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Families covered: Burrow of Burrow, de Stockton of Berrow

Henry de Stockton (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
1. Alan de Stockton
  A. John de Stockton of Burrow (a 1292)
  i. Robert de Stockton of Burrow (a 1296)
  m. Mary
  a. John de Stockton of Burrow
  m. Mary Digby (dau of John Digby of Tilton)
  (1) William de Stockton (a 1331)
  (A) Robert de Stockton of Burrow (a 1346)
  m. Catharine de Havington (a 1346, dau of John de Havington of Gloweston)
  (i) Robert de Burrow (d 1418, 3rd son?) - continued below
  m. Catharine Wade (a 1403)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (a 1348), John (a 1379)
  b. Alice de Stockton
  m. Geffrey Pinchein



Robert de Burrow (d 1418) - continued above
m. Catharine Wade (a 1403, niece/coheir of William Wade of Stokesaston)
1. Robert Burrow of Burrow
  A. William Burrow of Burrow (d 1470)
  m. Margaret Skeffingtoin (dau of John Skeffington)
  i. William Burrow (d 1537)
  m. Blanch Turkill (dau of John Turkill)
2. John Burrow (a 1439)
  m. Margaret Ashby (a 1478, dau of Thomas Ashby of Louseby, m2. Brian Clapham)
  A. Henry Burrow of Burrow (d 17.03.1494)
  i. Robert Burrow (b 1475, d 115139)
  m. Elizabeth Noodray (d 1511, dau/heir of John Noodray)
  a. Thomas Burrow (d 1549)
  m. Joice
  (1) Robert Burrow of Burrow (d 1575)
  (A/B) Erasmus Burrow (bur 08.10.1628, rector of Burrow)
  m. Mary Roote (dau of John Roote of Cottesbach)
John Burrow (rector of Houghton, vicar of Thornton)
  (B/A) Sir John Burrow of Burrow
  m. Mary Babington (dau of Thomas Babington of Rodeley)
  (i) William Burrow
  (ii) Thomas Burrow
  m. Joan Cresswell (dau of Richard Creswell of Barneshurst)
(a) William Burrow of Burrow & Woodford (Essex)
  m. Elizabeth Elwes (sister of Sir Gervase Elwes)
  ((1)) William Burrow of London (a 1682)
  m. _ Hickes (dau of _ Hickes, alderman of London)
  ((A)) Hickes Burrow (a 1718)
  (b) Thomas Burrow (d unm in New England)
  (c) Henry Burrow (b 1612, bur 07.04.1686, rector of Burrow)
  m. Jane Coney (dau of John Coney of Whissenden)
  ((1))+ issue - Sir John (d unm), Henry (b 1682), William (to West Indies), James (d young), Thomas (d young), Edward (d young), Charles (d young), Rachel (a 1682), Jane (a 1682), Elizabeth (a 1682), Mary (a 1682)
  b John Burrow

Main source(s): 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John NichoÏs, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Stockton, or Stockden, afterwards called Burrow, of Burrow', p528)
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