1720)
  m. Martha Martin (dau of Thomas Martin of Cockbridge near Hope or Marsden)
  (A) Thomas Eyre of Grinacre (a 1737)
  (B) daughter
  m. John Green of Booths near Hathersedge
  (C)+ other issue (a 1737) - George, Benjamin
(3) Anne Eyre
  m. Martin Wilkin of Booths by Hathersedge
  (4) Jane Eyre
  m. George Huson
  (5) Mary Eyre
  m. John Torr
  b. Thomas Eyre of Normanton by Chesterfield
  m. _ Allot (dau of _ Allot of Dore by Dronfield)
ii. Thomas Eyre 'of The Ridge'
  m. Ann Armytage (dau of (Godfrey) Armytage of Thickhollins)
  a. John Eyre of Houlden & Grainfoot (a 1714)
  m. Ann Eyre (dau of Reginald Eyre of Alport by Derwent) @3@ below
  (1) John Eyre of Howden (b 1676-7, d 08.07.1757)
  (2) Ann Eyre
  m. Thomas Martin of Cockbridge or Marsden
  (3) Dorothy Eyre
  m. _ Hall
  (4)+ other issue - Edward, Mary
  b. Joseph Eyre of The Abbey by Darwent (d 1712)
  m. Ann Lum (dau of John Lum of Rastrick)
  c. Thomas Eyre
  iii. Ann Eyre
  m. Thomas Eyre @1@ above
  D. John Eyre of New Hall near Peniston, Yorkshire
  FMG notes that another source shows John as son rather than brother of the George above who m. Constance Staley.
  m. Dorothy King (a 1652, dau of William King of Alport)
  i. George Eyre of Alport & Edale (a 1652)
  m. Martha Ridgeway of Stockport
  a. Thomas Eyre of Hathersedge & Stockport (d 1732)
  m. Sarah Jones of Marple
  (1) Thomas Eyre (clergyman)
m. Rebecca Gillingham of Little Shelford
  (A) Gillingham Eyre in London (a 1767)
  b. Elizabeth Eyre
  m. John Weatson of Bullock (near Dublin)
  (1)+ issue - James, Eyre
  ii. Reginald Eyre 'of Alport by Derwent'
  a. Ann Eyre
  m. John Eyre of Houlden @3@ above
  iii. Thomas Eyre (4th son?)
  a. Dorothy Eyre
  m. Stephen Haigh
  iv. Mary Eyre
  m. John Froggat
  a. John Froggat of Moorseats
  v.+ other issue - John of Grimblecar in Hope (d 1652-3), Robert of Alport (a 02.1683), Edward of Alport (b 1614-5, d 05.04.1695), Dorothy
2. Elizabeth Eyre
  m. John Revel of Smalfield near Bradfield
3. Ann Eyre
  m. Richard Greaves of Haldworth in Bradfield
4. Dinoess Eyre
  m. Ellis Staley of Redseats
5. Margaret Eyre
  m. Geo. Howe of Ashop



Robert Eyre of Crook Hill
m. Sytha Barber (dau of Thomas Barber of Shatton)
1. John Eyre of Crook Hill
  A. Thomas Eyre of Crook Hill
  i. Adam Eyre of Crook Hill (bur 08.02.1611-2)
  m. Alice Barber of Ashop
FMG includes the following note alongside this marriage: "The descendants of this marriage are all very wrongly stated." However, the following is partly supported by Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, Eyre of Ashop).
  a. Robert Eyre of Crook Hill
  (1) John Eyre of Crook Hill (dsp 1714, 3rd son)
  (2) Sarah Eyre
  m. Robert Eyre @2@ above
  (3)+ other issue - Adam, Robert
  b. Thomas Eyre of Crook Hill (and/or Haselhead, Yorkshire)
  m. (04.03.1605) Helen Ramscar (a 1609, dau/coheir of John Ramscar of Sheffield)
(1) Alice Eyre
  m. James Wolstenholm (Wolston) of Cartlege near Dronfield
  (2)+ other issue (dsp) - Adam, Joseph
  c. George Eyre of Crook Hill (d 1642)
  m. Margaret Micklewaite (dau of Roger Micklewaite of Ingburchworth or Inge Birchworth in Peniston)
  (1) Joseph Eyre of Ashop (bpt 1619, a 08.1662)
  m. Elizabeth Beighton (dau/coheir of John Beighton or Beyton of Smallfield, widow of Jeremy Ward of Ashop)
  (A) Joseph Eyre (bpt 29.06.1657)
  m. Mary Greaves (dau of Christopher Greaves)
  (B) Elizabeth Eyre (b c1660)
  d. Adam Eyre of Hazlehead, Yorkshire (d 1643, Captain)
  m. _ Green of Holmfirth
  e. Elizabeth Eyre
  m. (06.06.1603) Thomas Howe of Nether Ashop
  f.+ other issue - Joseph (d 1643), daughter
2. Ann Eyre
  m. John Ash of Brampton

Main source(s): FMG (vol II, Eyre (MS 226-7))
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