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This section first uploaded 11.09.14.
Richard Everard of Hawkedon, Suffolk
m. Joane Maltwood of Debenham
1. Ambrose Everard of Hawkedon (d before 25.03.1595)
  The Visitations identify Ambrose's wife as Martha, dau of John Denston. However, it appear that she was in fact ...
  m. (31.10.1576) Martha Ray (d before 18.02.1632, dau of John Ray of Denston )
  A. Richard Everard of Hawkedon (d before 18.10.1648)
  m. Catherine Lany (dau of John Lany or Laney of Ipswich)
  i. Richard Everard of Hawkedon (a 1665)
  m. Dorothy Golding (dau of Thomas Golding of Poslingford)
  a.+ issue - Frances, Mary
  ii.+ other issue - John, Mary, Frances
  B. Ambrose Everard of Cavendish (a 07.1645)
  m. Martha (a 07.1645)
  i. Martha Everard (a 07.1645)
  C.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Martha, Dorothy, Sarah



This section first uploaded 22.10.14.
The main sources start with the Archbishop. His father & brother are shown in Wikipedia ("John Cradock").
William Cradock (rector of Dodington)
1. John Cradock, Bishop of Kilmore then Archbishop of Dublin, Primate of Ireland (b c1708, d 11.12.1778)
  m. (08.1758) Mary Blaydwin (dau of William Blaydwin of Boston)
  A. John Francis Cradock, later Caradoc, 1st Baron Howden of Howden & Grimston (b 12.08.1759 (1762?), d 26.07.1839, General, MP)
  TCP reports that the change of name "is said to have been in honour of Caractacus and of the (somewhat more modern) Caradoc (Prince of North Wales) from whom his lordship conceived himself to be descended in the male line."
  m. (17.11.1798) Theodosia Sarah Frances Meade (b c1773, d 13.12.1853, dau of John Meade, 1st Earl of Clanwiliam, by Theodosia, dau/heir of Robert Hawkins Magill)
  i. John Hobart Cradock, later Caradoc, 2nd Baron Howden (b 16.10.1799, dspl 09.10.1873, General, MP)
  m. (11.01.1830) Catherine (dau of Paul, Count Skavronsky of Russia, grand-niece of Prince Potemkin, widow of General Prince Bagration of Russia)
2. Thomas Cradock (b 1717, d 1757, vicar of Penn)



This section first uploaded 01.12.14.
The following family is shown on this Temporary page pending research into which branch of the Owen family it belongs to. Their coat of arms is shown as "Azure, on a chevron between three chambers or a pair of compasses sable between two pellets, on a chief of the second a lion passant gules".
John Owen of London
m. Jane
1. Israell Owen of London
  m. Bertheba Gourney (dau of Richard Gourney, alderman of London, sister of Sir Thomas of Stafford (sb Stifford))
  A. Anne Owen
  m. _ Colepeper )brother of Sir Thomas)
  B. Elizabeth Owen
  m. Henry Boteler (son of Sir Edward of Danbury)
  C. Susan Owen
  m. Thomas Osborne of London (vintner)
  D. Jane Owen
  m. John Weedon
  E. Mary Owen
  m. John Smyth ("of the exchange London")
  F. Sara Owen
  m. William Robotham of London (upholster)
  G.+ other issue - John of Little Bardfield (a 1634, Essex), Richard, Issraell, Thomas, Henery



This section first uploaded 06.12.14.
Blomfield reports that "This family of the Woodhouses is a distinct family from that of Kimberley ... and I find these Woodhouses to be formerly styled Woodhouse, alias Power." Much of the following was originally shown on the page for the Wodehouses of Kimberley as, following various web sites (but drawing attention to that fact), we showed the William who married Elizabeth Calthorpe as of that family (see here). However, it is now clear that that was wrong.
John Woodhouse of Waxtonsham, Norfolk
m. Alice Croft (dau of William Croft or Croftes of Wyston or Whitton)
1. Sir William Woodhouse 'of Waxtonsham (Waxham)' of Hickling, Norfolk
  m1. Ann Repps (dau of Henry Repps of Thorpe Market)
m2. Elizabeth Calthrop (dau/heir of Sir Philip Calthrop)
  Blomfield shows no children by Ann and Elizabeth as mother of Thomas, Henry, Mary & Ann. However, Visitation shows Anne as mother of Thomas, Henry, Mary & Ann and Elizabeth as mother of another Thomas, William & Elizabeth. This leaves us unsure as to which wife was mother of which child. Elizabeth Calthrop is shown as widow of Sir Henry Parker, son/heir of Lord Morley, but that appears to be confusion with Philippa Carrel.
  A. (Sir) Thomas Woodhouse of Hickling (dsp)
  m. Ann Wootton (dau/coheir of John Wootton of Tudenham)
  B. Sir Henry Woodhouse 'of Waxham'
  m1. Ann Bacon (dau of Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper)
  i. Sir William Woodhouse
m. Frances Jermyn (dau of Sir Robert Jermyn of Rushbrook)
  a. Thomas Woodhouse
  ii. Henry Woodhouse
  A Henry Wodehouse, who appears to have emigrated to North America, is shown by some sites as of this generation.
  iii. Mary Woodhouse
  m. (Sir Robert) Killigrew
  iv. Vere Woodhouse
  m. _ Godfrey
  v. Elizabeth or Eleanor Woodhouse
m. Sir Henry Stoner (dsp)
  vi. Ann Woodhouse ## see here ##
  m1. William Hungate of East Bradenham, Norfolk (d c1608)
  Blomfield identifies Ann's first husband merely as _ Hungate. Details for him and their children come from various web sites.
  a. Sir Henry Hungate of Bradenham
  m. (1619) Anne Walpole
  b. Anne Hungate
  m. Sir John Caesar
  m2. (1615) Sir Julius Caesar
  m2. Cecily Gresham (dau of Thomas Gresham)
vii. Gresham Woodhouse
  C. Mary Woodhouse
  m. Rafe Shelton of Shelton (son/heir of Sir John)
  D. Ann Woodhouse
  m. Sir William Heydon (son/heir of Sir Christopher of Baconsthorpe)
  E.+ other issue - Thomas, William, Elizabeth
2. Sir Thomas Woodhouse of Waxtonsham (d 21.01.1571)
  m. Margaret (dau of William Hubbard or Stubbert, m1. _ Wymer of Scottow)
  partner unknown
  A. Margaret
  m. John Dade of Wytton



This section first uploaded 27.12.14.
John Wyatt
m. Alice Killiowe (dau of Bennet de Killiowe, sister/heir of John)
1. John Wyatt
  A. Jane Wyatt
  m. Thomas Wymarke
  i. Alice Wymarke (heir)
  m. Robert White
  a. John White
  (1) Joane White (heir)
  m. Stephen Cole
  B. Alice Wyatt
  m. _ Trehake



This section first uploaded 27.12.14, reviewed 17.01.21.
John Camilla
m. Joan Atwell (dau of John Atwell (by Margaret, dau of John Leuker), m2. John Lovete)
1. Roger Camilla
  A. John Camilla
  i. Hamelyn Camilla
a. Richard Camilla of Golnance
  (1) Joane Camillla (heir)
  m. John Clarke
  (A) John Clarke
  m. Jane Pikyn (dau of John Pikyn)
  (i) Thomas Clarke
  (a) Margery Clarke (heir)
  m. John Cole
  (b) Jane Clarke (coheir)
  m. John Toser

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