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Families covered: Chambre of Llewenni, Chambre of Petton

Commoners reports that the following John is stated to have descended from "Johan de la Chambré, a nobelle Normanne, who entered Englaunde in ye traine of King Williaume ye Conqueraure". The family name of most of the branches of the family appears to have remained Chambré or Chambre or Chambres but some branches appear to have adopted Chambers.
John de Chambre (to Denbighshire in 1275)
It appears that there has been some difficulty in attributing the wives/mothers of successive generations. We presume that BLGI1912 was produced after research which was not available to either Vistiation or Commoners so, provisionally, we follow BLGI1912 for the wives/mothers. Visitation identifies this John's wife as Ellena, dau of Edward de la Moore. Commoners identifies her as Helen, dau of Lewis de la More. BLGI1912 identifies her as ...
m. Martha (dau of Bleythyn Vaughan)
1. Henry Chambre of Llewenni, Denbighshire (a 1236 (sic))
  Commoners skips this generation. Visitation identifies Henry's wife as Jane, dau of Blathin Vychan (confused with his mother?). BLGI1912 identifies her as ...
  m. Katherine Charlton (dau of Edmond Charlton)
  A. Joshua Chambre of Llewenni
  Visitation & Commoners identify Joshua's wife as Catharine, dasu of Edmund Charlton of Powis (confused with his mother?). BLGI1912 identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret (dau of Ludowick (Lewis) de la More)
  i. Morgan Chambre of Llewenni
  Visitation & Commoners identify Morgan's wife as Anne, dau of Henry Ferrers. BLGI1912 identifies her as follows. Commoners skips the next few generations, next mentioning Jenkin of Burlton whom it identifies as Morgan's great-great-great-grandson.
  m. Anne (dau of Peter le Cnive)
  a. Samuel Chambre of Llewenni
  Visitation identifies Samuel's wife as a dau of Sir Thomas Newport. BLGI1912 identifies her as ...
  m. Mary (dau of William Lloyd (or Rosendale))
  Visitation identifies Samuel's son as Anthony who, by Anna, dau of Peter le Curo (Cuw), was father of (William and) the Hugh who married _ Ravenscroft. BLGI1912 names the next generation ...
  (1) John Chambre of Llewenni
m. Jane Conway (dau of John Conway)
  (A) Hugh Chambre of Llewenni
  m. Martha Ravenscroft (dau of William Ravenscroft of Denbigh)
  (i) John Chambre (Dean of St. Stephens, Westminster)
  (ii) Sir Hugh Chambre
  m. ?? (dau/heir of Griffith Vaughan of Powys)
  (iii) William Chambre of Llewenni - continued below
  m. Katherine Pigott (dau/coheir of Jenkin Pigott of Denbigh)
  (iv) Isabella Chambre
  m. Robert Gruffith
  (B) William Chambre
  b.+ other issue - Stephen, Andrew, Katherine, Dorothy
  ii. Giles Chambre
  m. _ Powell of Whittington
  iii. Cecilia Chambre
  m. Madock ap Ivan/Evan
  iv.+ other issue - Henry, Francis, Gawen
  B.+ other issue - Milo ("alias miles le Steward de Scotiae"), Ludovicus (Lewis) of Elsmere in Salop
2. Walter Chambre in Yorkshire



William Chambre of Llewenni - continued above the first mentioned by BLG1952
m. Katherine Pigott (dau/coheir of Jenkin Pigott of Denbigh)
1. Henry Chambre or Chambers or Chambres of Plas Chambres
Henry's line is provided by BLG1952 with some support from Visitation. BLGI1912 identifies Henry as ancestor of Chambre of Pentre.
  m. Elizabeth Dutton (dau of William Dutton of Cheshire)
  A. Robert Chambre or Chambers or Chambres
  m. Agnes Duckworth (dau/heir of Hugh Duckworth)
  i. Robert Chambres of Plas Chambres
m. Margaret Salisbury (dau of Rev. Foulk Salisbury (Dean of St. Asaph), son of Sir Thomas)
  a. John Chambres of Plas Chambres (d 22.10.1605)
  m. Dorothy Goodman (dau of Edward Goodman of Ruthin)
2. Robert Chambre or Chambers the first mentioned by BIFR1976, support from BLGI1912, BLG1952 & Visitation
  Visitation identifies Robert's wife as Elizabeth Rookes or Hookes. BLGI1912, BLG1952 & BIFR1976 identify her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Peake
  A. Jenkin Chambre or Chambers
m. _ Kynaston
  i. Richard Chambre of Petton, Salop (d 1563)
  m. Mary Hill (dau of John Hill of Court of Hill)
  a. Arthur Chambre of Petton (d 19.08.1584)
  m. Margaret Charleton (dau of Francis Charleton of Apley, m2. Francis Kynaston of Oteley)
  (1) Arthur Chambre of Petton (a 1623)
  m. Katherine Sandford (dau of Robert Sandford of Sandford)
(A) Arthur Chambre (a 1623) possibly the Arthur who married ...
  m. Eleanor Grosvenor (dau of Richard Grosvenor of Eaton) wife of an Arthur, possibly mother of ...
  (i) Henry Chambre, last of Petton (a 1659, dsp?)
  (B) Priscilla (or Ursula) Chambre
  m. Thomas Owen of Salop
  (2) Mary Chambre
m. Richard Wright of Strett (Serjeant at arms)
  b. George (not Charles) Chambre or Chambers of Petton (d 1594)
  m. Judith Calcott (d 1585, dau/coheir of Walter Calcott (Caldecott) of Williamscote (Willingscot))
  It appears that George & Judith may have named all 3 of their sons "Calcott" (!) though Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574+1634, 'Calcott of Wilcott') suggests that one of them may have been called Richard.
  (1) Calcott Chambre (dsp 1592)
  (2) Calcott Chambre of Williamscote (Oxfordshire), Carnowe Castle & Shelala (co. Wicklow) (d 29.10.1635)
  m1. Lucy Gobert (dsp, dau of John Gobert of Coventry)
  m2. Mary Villiers (dau of Edward Villiers of Howthorpe)
  (A) Calcott Chambre of Carnowe, Monymore & Shelala (d 17.09.1638)
  m. Mary Leycester (dau of Rafe Leycester of Toft)
(i) Mary Chambre
  m. Alexander Temple of Ballinderry, co. Cork (son of Col. John)
  (a) Mary Temple
  m1. (01.11.1696) Abraham Yarner
  ((1))+ 3 daughters
  m2. Hugh Eccles of Dublin (dsp)
  (ii)+ other issue - Calcott (d young), Jane (dsp)
  (B) Elizabeth Chambre
  m. Francis Sandford of Sandford
  (C) Mary Chambre
  m. (1632) Edward Brabazon, 2nd Earl of Meath (b c1610, d 25.03.1675)
  (3) Calcott Chambre of Monymore, co. Wicklow (a 1638)
  m. Edith Ward (dau of John Ward)
  (4) Hester Chambre
  m. Richard Willis
  c. Francis Chambre or Chambers
m. Dorothy Bristowe or Beeston of London
  d. Leonard Chambre or Chambers
  m. Anna Prince (dau of John Prince (or Piggins) of Salop, relict of WIlliam Cofox)
  (1)+ issue - Leonard, George
  e. Michael Chambre or Chambers (a 1583, Bailiff of Salop)
  m. Mary Barker (dau of James Barker of Hamond)
  (1) Judith Chambre or Chambers
  m. Arthur Kynaston
  (2) Mary Chambre or Chambers
  m. Richard Lister (son of Michael)
  (3)+ other issue - Michael, Andrew
  f. Anne Chambre or Chambers
  m. William Wells of Salop
  g.+ other issue - Gabriel, Andrew
B. Dorothy Chambre
3. Jenkin Chambre of Burlton (Burleton), Salop
  Commoners & Visitation show Jenkin as father of Richard of Petton. BLG1952 does show a Jenkin of Burlton as of this generation (with no children shown) but supports the view (reported by BLGI1912 & BIFR11976) that the Jenkin who was father of that Richard was this Jenkin's nephew (above). That leaves us with the presumption that the Visitation mixed up the 2 Jenkins.
  A. Robert Chamber or Chambers
  Rather than lose sight of the descendants reported by Visitation for 'the other Jenkin' (shown above as cousin of this one) we presume that Robert fitted here.
  m. _ James
  i.+ issue - Robert, Richard
  B. John Chambre of Loppington, Wem, etc.
  This John is not mentioned by any of our sources other than Commoners which shows him as son of Jenkin of Burlton and younger brother of Richard of Petton. We presume that, whilst the latter identification was probably erroneous, the former was true.
4. William Chambre
5. Margaret Chambre
  m. Thomas Conway

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Chambré of Dungannon), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Chambers or Chambre of Petton) with some support from BIFR1976 (Chambré), the section on 'Family of Chambre' within Commoners (vol 2, Vaughan of Burlton Hall)
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