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Families covered: Brokesby of Birstall, Brookesby of Broughton, Brookesby of Kilvington, Brookeseby of Melton Mowbray, Brokesby of Shoby (Shollesley or Shouldby or Sywoldesby), Brookesby of Stapleford

We were unsure as to whether we should title this page using the spelling Brokesby, Brookesby or Brooksby. The last appears to be the most common version nowadays but, somewhat arbitrarily, we decided on the first version as that appears to be (just) the most common version in the past.
John Brokesby of Sywolesby alias Sholey (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
1. William Brokesbye of Sywoldesby (sic)
  A. Henry Brokesby
  m. Editha Brasebridge (dau of ?? Brasebridge of Kinesbrough (Bracebridge of Kingsbury))
i. William Brokesby of Shouldby
  m1. Emma Miles (dau of _ Miles of Derbyshire)
  a. Robert Brokesby (d 1531)
  m. Alice Sherley (dau of _ Sherley of Staunton)
  (1) Anthony Brokesby of Shollesley or Shouldby (d 1552)
m. Anne Sapcotts (dau/coheir of Thomas Sapcotts of Berley by Isabell, dau/coheir of John Francis by Isabell, dau/heir of John Plesington)
  (A) Robert Brokesby of Shollesley (b c1525, d 1615)
m. Dorothy Congreve (dau of John Congreve of Staffordshire)
  (i) Edward Brokesby 'of Shoby' (dvp 1584)
  m. Ellin or Elizabeth Vaux (dau of William Vaux, Lord of Haroden)
  (a) William Brokesby 'of Shoby'
  m. Dorothy Wiseman (dau of Sir William Wiseman of Broadok)
  ((1)) Winifrid Brokesby
  m. Sir Francis Inglefield (d 01.05.1666, son/heir of Sir Francis, Bart)
  ((2)) Mary Brokesby
  (b) Mary Brooksby probably of this generation
m. Richard Thimbleby or Thimelby (dvp bur 02.02.1622-3)
  (ii) Francis Brokesby (dvp)
  (B) Bartholomew Brokesby of Birstall (a 1603)
  (i) Gregory Brokesby or Brooksby of Birstall, Sheriff of Leicestershire (d 1635)
  (a) Ann Brooksby probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Gifford of Dunton Waylet
  (b) daughter
  (2) Robert Brokesby or Brookesby
  (A) Richard Brookesby of Shouldby or Shoby
  (i) Thomas Brookesby of Broughton
  m. Margaret Wake (dau of John Wake of Eperson, relict of _ Watts)
(a) Thomas Brookesby of Broughton
  m. Joane Franck (dau of Thomas Franck of Broughton)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1619) - William (b c1603), John (b c1605), Richard (b c1607), Robert (b c1605), Frances, Elizabeth, Mary
  (B) Humfrey Brookesby
  (C) Barthelmew Brookesby of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
  m. Anne Villers (dau of Sir John Villers of Brookesby)
  (i) William Brookesby of Melton Mowbray
  (a) Francis Brookesby of Kilvington, Nottinghamshire
  ((1)) Robert Brookesby of Kilvington (a 1614)
  m. Bridget Barwick (dau of Robert Barwick of Bulcott)
((A))+ issue (a 1614) - Rebecka, Bersaby, Catherine
  (ii) Richard Brookesby of Melton Mowbray
  (a) George Brookesby of Stapleford, Leicestershire
  m. Elizabeth Goodwin (dau of Edward Goodwin of Stapleford)
  ((1)) Philip Brookesby of Stapleford (b c1594, a 1619)
  m. Alice Michell (dau of Thomas Michell of Coston (Colston))
  ((A))+ issue (a 1619) - George (b c1616), Philip (b c1617)
  ((2)) Mary Brookesby
  m. Paul Abney of Leicester
  (iii) Thomas Brookesby of Much Bradley, Suffolk
(a) Thomas Brookesby
  ((1)) Barthelmew Brookesby
  (iv) Elizabeth Brookesby
  m. Henry Turner
  (3) Richard Brokesby (d 1558)
  (4) Alice Brooksby probably of this generation
m. Laurence Saunders of Harrington
  (A) Anne Saunders (bur 16.02.1565)
  m1. Sir Bartholomew Tate of Delapré Abbey (d 1533)
  m2. (1532/3) Sir Thomas Longueville (dvpsp 10.1536)
  m3. (1548) Andrew Wadham of Merrifield (d 1550)
  m4. _ Belford
  m2. _ Staunton (heir)
  ii. Anne Brokesby
  m. _ Walcott
  B. Emme Brokesby
  m. Thomas Barkley of Wymondham (d 1488)

Main source(s): Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Brokesby & Brookesby'), Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, 'Brookesby') with a little input (shown in italics) from various web sites
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