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Families covered: Coney (Cony) of Bassingthorpe, Cony of Corby, Cony of Hanthorpe, Coney of Kirton, Cony of Whissendine

Maddison spells the family name as "Cony" throughout but most (though not all) cross-references from elsewhere in the database use the spelling "Coney". As the latter appears to be more commonly used nowadays we (somewhat arbitrarily) adopt that spelling for some but not all of the following.
Geoffrey Cony
m. Elizabeth Copledike (dau of William Copledike)
1. Anthony Cony
  m. _ Woodthorpe (dau of Thomas Woodthorpe)
  A. ? Thomas Coney of Kirton in Holland (d 22.05.1554)
  m. Margaret
i. Anthony Coney of Kirton (b c1532, dsp 12.11.1589)
  m. (11.12.1581) Bridget Rooper (d 03.04.1589, dau of _ Rooper of Algakirk)
  ii. Francis Coney
  iii. Dorothy (or Anne) Coney
  m. Francis Meres of Kirton (d 06.1557)
2. William Cony
  m. _ Bell (dau of _ Bell of Fishtoft)
A. Richard Cony of Bassingthorpe (bur 12.04.1545)
  m. Jane Ellis (bur 05.07.1549, dau of Thomas Ellis of Paunton)
  i. Thomas Cony of Bassingthorpe (b c1529, bur 15.10.1611)
  m. Alice Leigh (d before1621, dau of Sir Thomas Leigh, Lord Mayor of London)
a. Sir Thomas Coney of Bassingthorpe (bpt 15.09.1561, bur 22.11.1637)
  m1. Elizabeth Patten (dau of William Patten of Stoke Newington by Anne Johnson)
  (1) Sir Sutton Coney of Bassingthorpe & North Stoke
  m. (13.01.1615) Sarah Wortley (dau of Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley)
  (A) William Coney (b c1624, bur 15.09.1653)
  m. Anne Gore (dau of John Gore of London, sister of Sir John of Sacombe)
  (B) Edward Coney of North Luffenham, Rutland (d 18.07.1691)
  m. Ruperta Chester (dau of Sir Anthony Chester of Chicheley)
  (i) William Coney (Captain RN, 4th son)
  m. Katherine Pleydell (dau of Thomas Pleydell of Mudgett)
  (ii) Sutton John Coney of Linton, Cambridgeshire (b c1680, d 13.10.1748)
  m. Anne Barrington (Mrs. Flacke)
  (iii)+ other issue - Edward (Colonel), Thomas, Anthony (d infant), Wortley (d infant), Eleanor (bpt 14.12.1667, d uoung), Elizabeth (a 1705), Ruperta (d young)
  (C)+ other issue - Francis, Sutton (bur 09.1664)
  (2) Elizabeth Coney
  m. (after 1610) John Osborne of Thorpe-by-Water
  (3) Anne Coney
  m. John Dalton of Scredington
  (4) Susan Coney
  m2. (18.03.1591-2) Anne Upton (dau of Hamon Upton of Northelmeby-Wainfleet, widow of William Tyndall)
  (5) Thomas Coney
  m3. Mary Snelling (she m2. Edward Armstrong of Corby)
  (6) Richard Coney of Corby (bpt 23.05.1632, Major)
  m. ?? (bur 07.04.1659)
  (A) ? Francis Coney of Corby
m. (05.03.1674-5) Sarah Hadley (bur 15.10.1680)
  (i) George Coney (bpt 22.08.1678)
  (B)+ other issue - Richard of London (bur 15.09.1704), Thomas (bur 22.121654), Mary (bpt 18.11.1655, bur 25.01.1656), Mary (b 01.08.1657), Dorothyh (bur 23.01.1662-3)
  (7) Mary Cony (bpt 27.05.1634)
  b. Sir Richard Coney of Whissendine (a 04.1607)
  m. Eleanor Harrington (d 1622, dau of John Harrington of Witham-on-the-Hill by Rose)
(1) John Coney of Whissendine
  m. Mildred Docwra (dau of Edward Docwra of Hitchin)
  (A) Edward Coney
  (B) Jane Coney
  m. Henry Burrow (rector of Burrow)
  (2) Sir Thomas Coney of Chelsea (gentleman harbinger to James I)
  m. Audrey Grymes (widow of _ Oxburgh of Folsham)
(A) Thomas Coney (2nd son)
  m. Katherine Wise of London
  (B)+ other issue - William, Hewar
  (3) Sir William Coney of Little Sturton (dsp after 1643)
  m1. Mary Dighton (dau of Thomas Dighton of Little Sturton, widow of Sir Edward Fynes, son of Henry, Earl of Lincoln)
  m2. ??
  m3. (05.1657) Martha Grey (sister of Lord Grey)
  (4) Sir George Coney of Gray's Inn & Walpole (a 04/5.1664)
  Maddison identifies Sir George's wife as just Elizabeth but she was presumably ...
  m. Elizabeth Skipwith (dau of Edward Skipwith of Gosberton & Grantham)
  (A) Elizabeth Cony
  m. Humberston Skipwith (son of Sir Fulwar Skipwith, Bart of Newbold Hall)
  (5) Bridget Coney
  (6) Anne Coney
  m. Henry Goodricke of London
  (7) Mary Coney (a 1664)
  m. Maurice Bawde of Somerby
  c. Peregrine Cony (bpt 30.10.1569, 4th son)
m. Cecily Dillon of Ireland
  (1)+ issue - Nathaniel (bpt 28.06.1610, a 1637), Chaworth (bpt/bur 06.1619), Peregrine (bpt18.12.1620), Richard (bpt 20.12.1627), Alice (bpt 19.07.1611), Susan (bur 20.04.1632)
  d. Arthur Coney (bpt 30.06.1577)
  m. _ Upton of Northolme
  (1)+ issue - Richard (bpt 02.01.1609-10), Anne (bpt 04.04.1607), Alice (bpt 17.10.1608)
e. Chaworth Coney (bpt 03.03.1578-9)
  m. Anne Sheppard (dau of Alexander Sheppard of Peasemarsh)
  (1) Susan Coney (bpt 17.08.1606)
  m. Thomas Yorke of Sussex
(2) Eleanor Coney (bpt 16.08.1607)
  m. Thomas Clarke of Lincoln
  (3)+ other issue - Peregrine (bpt 19.11.1604), Sarah (bpt 02.04.1616), Cecily (bpt 17.10.1618)
  f. Susan Coney (bpt 01.05.1568)
  m. (10.11.1584) Sir William Sutton of Averham
  g. Rose Coney (bpt 14.06.1573)
  m. (16.04.1595) Thomas Butler of Paunton
h. Frances Coney (bpt 01.03.1574-5)
  m. (22.01.1599-1600) Augustine Earle of Stragglethorpe
  i. Alice Coney
  m. Matthew Goche of Alvingham
  j. Jane Coney
  m. (12.11.1576) Vincent Welby of Halstead in Stixwould
  k.+ other issue - George, Marry (bpt 21.07.1566, bur 13.01.1567)
  ii. Elizabeth Coney
  m1. (sp) Richard Thorold of Morton
  m2. George Cradock of Staffordshire
  iii.+ other issue - William (bur 20.05.1558), Godfrey (bur 22.09.1542), Edmund (bpt 26.05.1543, bur 08.02.1543-4)
B. Thomas Cony of Hanthorpe in Morton
  i. Thomas Cony of Hanthorpe (bur 13.05.1588)
  m. Rose Cotes (bur 19.11.1588)
  a. Richard Cony of Grantham (d 1643?, 2nd son)
  m. Anne Ireton (bur 17.10.1636, dau of William Ireton of Ireton)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (bpt/bur 11.1620), Richard (bpt 11.06.1624, bur 08.09.1624), Sarah (bur 16.01.1622-3), Jane (bpt 14.03.1618-9), Susanna (bpt 18.05.1626), Mary (bur 14.02.1627-8)
  b.+ other issue - William (bur 13.07.1635), (Samuel (bpt 31.10.1583),) Thomas of St. Michael's, Nathanei; (bpt 31.05.1585), Susanna (bpt 12.10.1586, bur 17.04.1587)
  C. Alice Coney probably of this generation
  m. George Williams (d 1556-7)
3. Robert Cony of Yaxley, Huntingdonshire ancestor of Conys of Yaxley

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Cony of Bassingthorpe)
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