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Families covered: D'Arcy of Corbetstown, D'Arcy of Dunmow, D'Arcy of Hyde Park, D'Arcy of Plattyn
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Christopher D'Arcy 'of Platyn'
m1. Elizabeth Draycott (dau of Sir H. Draycott or Draicott)
m2. Mary Whyte (dau of Sir Nicholas Whyte of Leixlip, m2. Robert Browne of Mulkankan, m3. Nicholas St. Lawrence, Lord Howth)
1. George D'Arcy 'of Platten'
  m. Cecily Fagan (dau of Christopher Fagan or Ffagan of Dublin)
  A. Nicholas D'Arcy of Plattyn (a 1641) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m1. Catharine Purcell (dau of James Purcell of Loughmore)
  i. George D'Arcy (dvp)
  a. Nicholas D'Arcy of Plattyn (a 1690, dsp?)
  m2. Frances Bellew (dau of Sir Christopher Bellew of Castleton)
  ii. Christopher D'Arcy of Corbetstown (d before 1738, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. Mary (d before 1738)
  a. Francis D'Arcy of Corbetstown (a 02.1738)
  m. Margaret
  (1) Thomas D'Arcy of Corbetstown (dsp)
  (2) John D'Arcy of Corbetstown (a 10.1756)
  m. Elizabeth Fetherston ("of the House of Bracklyn")
  (A) Francis D'Arcy of Corbetstown (d 1830)
  m. Eleanor Briscoe
  (i) John D'Arcy of Corbetstown (d unm)
  (B) Judge Thomas D'Arcy (b 08.09.1773, Brevet-Major)
  m. (16.05.1799) Elizabeth Sheppard (dau of William Sheppard of Wolverhampton)
  (i) Thomas Edward Whitehall D'Arcy of Wolverhampton had issue
  m. Mary Anne Willcox (dau of Edward Willcox of Wolverhampton)
  (C) John Fetherston D'Arcy
  iii.+ other issue - Edward (dsp?), Thomas, Arthur, Nicholas
2.+ 2 sons



Thomas D'Arcy of Dunmow
m. Margaret Kiltole (dau of Richard Kiltole of Trim)
1. John D'Arcy of Dunmow
  A. William D'Arcy of Dunmow
  m. Margaret Brandon (dau of Thomas Brandon of Dundalk)
  i. Thomas D'Arcy of Dunmow (b 1611)
  m. Alicia Nugent of New Haggard
  a. George D'Arcy of Dunmow (d 1718)
  m. Alice Nugent (dau of Thomas Nugent of Clonlost)
(1) Thomas D'Arcy of Lisnabin (dvp 1713)
  m. (1688) Jane Bellew (dau of ?? Bellew of Bellewstown)
  (A) John D'Arcy of Dunmow (b c1700, d 1758)
  m. (1727) Elizabeth Judge (d 1773, dau of Thomas Judge of Grangebeg)
  (i) Judge D'Arcy (b 1729, d 1766)
  m. (07.1765) Elizabeth Nugent (dau of Richard Nugent of Robinstown)
  (a) Elizabeth Judge D'Arcy
  m. (1787) Gorges Marcus Irvine of Castle Irvine (Colonel)
  (ii) Francis D'Arcy (b 1733, dsp 1813)
  m. Mary Hall of Somerset
  (iii) Arthur D'Arcy (b 1734, d unm c1802)
  (iv) James D'Arcy of Hyde Park, co. Westmeath (b 1740, d 1803)
  m. (1766) Martha Grierson (d 1782, dau of William Grierson of Deanstown)
  (a) John D'Arcy of Hyde Park (b 1767, d 1846) had issue
  m1. (1803) Emily Purdon (dsp 1803, dau of Thomas Purdon of Huntingdon)
  m2. (08.10.1817) Mary Anne Cary (d 1856, dau of Thomas Cary of Dublin)
  (b) Joshua D'Arcy (b 1770, d 1850, rector of Killalon) had issue
  m. (1811) Sarah Elizabeth Fleming (dau of Captain _ Fleming)
  (c) Thomas D'Arcy (Inspector General of Police in Ulster) had issue
m. Eliza Buchanan (dau of Captain _ Buchanan)
  (d) Eliza D'Arcy
  m. (Henry Charles) Sirr of Dublin (Major)
  (e) Alice D'Arcy
  (f) Martha D'Arcy
  m. F. Handy
  (g) Frances D'Arcy
  m. Joseph Fox of Doolistown
  (h) Harriett D'Arcy
  m. James Fox of Galtrim
  (iv) Alice D'Arcy probably of this generation
  m. (26.01.1756) Anthony Dopping of Lowtown
  (B)+ 1 son and 2 daughters

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 09.07.08) : BLG1952 (D'Arcy of Quatford Wood House formerly of Corbetstown) with a little support/input from Commoners (vol III, D'Arcy of Kiltulla)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 24.11.07) : BLG1886 (D'Arcy of Hyde Park) supported by family records kindly provided by a contributor (DD'AT, 24.10.07)
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