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Families covered: Davy of Beauford, Davy of Rowborough

Richard Davy alias Dewy (a 1277)
1. William Davy alias Dewy
  A. Robert Davy alias Dewy
  m. Letitia (heir)
  i. Roger Davy alias Dewy (a 1423)
  m. Thomasine (dau/heir of John son of Walter of Ebberleigh)
  a. William Davy alias Dewy (a 1423)
  m. Alice
  (1) Richard Davy
  (A) William Davy
  m. _ Barrye of Winscott
  (i) John Davy
  m. Isott Blinsham (dau/coheir of John Blinsham of Blinsam)
  (a) Richard Davy
  m. _ Chapell of Chittlehampton
  ((1)) John Davy
  m. Anne Doderidg (dau/coheir of _ Doderidg of Doderidg in Kirton)
  ((A)) John Davy of Eberley in Rowborough
  m. Faith Coniers (Dau of John Coniers)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1620) - Henry, Azarius, John, Gawen, Mary
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas, Nathan, Joane, Elizabeth
  ((2)) Alice Davy
  m. _ Dennis of Gutsland
  ((3))+ other issue - Anne, Margaret
  (b) Thomas Davy of Beauford (in Rowborough)
m. Dennis Limpeneye (dau of Robert Limpeneye, sister of Edward & cousin/coheir of Phillip (son/heir of Edward))
  ((1)) John Davy of Beauford
  m. Elizabeth Parnacott (dau of _ Parnacott of Parnacott by _ Stapleton)
  ((A)) Henry Davy 'of Beauford' (Bowford) (b c1592, a 1620)
  m. (11.12.1615) Margaret Gay (dau of John Gay of Goldworthy)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Davy (b c1618, a 1620)
  ((B))+ other issue (a 1620) - Jonathan (b c1600), Phoebe, Margery, Rebecca
  ((2)) Arthur Davy (dsp)
  ((3)) Bartholomew Davy
  m. Willmot Hawkridg (dau of William Hawkridge of Dowland)
  ((A)) Martha Davy
  m. "John le Bonne Frenchman"
((B))+ other issue (a 1620) - Bartholomew, Thomas
  ((4)) Elizabeth Davy
  m. _ Marin of North Tawton
  ((5)) Joane Davy
  m. _ Heddon of Dowland
  ((6)) Magdalen Davy
  m. _ Blagden of Blagden ## see here ##
  (c) John Davy
  m. Jane Hamlin of St. Teth
  ((1)) Thomas Davy
  ((2)) John Davy
  m. Frances Clevehanger
  ((A))+ issue - John, Richard
  ((3)) Ralphe Davy
  m. _ Rise of Shirwell
  ((A)) Richard Davy
  ((4)) Alice Davy
  m. Oliver Coliber (rector of Rowborough)
  ((5)) daughter
  m. _ Gist of Kilkhampton
  ((6)) daughter
  m. _ Yolden of Bickington
  (d) daughter
  m. _ Stavely

Main source(s):Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Davy or Dewy', p274+)
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