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Families covered: Brampton of Brampton (Norfolk)

We have seen the suggestion that the name Brampton probably came from brom-tun and meant a hill (or other place) where they grew broom, a much-used plant (see the note at the top of Plantagenet1), and was taken by hamlets & villages in various counties including Cambridgeshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Suffolk & Yorkshire (though it appears that not all of them survive). This means that it is likely that many of the Brampton families which have took their name from their early location were unrelated. For example, the following family appears to have originated in Norfolk and is probably not connected to the one shown on BZmisc11 which appears to have been based in Shropshire.
Botyld Brampton of Brampton, Norfolk
1. Yelward or Yalward Brampton of Brampton
  A. Hermar or Hermer Brampton of Brampton
  i. Andrew Brampton of Brampton
  a. Peter Brampton of Brampton
  (1) William Brampton of Brampton
  (A) Andrew Brampton of Brampton
  m. Margaret Walcott (dau of Sir Alexander Walcott of Walcott)
  (i) Robert Brampton
  m. Margaret Wollerton or Wolterton
  (a) Robert Brampton of Brampton
m. Isabel Walcott (dau/heir of _ Walcott of Walcott, Norfolk)
  ((1)) Thomas Brampton of Brampton
  m. Olive Aylmer (dau of Roger or Robert Aylmer of Tatenton)
  ((A)) John Brampton of Brampton
  m1. Thomazin Jermye (dau of Sir John Jermye of Metfeild)
  ((i)) Robert Brampton of Brampton
  m. Joane/Jane or Alice Cobb (dau of Geffrey Cobb of Sandringham)
  ((a)) Edmund Brampton of Brampton
  m. Catherine Barney (dau of Robert Barney of Gontun (Berney of Gunton))
  (((1))) Edward Brampton of Brampton (d 1622)
  m. Jone Daubney (d 1622, dau of Robert Daubney of Sharrington)
  (((A))) Phillip(a) Brampton
  m. Thomas **
(((B)))+ other issue - Charles, Edward, Alice
  (((2))) Mary Brampton (dsp)
  ((b)) Thomas Brampton of Norwich
  m. Elizabeth Greene (dau of John Greene of London)
  (((1)))+ issue - Geffrey, Jane, Thomazine, Mary, Alice
((c)) Anthony Brampton of Frotton in Loringland i.e. Fritton in Lothingland, Suffolk (4th son)
  m. Amy Barney (dau of Thomas (sb John?) Barney or Berney of Reedham)
  (((1))) William Brampton
  ((d)) James Brampton of Fritton
  m. Mary Bulleyne (dau/coheir of Sir Edward Bulleyne (son of Sir William by Margaret Butler, dau of Earl of Ormond) by Ann, dau/coheir of Sir John Tempest)
  (((1))) James Brampton of South Reston, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (a 1628)
  m. Alice Myre (dau of _ Myre of Myre, Cheshire)
  (((A))) Anne Brampton
  m1. Thomas Fearne (son of Sir John of Temple Belwood)
m2. (02.1632) John Legard of Brantingham
  (((2))) Dorothy Brampton
  m. Zachary Lock of London
  (((3)))+ other issue - John, Amye
  ((e)) Henry Brampton of Herringfleet in Lovingland (Lothingland), Suffolk
  m. Mary Barney (dau of Thomas (sb John?) Barney or Berney of Reedham)
  ((f)) Alice Brampton
  m. William Aylmer of Suffolk
((g))+ other issue - Geoffrey, John, Dorothy
  m2. Ann Brome (dau/coheir of Henry Brome of Brome)
  ((ii)) Thomas Brampton of Blownorton, Norfolk
  m. Elizabeth Rookwood of Langham (Lavenham)
  ((a)) Henry Brampton of Blownorton
  m. Catherine Everard (dau of Henry Everard of Lysnted by dau of Sergeant Gawdy)
  (((1))) Henry Brampton of Blownorton (d 1648) probably of this generation
  m. Katharine Drury (d 1612, dau of Sir Drue Drury, 1st Bart of Riddlesworth)
  (((2)))+ 14 children
  ((b)) Anne Brampton
  m1. _ Kene
  m2. _ Nash
  ((c)) Bridget Brampton (dsp)
  ((iii)) Blyth Brampton
m1. Thomas Sherburne or Scharnburne
  ((a))+ issue - Christopher, Henry, Anthony
  m2. Launcelot Smalpece (Smallpiece)
  ((iv)) Bridget Brampton
  m1. John Frens
  m2. _ Gyrlinge
  ((B)) Elizabeth Brampton
  m1. Robert Bretton or Breton
  m2. Robert Cleere or Clere of Stoksby
  m3. Thomas Jermy of Metfeild
  ((C)) Ann Brampton (a 1532)
  m1. John Wychingham of Norfolk
  m2. Thomas Garneys (bur 1527)
  ((2)) John Brampton
  ((3)) Eme Brampton
  m. William Raymes or Reymes of Overstrond
  ((4)) Margaret Brampton
  m. John Wotton of Tudenham
  ((5)) Jane Brampton
  m1. Robert Elmham
  m2. John Allyn of Arlam (Earlham)
  (ii) John Brampton

Main source(s): Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Brampton)
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