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Families covered: Wale of Essex, Wale of Eydon, Wale of Weedon
This family is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here as DRAFT in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop this page to an acceptable standard.
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(1) At a time when we are trying to reduce the number of pages in the 'Draft & Temporary' section of the database, we produce this page as Draft because 3 of the 5 sections are not connected to elsewhere in the database but we nevertheless wish to include them in the hope of finding connections in due course. Note that the first 2 of the sections may contain ancestors of those in the other sections.
(2) BLG1863, which supports the 3rd section below, provides a suggestion as to the origin of the family.
(3) The first as-yet unconnected section comes from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Wale of Eydon', p502) which identifies the family's arms as "Or, a lion rampant Gules".
Wale, lord of Eydon
1. Thomas FitzWale of Eydon
  m. Alice
2. Richard FitzWale of Eydon (a temp Henry 2 who r. 1154-1189)
  m. Matilda Puttenham (dau (& heir?) of William de Puttenham of Puttenham)
3. Ralph FitzWale
  m. Alice Basset (dau of Osmund Basset of Woodford)
  A. Henry Wale
  i. Richard Wale of Eydon (a 1202, 1220)
  a. Richard Wale of Eydon (a 1255)
  (1) Sir Thomas Wale of Eydon (a 1291, 1297)
  (A) Richard Wale of Eydon (a 1315)
  (i) John Wale of Eydon (a 1325)
  (a) Richard Wale of Eydon (a 1329, 1346)



The second as-yet unconnected section comes from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 2, 1841, 'Wale of Wedon Pinkeney, p108) which identifies the family's arms as "Or, a lion rampant Gules". This is as per the family shown just above. We note that Eydon and Weedon are different villages in Northamptonshire but suspect that there is overlap between the following and the above.
Sir Thomas Wale of Wedon (Weedon Pinkeney or Pinckney) (d 1315)
m. Lucia (d 1343)
1. Sir Thomas Wale of Wedon (dsp 26.10.1352)
  Thomas was one of the founder Knights of the Order of the Garter.
  m. Nicholas
2. Margaret Wale (d by 1352)
  m. _ Mallore
  A. Sir Peter Mallore (Mallory) (a 1352)
3. Alice Wale (a 1352)
  m. Sir Thomas Chamberlain (a 1352)
4. Juliana Wale (a 1352)



The third section comes partly from Wikipedia ("Charles Wale") and partly from BLG1863 ('Wale of Shelford') which reports as follows: "The monuments in Little Shelford church trace the family through six generations in lineal descent from Thomas Wale of Bardfield Hall, co. Essex, in the time of the Commonwealth, where the family formerly had estates. Some records exist respecting them at Badwinter, Wimbish, and Earls Colne. More remotely the family possessed estates at Weedon Pinxkney, co. Northampton. Their ancestor Sir Thomas Wale was one of the first knights of the Garter. The family whose original name was Duval came over from Normandy at the time of the Conquest."
Thomas Wale of Little Shelford, Cambridgeshire (b 1700-1, d 1796)
BLG1863 identifies Thomas's wife as "a Russian lady". Wikipedia names her ...
m. Louisa Rudolphina Prediger Raften ("from Riga")
1. Sir Charles Wale, Governor of Martinique (b 16.08.1765, d 20.03.1845, General, youngest son)
  m1. (1793) Louisa Sherard (d 1806, dau of Rev. Castel Sheard)
  A. Alexander Malcolm Wale (Vicar of Sunninghill) had issue (4 daughters)
  m. (1835) Caroline Ardrighetti
  B.+ other issue (d infant) - Charles, Philip Newton, Louisa
  m2. (1808) Isabella Johnson (d 1810, dau of Rev. George Johnson)
  E. Isabella Martha Wale
  m. (1834) Sherlock Willis
  m3. (1815) Henrietta Brent (dau/coheir of Rev. Thomas Brent of East Brent)
  F.+ other issue - Charles Brent of Shelford (b 1817, m. Henrietta Whateley, had issue), Robert Gregory of Little Shelford (b 1820, m. Fanny Anna West, had issue), George Henry (b 1822, m1. Blanche Whateley, m2. Kate Persse), Frederick (b 1822, d 03.1858, m. Adelaide Prest, had issue), Arthur Campbell (b 1825), Henry John (b 1827, m. Caroline Prest, had issue), Henrietta (m. b 1822, Martin William Ffolkes), Louisa (m. Rev. John De La Tuche), Augusta (b 27.12.1823, a 12.1923, m. Richard Dill of Brighton), Cecil Marianne



The following comes from Visitation (Essex, 1634, 'Wale'). No arms are given.
Thomas Wale of Thriple (Thriplow?), Cambridgeshire
1. Thomas Wale of Radwinter, Essex
  m1. Jane Westley (dau of Richard Westley of Hempsted)
  A. Thomas Wale of Bardfield, Essex (a 1634. of Gray's Inn)
  m. Elizabeth Nightingale (dau of Geoffrey Nightingale of Newport Pond)
  i.+ issue (a 1634) - Robert (b c1616), Thomas, William, John, Henry, Geffrey, Edward, Jane, Elizabeth
  m2. Martha Salmon
  B.+ other issue - John, George, Margaret, Joane



The following comes from Visitation (London, 1664, 'Wale') and Le Neve's 'Pedigrees of the Knights' (1696, edited by George Marshall 1873, p46). Visitation identifies the arms as "argent, on a cross sable a cinquefoil or" which suggests that there was no known connection to the earlier Wale families shown above.
William Wale of Leicestershire
1. Sir William Wale 'of Wakerley' of London, Enfield & North Luffenham, Sheriff of Leicestershire (bur 20.11.1676)
  m. (1638) Margaret Sparke (bur 16.03.1674-5, dau of Priamus Sparke of London)
  A. Margaret Wale (d 1674)
  m. (1661) Sir Edward Seymour, 4th Bart of Berry Pomeroy (b 1633, d 17.02.1707-8, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  B. Elizabeth Wale (bur 28.01.1681-2)
  m. Henry Noel of North Luffenham (d 21.09.1677)

Main source(s): as reported above
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