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Families covered: Auchmuty (Achmuty) of Brianstown, Auchmuty of Dublin

Commoners reports that "In the year 1602, John and Alexander Auchmuty, of the Scottish House, had a grant (of land) in the county of Cavan."
John Auchmuty in co. Cavan (a 1602) presumed father of ...
1. Arthur Auchmuty of Brianstown, co. Longford (b 1600, d 1698, Captain)
  m. Martha
  A. Arthur Auchmuty of Brianstown (d 1696)
  m. Elizabeth Rhynd (dau of David Rhynd of Enniskillen)
  i. Thomas Auchmuty of Brianstown (d 13.03.1712)
  m. Dorcas Towneley (dau of Samuel Towneley of Moygne Hall by Dorcas, dau/coheir of Roger Moygne son of Thomas, Bishop of Kilmore & Ardagh)
a. Samuel Auchmuty or Achmuty of Brianstown (d 1766)
  m. Mary King (dau of John King of Charlestown, grandson of Edward King, Bishop of Elphin)
  (1) Thomas Auchmuty of Brianstown (d 08.1762)
  m. Isabella Gordon (dau/heir of Colonel Archibald Gordon)
  (A) Samuel Auchmuty of Brianstown, Sheriff of co. Longford (d 16.02.1829)
  m. Elizabeth Domvile Savage (dau of Francis Savage of Bally Gawly by Bridget, Rear Admiral Christopher Pocklington by Elizaheth, dau of Sir Thomas Domvile, Bart, by Anna Compton, grandau of Spencert, Earl of Northampton)
  (i) Thomas Auchmuty of Brianstown, Sheriff of co. Longford had issue (just 1 dau?)
  m. (02.09.1811) Bridget Domvile (dau of Charles Pocklington, later Domvile)
  (ii)+ other issue - Samuel Benjamin (Colponel), Francis (d 1788), Archibald Gordon (d 1785), Charles (d 1810), Anna Maria, Isabella Gordon, Elizabeth Domvile
  (2) Arthur Auchmuty (Colonel)
  m. Ursula da Cruz
  (A) John Auchmuty (d 1836, 2nd son)
  (i) Caroline Auchmuty
  m. _ Cary (Captain)
  (ii)+ other issiue - John, Warren, Jemima
  (B) Thomas Auchmuty (5th son)
  m. Barbara Jane Johnstone (granddau of Chevalier Johnstone, auther)
(i) Elizabeth Auchmuty
  m. _ White of Dublin
  (C) Frances Auchmuty
  m. _ Ward (Captain)
  (D) Elizabeth Auchmuty
  m. Philip Tuite Dalton of co. Meath
  (E)+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Richard (d 1818, had sissue), James (dsp, Colonel)
  (3) Samuel Auchmuty (vicar of Ballimahon)
  m. Susannah Maria Savage (dau of Francis Savage by Elizabeth, dau of James Achmuty, Dean of Armagh, cousin) @1@ below
  (A) Samuel Auchmuty (d 1818, cleric)
  m. Margaret Lyons (dau of John Lyons of Ladiston)
  (i) Caroline Auchmuty
m. Rev. F. Middleton
  (ii) Frances Auchmuty
  m. William Adams Reilly of Belmont
  (iii)+ other issue - Samuel, Isabella Margaret
  (B)+ other issue - Robert Forbes, Elizabeth Maria, Sarah Caroline, Helen Forbes
  (4) Elizabeth Auchmuty
  m. Sir Ralph Fetherston, 1st Bart of Ardagh (d 1780)
  (5) Judith Auchmuty
  m. Thomas Achmuty (cousin) @2@ below
  (6) Dorcas Auchmuty
  m. John Bomford of co. Meath
  (7) Frances Auchmuty
  m. _ Piers (Captain, of the Tristernagh family)
b. John Auchmuty
  c. Thomas Auchmuty
  m. _ Eyre (dau of _ Eyre of Eyre Court)
  (1)+ 2 daughters
  d. Towneley Auchmuty of Dublin
  (1) Robert Auchmuty of Dublin
  (A) Robert Auchmuty (RN) had issue
  m. Alicia Auchmuty (cousin) @3@ below
  (2) Thomas Auchmuty of Madeira & Bath
(A) Thomas Auchmuty (Colonel)
  m. _ Staples (cousin)
  (i) William Auchmuty of Log House, co. Tyrone had issue
(3)+ other issue
  e. Arthur Auchmuty (MD)
  m. Mary Lawder (dau/heir of James Lawder of Kilmore)
  (1) Thomas Auchmuty of Dublin
  m. Judith Autchmuty (dau of Samuel Auchmuty of Brianstown) @2@ above
  (A) James Auchmuty (dsp)
  (B) Arthur Auchmuty of Kilmore Nouse, Roscommon (MD)
  m. Emily Kelly
  (i) Alicia Auchmuty
  m. Robert Auchmuty (RN) @3@ above
  (ii) Judith Auchmuty
  (2) Maria Auchmuty possibly fits here
  m. Robert Gregory of Coole (b 1727, d 01.09.1810)
  (3)+ other issue - Deborah, Elizabeth
  ii. Margaret Auchmuty
  m. Anthony Jessop of Doory Hall
  iii. Martha Auchmuty
  m. _ Deane (Captain)
  iv. Isabella Auchmuty
  m. Morgan Galbraith
  v. Jane Auchmuty
  m. Francis Fetherson
  vi. Elizabeth Auchmuty
  m. _ Carruthers (Lieutenant)
  B. John Auchmuty of Newton Flood, co. Longford (d 1722, Captain, MP)
  m. Isabella Stirling (dau of Rev. James Stirling of Temple Michael)
  i. James Auchmuty or Achmuty (Dean of Armagh, 2nd son)
  m. _ Clarke of London
  a. John Auchmuty (Rev.)
  (1) John Auchmuty (Senseschal of Mullingar Manor)
  m. _ King of Dublin
  (A) James Auchmuty
  m. _ Keatinge (dau of Rev. George Keatings)
(i)+ issue - John, George, daughter
  (B) daughter
  m. _ Fisher
  (C) daughter
  m. _ Verdon
  b. Elizabeth Achmuty
  m. Francis Savage
  (1) Susannah Maria Savage
  m. Samuel Auchmuty (vicar of Ballimahon) @1@ above
  ii. Robert Auchmuty (judge of the Admiralty in New England, 5th son)
  m(2). Julia ("daughter of a French refugee clergyman")
a. Samuel Auchmuty (rector of Trinity Church, New York)
  m. _ Nicholls of New York
  (1) Sir Samuel Auchmuty (dsp 1822, Lt. General)
  (2) Robert Nicholls Auchmuty of Rhode Island
  m. _ Wainwright
  (A) Richard Tylden Auchmuty of Tivoli, New York (Captain)
  (B) daughter
m. _ Wainwright (Colonel)
  (3) Jane Auchmuty
  m. Richard Tylden of Milsted
  (4) Mary Julia Auchmuty
  m. Frederick George Mulcaster (Major General)
  (5) daughter
  m. _ Montresor
  a. Robert Auchmuty (judge of the Admiralty in New England)
  iii. Margaret Auchmuty
  m. James Dodd of Ardagh
  iv. Helen Auchmuty (dsp)
  m. Toby Dodd
  v.+ other issue - Arthur (dsps?), Forbes (dsp), Richard (dsp, Captain)
  C. Catherine Auchmuty
  m. William Lawder

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, 'Achmuty or Auchmuty of Brianstown', p734+)
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