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Families covered: Boughton of Bilton, Boughton of Causton (Cawston), Boughton of Lawford

Thomas Boughton
m. Elizabeth Alles (d 20.05.1454, dau/heir of Galfrid Alles, m2. William Harpur of Rushall )
1. Richard Boughton 'of Little Lawford & Brownsover', Sheriff of Warwickshire
  m. Anne Longevile
A. William Boughton
  m1. ?? (Anne?) Danvers (dau/coheir of John Danvers of Water Stock)
  i. Edward Boughton (d 23.04.1548) first person mentioned by BP1934
  m. Elizabeth Willington (d 22.04.1583, dau of William Willington of Barcheston)
  a. William Boughton of Lawford (d 1596-6)
  m. Jane Coningsby (apparently granddau rather than dau of Thomas Coningsby of Hampton)
  (1) Edward Boughton of Lawford (d 09.08.1625)
  m. Elizabeth Catesby (d 12.04.1619, dau of Edward Catesby of Lapworth Hall)
  (A) Sir William Boughton, 1st Bart of Lawford (b 1600, d 1656)
  m. Abigail Baker (d 21.02.1635, dau of Henry Baker of South Sloebery)
  (i) Sir Edward Boughton, 2nd Bart of Lawford (b 1628, dsp 1680)
  m1. Mary Pope (dau of Thomas Pope, Earl of Down)
  m2. Anne Heydon (dau of Sir John Heydon, Governor of the Bermudas)
(ii) Sir William Boughton, 3rd Bart of Lawford (d 12.08.1683)
  m. Mary Ingram (d 24.02.1698, dau of Hastings Ingram of Little Woolford)
  (a) Sir William Boughton, 4th Bart of Lawford (d 22.07.1716)
  m1. (28.02.1684-5) Mary Ramsey (dau of John Ramsey, alderman of London)
  ((1)) Sir Edward Boughton, 5th Bart of Lawford (d 12.02.1721-2)
  m. Grace Shuckburgh (dau of Sir John Shuckburgh, Bart)
((A)) Sir Edward Boughton, 6th Bart of Lawford (d 03.03.1772)
  m1. _ Bridges (dsp)
  m2. (1760) Anna Maria Beauchamp (d 1737, dau of John Beauchamp)
((i)) Sir Theodosius Edward Allesley Boughton, 7th Bart of Lawford (b 08.1760, d unm 21.08.1780)
  ((ii)) Theodosia Boughton (d 14.01.1830)
  m1. (06.1777) John Donellan (Captain)
  m2. Sir Egerton Leigh, Bart (d 27.04.1818)
  m3. (10.02.1823) Barry O'Meara
  ((2)) Mary Boughton (d 23.02.1719)
  m. (10.1710) Sir Henry Houghton, Bart (dsp 23.02.1768)
((3)) Anne Boughton
  m2. Catherine Shuckburgh (dau of Sir Charles Shuckburgh, Bart)
  ((4)) Shuckburgh Boughton of Poston Court (d 1760)
  m. Mary Greville (dau of Algernon Greville)
((A)) Sir Edward Boughton, 8th Bart of Lawford (d unm 26.02.1794)
  ((B)) Sir Charles William Boughton, later Boughton-Rouse, later Boughton, 1st Bart of Rouse Lench, later 9th Bart of Lawford (d 26.02.1821)
  m. (03.06.1782) Catherine Hall (d 14.08.1808, dau of William Pearce Hall of Downton Hall)
  ((i)) Sir William Edward Boughton, 10th Bart of Lawford (b 14.09.1788, d 22.05.1856) had issue
  m. (24.03.1824) Charlotte Knight (d 14.05.1842, dau of Thomas Andrew Knight of Wormsley Grange)
  ((ii)) Louisa Boughton (b 1785, d 09.07.1860)
m1. (16.07.1807) St. Andrew St. John, 13th Lord of Bletshoe (b 22.08.1759, d 15.08.1817)
  m2. (11.08.1823) Sir John Vaughan (baron of the Exchequer)
  ((iii)) Caroline Boughton (d 28.07.1857)
  m. (22.03.1808) Robert Henry Johnson (rector of Lutterworth)
  ((C)) William Boughton (d unm)
  ((D)) Mary Boughton
  m. (31.03.1782) John Egerton, Bishop of Durham (b 1721, d 1787)
  ((E)) Anne Boughton
  m. John Rutherford
  ((F)) Elizabeth Boughton (d 09.1823)
m. (25.08.1769) Clotworthy Upton of Castle Upton, 1st Lord Templetown of Templetown (b 13.03.1721, d 16.04.1785)
  ((G)) Lucy Boughton
  m. Robert Wright
  (b) Lucy Ann Boughton
  m. John Parkes of Eydon
  (c) Catherine Boughton
  m. William Smith of Polton
  (d) Abigail Boughton
  m. Edward Boughton of Bilton @@ below
  (iii) Thomas Boughton of Bilton
  m. Mary Plant (dau of Thomas Plant of Shakerston)
(a) Humphrey Boughton (b c1659, a 1682)
  m. Dorothy Lacon (dau of John Lacon of West Coppice)
  ((1)) Anne Boughton (b c1681)
  (b) Edward Boughton (a 1682)
  (iv)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Abigail (dsp)
  (B) Thomas Boughton of Bilton
  m. Judith Baker (dau of Henry Baker)
  (i) Edward Boughton of Bilton
  m. Abigail Boughton (dau of Sir William Boughton, 3rd Bart of Lawford) @@ above
  (C) Catharine Boughton
  m. William Combe of Stratford
  (D) Abigail Boughton
  m. Sir Thomas Grantham of Nottinghamshire
  (E) Mary Boughton (d unm)
(2) Anna Boughton
  m1. Ralph Wright of Snelston
  m2. John Fleet of Hallow
  (3) Frances Boughton
  m. Thomas Lucy (son of Timothy of Middleton)
  (4)+ other issue - William, Humphrey, Henry, Lucy
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - Richard (d 1611), Susanna
m2. Elizabeth Brockett (dau of John Brockett, widow of ?? Barrington)
  ii. Thomas Boughton of Causton
  m. Margaret Cave (dau of Edward Cave)
  a. Edward Boughton of Cawston or Causton
  m. Susan Brockett (dau of Sir John Brockett)
  (1) Henry Boughton of Causton
  m. Howard Leigh (dau of Edward Leigh of Rushall)
(A)+ issue - Edward, Elizabeth (dsp)
  (2) Elizabeth Boughton (d before 12.1642)
  m1. Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley (d 25.07.1603)
  m2. (before 1619) Sir William Cavendish of Chatsworth, 1st Earl of Devonshire (d 03.03.1625-6)
  (3) Mary Boughton
  m1. Richard Fowler of Tillesworth
  m2. (25.07.1638) Sir John Crosbie of Tullyglass (dsp 14.01.1639-40)
  (4) Dorothy Boughton
  m. Ro. Sheffield
  (5) Catharine Boughton
  m. Francis Burdett of Yorkshire
  (6) Margaret Boughton
  m. Thomas Taussell
  (7)+ other issue (dsp) - Dethick, Fulco
  b. Catharine Boughton
  m1. Jacob Bearewe of Feild (Field) Court
  m2. Jacob Wroughton of Wiltshire
  c.+ other issue - Peter, Thomas, William, Henry (dsp), Edward, Peter, Richard (dsp), Jane, Ursula (dsp)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Rouse Boughton), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682-3, Boughton of Lawford & Boughton of Little Lawford)
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