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Families covered: Drake of Halifax, Drake of Northowram, Drake of The Lee

Gilbert Drake of Northowram (bpt 1542, bur 05.03.1603)
m1. (03.05.1563) Sibil Bird
1. Humphrey Drake of Halifax (bpt 1569, bur 28.08.1632)
  m. Esther or Hester Drake (bur 1674, dau of William Drake of The Lee, widow of Michael Ward) @1@ below
  A. Nathaniel Drake (bpt 1617, a 1632, d unm)
  B. John Drake (bpt 11.07.1619, d by 1692, rector of Dunnington, sub-dean of Ripon)
  m. Grace Foxcroft (d 1692, dau of Thomas (or James) Foxcroft of Shibden Hall)
  i. Humphrey Drake (b c1660, rector of Agmondisham, Buckinghamshire)
  m. (c07.1691) Catherine Rigby of Cotgrave
  a. Christopher Drake
  m. _ Musson (dau of Vicar of Shobbington)
  (1)+ issue - Christopher, Elizabeth
  b. Catherine Drake
m. John Austin ("son to a clothier in Gloucestershire")
  (1) Humphrey Austin
  c. Sarah Drake
  m. John Pierce
  d. Elizabeth Drake
  m. _ Stone of Ludgate Hill
  e.+ other issue - John (d young), Montague, Humphry (d young), Humphry, Mary
  ii. Frances Drake (d 12.02.1709)
  m. Edward Ridsdale of Ripon (b c1651, d 20.02.1728)
iii.+ other issue - Gilbert (dsp), Esther/Hesther, Susan (d unm)
2. John Drake of Newhouse in Southowram (bpt 1563)
  m. (1590) Susan (widow of _ Lockwood)
3. Samuel Drake of Northowram (bpt 1567, bur 1612)
  m. (1594) Susan Ramsden
4. Mary Drake
  m. (19.02.1598-9) John Broadley (curate of Swerby)
5. Sibil Drake of Sowerby
  m1. (13.06.1614) Joshia Whitton of Skipton
  m2. Michael Whitley of Bentley
  m3. Francis Priestley
6.+ other issue - Michael, Thomas, Grace
m2. (27.01.1588) Judith Bork or Becke
9.+ other issue - Toby (d infant), Toby (bur 1624), Sibil (a 1603)



William Drake of The Lee (Northowram, Halifax)
m1. (04.09.1575) Grace Broadley of Hipperholm (bur 30.08.1599)
1. Joseph Drake of the Lee (b 1582, bur 14.02.1636)
  FMG (p 507) indicates that all of Joseph's children were by his 3rd wife. The following shows the attribution shown by FMG (p1158).
  m1. (16.05.1609) Ann Ward (bur 20.03.1613, dau of Thomas Ward of Halifax)
  A. Esther Drake (bpt 1610)
  m. _ Watson
  B. Susan Drake (bpt 1612)
  m. Isaac Oates
  m2. (1615) Jane (or Jennet, probably not Anne) Rawnsley (bur 22.06.1622, dau of Robert Rawnsley of Hipperholm, widow of Michael Slater)
  C. Joseph Drake of The Lee (bpt 23.06.1616, a 1677)
  FMG (p 508+) shows that Joseph's 1st wife was mother of Marian, Elizabeth & Joseph with his 2nd wife being mother of "the rest" (Marmaduke, John, Thomas, Nathan, Elizabeth, Mary, Maud & Esther). The following shows the children reported by FMG (p1158-9).
  m1. _ Fawcet (or Faver) of Penigent
i. Marmaduke Drake of Penigent (bur 15.06.1677)
  m. _ Garforth
  a. John Drake ("went abroad")
  (1)+ son & daughter
  b. Marmaduke Drake (bpt 12.1677, d 03.11.1741, vicar of Beighton (Derbyshire))
  m. Mary Field (d 14.09.1757, dau of William Field of Shipley Field, Bradford)
  (1) John Drake (bpt 25.07.1706, d 04.02.1763, vicar of Beighton)
  m. Ann Drake (d 12.03.1751-2, dau/heir of John Drake of Halifax) @2@ below
  (A) Dorothy (Dorothea) Drake
  m. Thomas Wright of Beighton & Kimberworth
  (i) George Wright of Billam had issue
  m. Mary Stables (d 1821, dau of Henry Stables of Bradford)
  (B) Elizabeth Drake
  m. George Wainwright of Sheffield, later of Alrewas/Stafford
  (C)+ other issue - Marmaduke of Adwick-upon-Dearn (bpt 03.05.1749, d unm), John (b 1737-8, dsp 23.04.1745), Francis (bur 13.11.1740), William (bpt 23.05.1750, d young), Mary Anna (bur 05.10.1741), Anne (bpt 06.04.1744 d 18.01.1746)
  (2) William Drake (bpt 27.09.1709, d 08.02.1757, vicar of Hatfikeld, rector of Fall Sutton)
m1. Isabel Smith (b 11.10.1711, d 13.12.1737, dau of James Smith of Manningham)
  (A)+ issue (d unm ) - Nathan (b 20.08.1736, d Calcutta), Isabella (d 07.1771)
  m2. (09.04.1741) Sarah Stancliffe (b 1719-20, d 13.01/06.1799, dau of John Stancliffe of Balmhall, Halifax)
  (C) John Drake of Rotherham (bpt 18.06.1749, d 04.06.1814)
  m. (01.09.1772) Ann Walker (dau of Jonathan Walker of Masborough)
  (i) William Walker Drake of London (b 26.07.1774)
  m1. (sp?) Mary Sheldon (b 06.02.1772, dau of Ralph Sheldon of Sheffield)
  m2. _ Crompton (widow of Thomas Jolly of Solly)
  (ii) Mary Anne Drake (b 23.09.1785)
  m. William Yates of Masborough (ironfounder)
  (D) William Drake of Thorne (b 04.01.1753, dsp 10.09.1787, surgeon)
  m. Sarah Ince of Pontefract (d 01.1794)
  (E) Sarah Drake (a 1804, dsp?)
  m. (after 1771) James Leroux
  (F) Anna Maria Drake (dsp 1769)
  m. _ Leyson
  (G)+ other issue (d infant) - William, William
  c. Frances Drake
m. (01.02.1687) Henry Bainbridge of Barbourn in Kirkby Lonsdale
  ii. Joseph Drake
  m. (08.02.1676) Eleanor Wilkinson
  a. John Drake of Halifax (2nd son)
  m. _ Savill or Savile
  (1) Ann Drake
  m. John Drake (vicar of Beighton) @2@ above
  (2)+ other issue (d before 1736) - John, Marmaduke
  b.+ other issue - Joseph (bpt 29.05.1683, d unm before 1736), William (bpt 23.02.16960, d unm before 1736), Elizabeth (bpt 1685), Mary (bpt 1679), Martaha (bpt 1681)
  iii. Elizabeth Drake
  m2. _ Pulleyne (Pullen) of Burley
  iv. Thomas Drake of Halifax (d 17.08.1700)
  m. (13.01.1680) Mary Wilkinson (d by 1731)
  Where there are contradictions regarding the family of Thomas & Mary between what is shown on pp508-9 and what is shown on pp1159-60, we follow the latter.
  a. Jeremy Drake of Horley Green (bpt 03.06.1691, d 29.12.1745)
  m. Mary Rooksby (b 01.05.1689, d 05.03.1767, dau of Robert Rooksby of Melton)
  (1) James Drake of Horley Green (b 31.05.1733, d 27.05.1804)
  m. (08.08.1769) Jane Atkinson (b 20.05.1748, d 22.01.1820, dau of Rev. Christopher Atkinson of Thorpe Arch)
  (A) James Drake (vicar of Warmfield)
  m. Caroline Assheton (dau/coheir of Rev. ichard Assheton of Manchester & Middleton)
  (i)+ issue - George James Assheton, Richard, James (d infant)
  (B)+ other issue - Atkinson Shermer (dsp 28.10.1820), Thomas Francis (a 1822)
  b. John Drake (a 1728, 3rd son?)
  (1) Thomas Drake of Selby (a 1728)
  (A) Jeremy Drake
  (2) Francis Drake (a 1728)
  m. Martha
  c. Sarah Drake
  m. _ Benton
  d.+ other issue - Thomas of Halifax (a 03.1737, chemist/druggist), Francis (b 1695, a 1760, curate), Mary (d unm 1689)
  v. Nathan Drake (b 19.11.1660, a 05.1723, vicar of Sheffield & Market Weighton, rector of Kirkby Overblows)
  On p508, Nathan's wife is identified as "Supposed" Mary Andrews. On p1160 she is identified as ...
  m. (17.03.1688) Elizabeth Hall (a 12.1741, dau of Robert Hall of Mansfield)
  a. Robert Drake of Sheffield (b 19.10.1689, d 17.06.1723, apothecary/surgeon)
  m. Elizabeth Bromhead (b 1683, d 28.11.1765, dau/coheir of Christopher Broomhead or Bromhead of Sheffield)
  (1) George Drake of Halifax (bpt 10.08.1715)
  m. Phoebe Wood (dau/heir of Richard Wood of Field in Shipden Dale)
  (A) Thomas Drake (vicar of Rochdale, rector of Hadleigh)
  m. (25.08.1788) Eleanor Yate of Gloucester(dau of Robert Dobyns Yate)
  (i) Emma Catherine Drake (b 1789)
  m. Daniel John Niblett of Harnfield
  (ii) Sophia Anne Drake
  m. William Peel
  (iii) Mary Eleanor Drake
  m. John Taylor Allen (clerk)
  (iv) other issue - George Thomas Geffery (b 1790), Richard Henry/Harry (d 1817)
  (2) Elizabeth Drake (bpt 14.06.1717)
  m. Robert Cane (rector of Harleston)
  (A) R. Cane (vicar of Southwell)
(3)+ other issue - Nathan (bpt 14.07.1718, a 1725?, d young), Sarah (bpt 27.04.1720, d unm), Margaret (bpt 27.06.1721, d infant)
  b. Joseph Drake (b 06.05.1697, d before 26.06.1754, vicar of Burleigh, rector of Milton KLeynes, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth (Andrews?)
  (1) Betty Drake
  m. _ Beecher
  (2)+ other issue - Nathan (a 1761, curate at Mulsho), Francis, Thomas, Joshua, Eleanor
  c. Mary Drake (b 17.01.1690)
  m. (Albany) Dodson of Kirby Overblow
  d.+ other issue - Nathan (b 26.05.1695, dsp 17.01.1718), John (b 01.10.1702, d 06.02.1704), Elizabeth (b 20.05.1693), Sarah (b 27.09.1698, d 23.10.1698), Betty (b 04.03.1703-4, a 1741)
vi. Jeremy Drake had issue
  On p1159 is shown Jeremy who "had sons living in 1736". He is not mentioned on p508 where there is a John who had a son called William.
  vii.+ other issue - William (d unm), Mary, Magdalene
  D. Thomas Drake of Shibden Mill (bpt 01.11.1620)
  m. Jane (m2. _ Hopkins)
  i.+ issue - William (dsp before 1677, youngest son), Elizabeth, Esther, Alice
  m3. Bridget Rousley of Light Cliffe, Raunsley
2. Nathan Drake of Godley (bpt 17.12.1587, d c12.1658)
  m. Elizabeth Higgin (bpt 08.06.1600, bur 08.12.1658, dau of Francis Higgin of Hardwick near Pontefract)
3. Jeremy Drake (bpt 30.05.1591, bur 26.07.1641, clothier)
  m. (14.10.1616) Sara (not Jane) Whitaker (bur 18.01.1658)
  A. Timothy Drake of London (bpt 07.10.1617)
  i. Richard Drake (publisher, precentor of Sarum)
  B. Phoebe Drake
  m. Josh. Wilkinson
C.+ other issue - William, Nathan, John, Abraham of Newcastle (bpt 31.10.1619), Jonathan, Grace, Esther, Judith
4. Susan Drake (bpt 07.10.1576)
  m. (05.09.1598) Samuel Lister of Shipden Hall and/or Northowram
5. Phoebe Drake (bpt 26.05.1578?)
  m. (09.12.1602) Edward Hemingway of Shipden Mills
6. Grace Drake (bpt 08.09.1555)
  m. (16.06.1609)John Whitley of the Rooks (Rookes)
7. Judith Drake
  m. Isaac Dickenson of Carlton
8. Esther or Hester Drake (bpt 08.05.1580, bur 1674)
  m1. (10.12.1604) Michael Ward of Halifax
  m2. (23.09.1616) Humphrey Drake @1@ above
9. other issue - Abraham (bpt 29.09.1584), Timothy of London
m2. (30.11.1602) Martha Whitaker (a 1621) mentioned (with children) on FMG (p1155)
11.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 1606), Isaac (bpt 1610), Edith (bpt 1603)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : FMG (vol 2, MS214, 'Drake', p507), FMG (vol 3, MS523, 'Drake', p1156)
(2) For lower section : FMG (vol 2, MS214, 'Drake', p507+), FMG (vol 3, MS524-5, 'Drake', p1157+)
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