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Families covered: Noel of Campden, Noel of Dalby, Noel of Gainsborough, Noel of Luffenham, Noel of Whitwell

Andrew Noel of Dalby & Brook, Sheriff of Rutland (a 1548)
Nichols shows Andrew as m1. Dorothy Conyers m2. Elizabeth Hopton. We follow BP1934, BE1883 & BEB1844 ('Noel of Kirkby Mallory') which all show the marriages the other way round.
m1. Elizabeth Hopton (dau of John Hopton of Hopton)
1. Sir Andrew Noel of Dalby (and Brook), Sheriff of Rutland (d 09.10.1607) the first mentioned by Visitation (Rutland)
  m. Mabel Harington (dau of Sir James Harington of Exton)
A. Sir Edward Noel, 1st Lord of Ridlington, 2nd Viscount Campden (d 08.03.1642/3)
  The following is partly supported by TCP ('Camden') & TCP ('Gainsborough').
  m. (20.12.1605) Julian Hicks (d 25.11.1680, dau of Baptist Hicks, 1st Viscount Campden)
  i. Baptist Noel, 3rd Viscount Campden (b 1612, d 29.10.1682)
  m1. (25.12.1632) Anne Feilding (dsps 24.03.1636, dau of William, 1st Earl of Denbigh)
  a.+ issue (d young) - Charles, Charles, Edward
m2. (06.1636/8) Anne Lovet (d 25.01.1638-9, dau of Sir Robert Lovet of Lipscombe)
  d. son (still-born)
  m3. (21.12.1639) Hester Wotton (bpt 11.01.1615/6, a 02.1645, dau of Thomas Wotton, 2nd Lord)
  e. Edward Noel, 1st Earl of Gainsborough (bpt 27.01.1640-1, d 1689)
m1. (05.1661) Elizabeth Wriothesley (dau of Thomas Wriothesley, 4th Earl of Southampton)
  (1) Wriothesley Baptist Noel, 2nd Earl of Gainsborough (d 21.09.1690)
  m. Catherine Greville (d 07.02.1703/4, dau of Fulk Greville, 5th Lord Brooke)
  (A) Elizabeth Noel (d 19.03.1737)
  m. (09.06.1704) Henry Bentinck, 1st Duke of Portland (b 17.03.1682, d 04.07.1726)
  (B) Rachel Noel (d 19.09.1709)
  m. (26.02.1705-6) Henry Somerset, 2nd Duke of Beaufort (b 02.04.1684, d 24.05.1714)
  (2) Frances Noel (b c1662, d 29.09.1684)
  m. (27.08.1683) Simon Digby, 4th Lord (b 18.07.1657, d 19.01.1685)
  (3) Jane Noel (b c1667, d 10.09.1733)
  m. (22.05.1686) William Digby, 5th Lord (b c1662, d 29.11.1752)
  (4) Elizabeth Noel
m. Richard Norton of Southampton
  (5)+ other issue (d unm) - Edward (d young), Diana, Juliana (a 1681)
  m2. (23.04.1683) Mary Herbert (b c1649, d 06.04.1693, dau of Hon. James Herbert of Kingsey)
  f. Henry Noel of North Luffenham (d 21.09.1677)
  m. Elizabeth Wale (bur 28.01.1681-2, dau of Sir William Wale of Wakerley)
  (1) Juliana Noel (b c1671, d 17.10.1750)
  m. (26.01.1687-8) Charles Boyle, 3rd Earl of Cork, 2nd Earl of Burlington (d 09.02.1703-4)
g. Mary Noel (d 20.08.1719)
  m. James Compton, 3rd Earl of Northampton (b 19.08.1622, d 15.12.1681)
  h. Juliana (Joanna) Noel (bpt 04.02.1646, d 14.09.1667)
  m. (30.07.1664) William Allington, 3rd Lord (b c1634, d 01.02.1684, Major General)
  i. Elizabeth Noel (d 30.07.1719)
  m. (16.08.1677) Charles Berkeley, 2nd Earl of Berkeley (b 08.04.1649, d 24.09.1710)
j. Hesther Noel (d infant)
  m4. (06.07.1655) Elizabeth Bertie (d 1683, dau of Montagu Bertie, 2nd Earl of Lindsey)
  k. Baptist Noel of North Luffenham (b 02.11.1658)
  m. (1682) Susannah Fanshaw (dau of Sir Thomas Fanshaw of Jenkins)
  (1) Baptist Noel of Luffenham, 3rd Earl of Gainsborough (b 1684, d 16.04.1714)
m. (before 13.02.1706-7) Dorothy Manners (b 13.09.1681, d 27.04.1734/9, dau of John Manners, 1st Duke of Rutland)
  (A) Baptist Noel, 4th Earl of Gainsborough (b 1708, d 21.03.1751)
  m. (1728) Elizabeth Chapman (b c1707, d 13.12.1771, dau of William Chapman, gamekeeper)
  (i) Baptist Noel, 5th Earl of Gainsborough (b 08.06.1740, d unm 27.05.1759)
  (ii) Henry Noel, 6th Earl of Gainsborough (b 1743, d unm 08.04.1798)
  (iii) Jane Noel
  m. (before 1759) Gerard Anne Edwards of Welham Grove (bpt 28.03.1734) 
  Ancestors of the Earls of Gainsborough of the 2nd creation.
  (iv) Juliana Noel (d 18.12.1760)
  m. (07.02.1760) George Evans, 3rd Lord Carbery (d 26.05.1783)
  (v) Lucy Noel
  m. (13.04.1765) Sir Horatio Mann, Bart (d 02.04.1814)
(vi) Sophia Noel
  m. Christopher Nevile of Wellingore (d 1829)
  (vii)+ other issue - Charles (d young), Elizabeth, Penelope (d young), Anne, Mary, Susanna
  (B) Susan or Susannah Noel (dsp 20.06.1758)
  m. (12.03.1774) Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 4th Earl of Shaftesbury (b 09.02.1710-1, d 27.05.1771)
(C)+ other issue - John (d 1718), James (d unm 1752, MP), Catherine, Mary (d 1718)
  (2)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Susanna
  l. John Noel (b 07.11.1659, d 26.09.1718)
  m. (11.06.1696) Elizabeth Sherrard (d 01.03.1746/7, dau of Bennet, 2nd Lord Sherrard)
  (1) John Noel (d unm, MP)
  (2) Thomas Noel of Walcot (dsp 18.06.1788)
  m. Elizabeth Chapman (d 13.12.1771, dau of William Chapman, widow of Baptist, 4th Earl of Gainsborough)
  (3) Bennet Noel
  m. _ Adam
  (4) Elizabeth Noel (d unm)
  (5) Bridget Noel (d 22.08.1729)
  m. (20.11.1724) David Colyear, Viscount Milsington (b 1698, dvpsps 10.03.1728-9, heir of Earl of Portmore)
(6) Alice Noel
  m. Catherine Noel (b 10.08.1657, d 24.01.1732-3)
  m. (08.01.1673-4) John Manners, 1st Duke of Rutland (b 29.05.1638, d 10.01.1711)
  n. Martha Penelope Noel possibly the same person as the Penelope shown just below as her sister?
  m. _ Dormer
  o.+ other issue - Lindsey (d infant), James (b 27.07.1663, d unm 24.06.1681), Bridget (b 26.02.1660), Penelope (b 11.01.1666)
  ii. Henry Noel (dsps)
  m. Mary Perry (dau of Hugh Perry of London)
  Nichols shows Henry as father of Juliana who m. Charles, later Earl of Burlington. We follow BP1934 in showing that Henry a generation later.
  iii. Penelope Noel (bur 30.06.1638) BP1934 calls her Elizabeth as does Visitation which identifies a Penelope who d unm
m. (before 1632) John Chaworth, 2nd Viscount of Armagh (d 06.1644)
  iv. Mary Noel
  m. Sir Erasmus de la Fontaine of Kirby Bellars, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b 1601, d 1672)
  The following is supported by Wikipedia ("Erasmus de la Fontaine", 15.12.22) which describes Erasmus as "from a Huguenot family".
  a. John de la Fontaine (b 1638, younger son)
  m. Frances Palmer (dau of Sir Geoffrey Palmer)
  b. Mary de la Fontaine
  m. Sir Thomas Beaumont, 3rd Viscount of Swords (bpt 04.1634, dsp 06.1702)
  c. Juliana de la Fontaine
  m. (before 10.09.1663) Sir John Tracy, 5th Bart (dsp 02.1677/8)
d. Elizabeth de la Fontaine (d by 1668?)
  m1. Sir David de Ligne of Harlaxton Manor
  It appears that Elizabeth also married ...
  m2. (28.07.1664) William Brownlow of Snarford (b 1638, d by 04.1675, m2. Margaret Brydges)
  e. Penelope de la Fontaine
  m. Sir Philip Tyrwhitt (bpt 12.1633, bur 07.1688)
  f. Anne de la Fontaine
  m. Sir Thomas Meres (bpt 09.1634, d 07.1715)
  g. Susannah de la Fontaine (b 1642-3, d 12.08.1680) probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Hord of Cote in Bampton (b c1623, d 06.11.1715)
  h.+ 1 other son + 1 other daughter
  v. Elizabeth Noel mentioned by Nichols
  m. Charles
  vi.+ other issue - Anne, Eleanor
B. Sir Charles Noel (d unm 1619)
  C. Arthur Noel of Hayholme in Holdernesse (b c1596, a 1665)
  The following comes from Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, 'Noell of Hayholme') & FMG (vol 1, MS152, 'Hunter', p355+).
  m. Bridget Carter (dau of Everard Carter of Stonesby)
  i. Arthur Noel (2nd son) probably the Arthur of Hayholme who was father of ...
  a. Mary Noel (a 1738)
  m1. Edward Johnson of Scarborough
  m2. Machabes Hunter of Thornton (a 06.1739)
  b. Dorothy Noel
m. Christopher Hunter of Thornton
  ii. Mary Noel
  m. Samuel Lawson of Lincoln
  iii.+ other issue - George (b c1639), William, Cornelius, Edward, Anne, Penelope, Elizabeth
D. Alexander Noel of Whitwell (d 08.1667)
  The following comes from Visitation (Rutland, 1681-2,' Noel of Whitwell') with some support from Nichols.
  m. Mary Palmer (dau of Thomas Palmer of Carleton, sister of Attorney General Sir Geffrey)
  i. Sir Andrew Noel of Whitwell (b c1632, a 1681)
  m. Anne Armston (dau of James Armston of Leicestershire, widow of Edward Wigley of Scraptoft)
a.+ issue - Baptist Patrick (b 1666, d infant), Andrew (b 1668, a 1681), John (d infant)
  ii. Mary Noel
  m. Sir Abel Barker of Hambledon (b 1616/8, d 09.1679)
  iii.+ other issue (d unm) - Alexander (d c1680), Julian (d 02.1681)
  E. Lucy Noel (bur 20.01.1615/6)
  m. (15.09.1601) William Eure, 4th Lord (b c1579, bur 28.06.1646)
  F. Theodosia Noel (bpt 04.01.1584/5, d before 20.03.1615/6)
m. (10.07.1601) Sir Edward Cecil, Viscount Wimbledon (b 29.02.1571/2, dspm 16.11.1638)
  G. Elizabeth Noel (a 1643)
  m1. (29.04.1611) George Touchet, 11th Lord Audley, 1st Earl of Castlehaven (b c1551, d 20.12.1616/7)
  m2. (06.03.1618/9) Sir Piers Crosby of Maryborough
2. Elizabeth Noel
  m1. Anthony Faunt of Foston (d 1588)
  m2. Sir William Brown
  m3. (sp) Sir John (not Joseph) Harpur of Swarkston
3.+ other issue - Henry (d 1596), George, William, Goudith
  BEB1844 ('Noel of Kirkby Mallory') suggests that Lucy & Theodosia were of this generation but we follow Nichols, BE1883 & BP1934 in showing them a generation later.
m2. Dorothy Conyers (dau of Reginald Conyers of Wakerley, relict of Roger Flower of Whitwell)
7. John Noel of Whellesburgh (d by 1593)
  m. Anne Fowler (dau of John Fowler of Whellesburgh)

Main source(s): BE1883 ('Noel of Ridlington, Gainsborough, etc.'), BP1934 ('Gainsborough'), 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 3, part 1, 1800, 'Noel of Old Dalby', p254) with support from Visitation (Rutland, 1681-2, 'Noel Viscount Campden') and further input/support as reported above
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