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Families covered: Gregory of Asfordby, Gregory of Coole, Gregory of Freseley, Gregory of Killarida, Gregory of Styvechale

Visitation (Leicestershire) starts with "Johannes d'ns de Grigorie de Freseley et de Asforby". Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619) suggests that he was son of ...
Gregor of Freseley, Warwickshire
1. John Gregory of Freseley
  m. Matilda Motun (dau of Sir Roger Motun of Peculton or Pekulton)
  A. Richard Gregory of Freseley (d 1291-2)
i. Sir Francis Gregory of Gregory Stoke (a 1240)
  m. Joane (dau/heir of Peter de Asfordby)
  a. Ralph Gregory of Asfordby (a 1262)
  m. ?? (dau of Peter de Asfordebye)
  (1) Thomas Gregory of Asfordby
  m. Isabell Segrave (dau/heir of Richard Segrave of Cateby son of Sir Henry son of Sir Hugo (brother of John de Segrave) son of Sir Nicholas son of Sir Gilbert)
  (A) John Gregory of Asfordby (2nd son)
  m. Margaret
(i) Sir William Gregory (alderman of London)
  (a)+ 2 daughters
  (ii) Robert Gregory of Asfordby
  m. ?? (dau of John of Bosworth, relict of Henry Harecourt)
  (a) John Gregory of Asfordby
  m. Johanna Billesby (sister of William Billesby)
  ((1)) Thomas Gregory of Asfordby
  m. Ellinor Billesby (dau of Richard Billeseby of Billesby (or Bellesley of Bellesley))
  ((A)) William Gregory of Asfordby (d 04.1528) - continued below
  m. Hellena Malin (dau/heir of John Malin of Tuxford)
  ((B)) Alice Gregory
  m. John Terry of Asfordby
  ((C)) Ellinor Gregory
  m. Walter Diccons of Burton Lazard
  ((D)) Alice Gregory
  m. _ Welles of Shevingham or Nelles of Skevington
  ((i)) Roger (of Skevington)
  ((a)) issue - Valentine of Leicseter, Roger of Derbyshire, William of Fellroell, George of Skevington
  (B)+ other issue - Francis (priest), William in Thornton, John, Elizabeth (nun)
  (2) William Gregory
  m. Alice de Cawley (dau/heir of Robert de Cawley of Cawley)
  (A) Thomas Gregory of Harpole, Northamptonshire had issue
  (3)+ other issue - Henry, Richard
  ii. Alice Gregory shown here by Visitation (Warwickshire), possible duplication below
  m. Stephen de Erdswick
  iii.+ other issue - John, Thomas
  B. Nicholas Gregory
  i. Adam Gregory
  C. Walter Gregory
  i. Richard Gregory
  D. Alice Gregory shown here by Visitation (Leicestershire), possible duplication above
  m. Hugo (son of Stephen de Erdwick)
  E. Natalia Gregory mentioned by Visitation (Warwickshire)



William Gregory of Asfordby (d 04.1528) - continued above
m. Hellena Malin (dau/heir of John Malin or Malyn of Tuxford by Margaret, dau of John Dymmock of Nottinghamshire)
1. Thomas Gregory of Ashfordby, 1st of Styvechale (near Coventry) (d 16.03.1573 (or 16.05.1573)) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m. Elizabeth Wade (dau of Christopher Wade, Mayor of Coventry)
  A. Arthur Gregory of Styvechale & Brinklow (a 1581, d 1604)
  m. Jane Ferrers (dau of Sir John Ferrers of Tamworth son of Humphry)
  i. John Gregory of Styvechale & Brinklow (b c1582, d 1657, 2nd son?)
m. Margaret Greswolde (dau of Sir Thomas Greswolde of Stonely)
  a. Love-is-God Gregory (dvp c1654)
  m1. Lucy Bracey of Eastcote
  (1) John Gregory (b c1639, d 1660)
  m. Catherine Beaufoy (dau of Henry Beaufoy of Emscoat)
  (A)+ son (d infant) + daughter (d infant)
  (2) Lucy Gregory
  m. Humphrey Perrot of Fairfield Court
  (3) Mary Gregory
  m. Cornelius Saddington of Lutterworth
(4) Grace Gregory (d infant)
  m2. Mary Middlemore (dau of Robert Middlemore of Haslewell)
  (5) Love-is-God Gregory of Styvechale
  m. Catherine Turvyle (dau of Richard Turvyle of Higham)
  (A) Arthur Gregory of Styvechale (b c1680, d c1743)
m. Prudence Hill (dau/coheir of Edward Hill of Charter House)
  (i) Arthur Gregory of Styvechale (b 1716, d 1791)
  m. Ann Chaplin (dau/heir of Sir John Chaplin of Tathwell & Blankney)
  (a) Francis Gregory of Styvechale (b 1757, d 23.07.1833, Captain)
  m. (23.04.1791) Frances Grote (dau of Andrew Grote of Blackheath)
  ((1)) Arthur Francis Gregory of Styvechale (b 29.10.1792, d 27.02.1853) had issue
  m. (25.02.1834) Caroline Hood (d 09.05.1890, sister of 3rd Viscount Hood)
  ((2)) Frances Selina Gregory (d 1827) probably of this generation
  m. (1826) Frederick Grove (b 1788, dsp 1827, Captain)
  (B)+ other issue - Segrave (b c1681), Catherine (b c1674), Maria (d infant), Jane (b c1678)
  (6) Elizabeth Gregory
  m. John Norton of Kenelworth
  (7) Sarah Gregory (a 1681)
  b. Mary Gregory (d 1680)
  m. Edward Hinton of Atherston
  c. Grace Gregory (d c1653?)
  m. Thomas Clerke of Wolfamcoat
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Robert (d c1640), Arthur, Isabell, Segrania (Segrave d c1647?), Elizabeth
  B. Henry Gregory of Mamhead, Devon identified by BLG1952 as "ancestor of the Gregorys in Ireland".
  m1. Anna Gibbes (dau of William Gibbes or Gibbens of Sutton Colefield)
  i.+ issue - Henry, William, Thomas, Elizabeth
  m2. Alice Coot (dau of John Coot)
  v.+ other issue - Giles, Mary
  Provisionally, we presume that one of the above brothers was father (or grandfather) of the following Thomas who is the first mentiioned by BIFR1976 (Gregory) which provides the following.
  a. Thomas Gregory of Shaunenullagh (?) and Tammadeese, co. Kerry (b 08.03.1602, a 1666)
  (1) George Gregory of Ballyronan, co. Derry (Captain)
  m. Mary Fullerton (d 1710)
  BIFR1976 notes that "the order of the sons is uncertain".
  (A) George Gregory of Killarida, co. Kerry (Captain)
  (i) Richard Gregory of Killarida (a 1759)
(ii) Robert Gregory of Mount Etna (& Obannan?), co. Kerry (d before 09.09.1775)
  m. Cherry Chute
  (a)+ issue - Fitzmaurice, Dawson, George, Anne
  (iii) Elizabeth Gregory
  m. (1748) John Gregory of Dublin
  (B) Robert Gregory of Fentower, Queen's Co. (b 1683, d 1753, minister, 3rd son?)
  m1. (1705) Elizabeth Higgins (dau of Rev. Paul Higgins)
  (i)+ issue (d unm) - Robert, Elizabeth
  m2. (1738) Sophia Lambert (dau of Charles Lambert of Painstown)
  (C) Joshua Gregory of Magherafelt, co. Derry
  m. Margaret McArban (widow of John Hammond of Ballyronan)
  (D) William Gregory (captain)
(i) John Ggregory
  m. Mary McCowen
  (ii)+ other issue
  (E) Henry Gregory of Galway (a 1731)
  m. Mary Shaw (dau of Robert Shaw of Newford)
  (i) Robert Gregory of Coole, co. Galway (b 1727, d 01.09.1810, MP, Chairman of HEICS)
m. Maria Auchmuty (dau of Arthur Auchmuty of Briansford)
  (a) Robert Gregory (b 1754, d unm 06.12.1814)
  (b) Richard Gregory of Coole (b 1761, dsp 03.08.1839)
  m1. Isabella Nimmo
  m2. Christian Steer
  (c) William Gregory of Coole, Sheriff of co. Galway (b 1762, d 13.04.1840, MP)
  m. (01.10.1789) Anne Trench (d 21.11.1833, dau of 1st Earl of Clancarty)
  ((1)) Robert Gregory of Coole (b 06.10.1790, d 1847) had issue
  m. (1815) Elizabeth O'Hara (b 1799, d 1875, dau of Robert O'Hara of Raheen)
  ((2)) William Gregory (b 23.06.1792, d 18.11.1878, rector of Fiddown) had issue
  m. (18.08.1817) Anne Levinge (dau of Sir Charles Levinge, 5th Bart of Knockdrin Castle)
  ((3)) Anne Gregory (b 05.12.1793, dsp 23.08.1868)
  m. R. Johnston Walsh of Ballykilcavan (Colonel)
  (d) Margaret Gregory
  m. _ Reid
  (F) John Gregory (b 1703, dsp 1763)
  m. Maria
  (G) Dorothy Gregory
  m. Samuel Gregory
  (H)+ other issue - Kilner of Lixnaw (d by 1758), Olivia
  (2) Robert Gregory (a 1716, Captain)
  (A)+ issue - Robert of Macosquin, 14 others
  C. Christopher Gregory of Kirkeby
  m. Elizabeth Hutton (dau/heir of Thomas Hutton of Cambridge)
  i.+ issue - Christopher, Hutton, Frances, Faith, Martha, Avicia/Audrey, Prudence
  D. Edmund Gregory of Warwickshire
  m1. Elizabeth Radcliff (dau of Roger Radcliff of Coventry)
  i.+ issue - Elizabeth, Anna
  m2. Anna Bushell (dau of Thomas Bushell of Brodmerston)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Francis, Pascajocosa
  m3. Maria Forster (dau of William Forster)
vi+. other issue - William, Thomas
  m2. Anna Geste of Kings Norton not mentioned by BLG1952
  E. William Gregory
  m. Jane Swyft
  F. Anna Gregory
  m. _ Rugeley
  i. Samuel Rugeley
  G. Wenefrid Gregory
  m. _ Walford
  i.+ issue - Anna, Martha, Rebecca
  H.+ other issue (a 1589) - Jeremy, Ralph
2. William Gregory
  m. _ Thorpe

Main source(s): Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Gregory), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Gregory), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682, Gregory (in Appendix)), 'Genealogy of the Descendants of the Pritchards' (Rev. Thomas Gregory Smart, 1868, p90+) and, for the lower section only, BLG1952 (Gregory-Hood (formerly Gregory) of Loxley Hall and Styvechale), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682, Gregory of Stivichall) with input as reported above
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