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Families covered: Berington of Bishopston, Berington of Hereford, Berington of Little Peon, Berington of Stoke Lacy, Berington of Winsley

William Berington
m. Esther Downton (dau of Sir William Downton)
1. John Berington
  m. Margaret Walwyn (dau of Rowland Walwyn)
  A. John Berington of Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire
  m. Eleanor Wyndesley (dau of Rowland Wyndesley of Wyndesley (Winsley))
i. William Berington of Stoke Lacy & Winsley (Herefordshire)
  Visitation shows only one child for William, Richard (shown as by Elizabeth Kettleby). We follow BLG1952.
  m1. _ Lacon (dau of Sir Edward Lacon)
  a. Richard Berington of Stoke Lacy
  m. (Anne) Blount (dau/heir of ?? Blount of Gryndon)
  (1) John Berington
  (A) Thomas Berington, last of Stoke Lacy
m2. Elizabeth Kettleby (dau of John Kettleby of Cotheridge)
  b. Simon Berington of Winsley
  m1. (sp) ??
  m2. Elizabeth Blount (dau of John Blount of Eye)
  (1) William Berington of Winsley (b 1581, d 1636)
  m. Eleanor Goodman (dau of Richard Goodman)
(A) John Berington of Winsley (b 1611, d 1683)
  m. Jane Casey (dau of Henry Casey of Wentfield)
  (i) John Berington of Winsley (b 1648)
  m. Elizabeth (not Margaret) Woolrych (dau of Sir Thomas Woolrych of Dudmaston)
  (a) John Berington of Winsley 
  m. Anne Andrews (dau/heir of Rowland Andrews of Hereford)
  ((1)) John Berington of Winsley & Devereux Wotton (b 1706-7, d 02.02.1794)
  m. Winifred Hornyold (d 12.01.1791, dau of John Hornyold of Blackmore Park)
  ((A)) Thomas Berington of Winsley (2nd son)
  m. Jane Risden (d 02.1812, dau of Francis Risden of Howfield)
  ((i)) John Berington of Winsley & Moat Hall (d 25.01.1852) had issue
  m. Frances (widow of J. Dickenson)
  ((ii)) William Berington (3rd son) had issue
  m. Mary Hughes
  ((iii))+ other issue - Thomas Risdon of Hereford, Rowland (dsp)
((B)) Charles Berington of Wintercott, Herefordshire (b 05.04.1747, d 09.02.1809, 4th son)
  m. (01.12.1770) Mary Jay (d 05.12.1801, dau/coheir of William Jay of Wintercott)
  ((i)) William Berington of Little Malvern Court (b 13.02.1794, d 16.04.1817) had issue
  ((ii))+ other issue
  ((C)) Elizabeth Berington (d 30.09.1823)
  m. Lacon Lambe
  ((D)) Mary Berington
  m. (01.12.1770) John Eldridge of London
  ((E))+ other issue - John (dsp), Joseph (Rev.), Winifred (d unm 24.09.1826), 5 daughters (d unm)
  ((2)) Simon Berington (Rev.)
  (b) Thomas Berington (a 1683, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Russell (dau of John Russell of Little Malvern Court)
((1)) son (dsp) mentioned in BLG1886 (Berington of Winsley)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Berington
  m. Thomas Williams of Trellynnia or Trillynix (Flintshire) & Little Malvern
  ((A)) Mary Williams of Little Malvern
  m. _ Wakeman
  (c)+ other issue - Simon (priest), Elizabeth
  (ii) Anne Berington
  m. Thomas Berington of Moat Hall (d 1719)
  (iii) Winifred Berington (bur 15.04.1730) possibly of this generation
  m. Bellingham Slaughter, younger of Cheney's Court (dvp bur 24.09.1680)
  (iv) daughter
  (B)+ 2 daughters
  (2) Humphrey Berington in London
  c. James Berington of Little Peon (Peawne or Peaune), Herefordshire
  The following comes from Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Berrington of Little Peon', p98+).
  m. Mary Skinner of Kent
  (1) Thomas Berington of Little Peon (a 1634)
m. Elianor Willoughby (dau of Robert Willoughby of Little Comberton)
  (A) Mary Berington
  m. Thomas Mayo of Bodenham
  (B)+ other issue (a 1634) - James (b c1612), William, John, Thomas, Jane, Katherin
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is unknown, was ...
  d. Maria Berington
  m. Roger Blount of Grendon
  ii. Humfrey Berington of Bishopston, Herefordshire
  Visitation (1569) shows that Humrey married a dau/coheir of William Gomond and had 2 sons: John (m. Joys, dau of John Kettleby) & Thomas (m. _ Baynard of Wiltshire). The following comes from Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Berrington of Little Peon', p98+).
m. Joan Gomond (dau/coheir of William Gomond of Byford)
  a. John Berington (dsp)
  b. Thomas Berington of Bishopston
  m. Joyce Kettleby (dau of Sir Francis Kettleby of Cotheridge)
  (1) Humfry Berington of Bishopston (a 1634)
  m. Katherine Gwyn (dau of Hoell Gwyn of Trecastell (ap Thomas ap Hywel Gwyn))
  (A)+ issue (a 1634) - Anne, Joyce, Mary
  (2) William Berington had issue
  iii. Thomas Berington of Much Cowarne
  m. Mary Skull (dau of Thomas Skull)
  iv. Anne Berington
  m. John Rompney or Rumney of Worcestershire
2. Thomas Berington
  m. _ Bridlip
  A. Robert Berington
  m. Margaret Barton (dau of Thomas Barton of Weobley)
i. Thomas Berington of Hereford
  m. _ Parker (dau of John Parker)
  a. William Berington of Hereford
  m. Elizabeth Blount (dau of John Blount)
  b.+ other issue - Robert, Thomas
  ii. John Berington
  iii. William Berington of Reading, Berkshire
  m. Elizabeth Lane (dau of Richard Lane of Chowlseye)
  a. Thomas Berington of Streteley (Streatley), Berkshire
  m. Johan Wyer (dau of Richard Wyer of Reading)
  (1) Jane Berington possibly the Jane (coheir) who married ...
  m. John Eyston of East Hendred (b 1531-2, d 1590)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, Margaret, Alice, Elizabeth, Anne, Katherine, Mary, Bridget
  b. Alice Berington
  m. Richard Bullocke of Arberfelde
  c. Mary Berington
  m. Thomas Bucklands of Reading (yeoman)
  d.+ other issue - Walter, Christopher
3. William Berington

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Berington of Little Malvern Court) with some support/input from Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Beryton or Berington)
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