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Families covered: Bacon of Friston, Bacon of Garboldisham, Bacon of Gillingham, Bacon of Herringfleet, Bacon of Mildenhall, Bacon of Redgrave, Bacon of Shrubland

Robert Bacon of Drinkstone and Hessett (d 1548)
m. Isabel Cage (dau of John Cage of Pakenham)
1. Thomas Bacon (a 1547, dsp, alderman of London)
  m. _ Brown
2. Sir Nicholas Bacon (b 1509/0, d 20.02.1578-9, keeper of the Great Seal)
  m1. Jane Fernley (d before 15557, dau of William Fernley of West Creeting)
  A. Sir Nicholas Bacon of Culworth or Culford and Redgrave, 1st Bart of Redgrave (b 1540, d 12.11.1624)
Nicholas was the first person to be created a Baronet, on 22.05.1611.
  m. (1564) Anne Butts (b c1549, d 19.09.1616, dau of Edmund Butts of Thornage by Anne, dau of Henry Buers (Bures))
  i. Sir Edmund Bacon, 2nd Bart of Redgrave (dsp 10.04.1649)
  m. Philippa Wotton (d 01.10.1626, dau of Edward, Lord Wotton of Marley)
ii. Sir Robert Bacon of Riborough, 3rd Bart of Redgrave (bur 16.12.1655)
  m1. Anne Peyton (bur 27.09.1640, dau of Sir John Peyton, 1st Bart of Isleham)
  a. Robert Bacon (dvp 25.08.1652)
  m. Catherine Violet (dau of Grave Violet of Pynkney House)
  (1) Sir Edmund Bacon, 4th Bart of Redgrave (d 12.09.1685)
  m. (1650) Elizabeth or Katharine Crane (dau of Sir Robert Crane, Bart of Chilton)
  (A) Frances Bacon
  m. Walter Norborne of Calne
  (B) Elizabeth Bacon
  m. William Ettrick of the Middle Temple (d 1716)
  (C) Susannah Bacon
m. Charles Morris of Loddington
  (D) Philippa Bacon (bur 12.07.1710)
  m. (12.1688) Sir Edmund Bacon, 4th Bart of Gillingham (bpt 06.04.1672, d 10.07.1721) @1@ below
  (E)+ other issue (dvp) - 6 sons and 6 daughters
  (2) Jemima Bacon
  m1. Thomas Gardiner
  m2. Sir John Bratell
  (3) Philippa Bacon
  m. Sir George Reeve, Bart
  (4) Frances Bacon
  m. Paul Bockenham of Great Thornham
  (5) Anne Bacon
  m. Edmund Yaxlee of Yaxlee
b. Butts Bacon (d 01.1662)
  m. Catherine Tracy (dau of Sir John Tracy of Stanhow)
  (1) Sir Robert Bacon of Garboldisham, 5th Bart of Redgrave (d 31.01.1704)
  m. Elizabeth Chandler (d 21.12.1686, dau of Daniel Chandler)
  (A) Sir Edmund Bacon of Garboldisham, 6th Bart of Redgrave (d 30.04.1755)
  m. (27.11.1712) Mary Kemp (d 14.09.1727, dau of Sir Robert Kemp, Bart)
  (i) Letitia Bacon (bur 07.04.1758)
  m. (03.10.1738) Sir Armine Wodehouse, 5th Bart of Kimberley (b 1714, d 21.05.1777)
  (ii) Sarah Bacon (d 20.05.1767)
  m. (20.09.1752) Pryse Campbell of Stackpole Court, younger of Cawdor (dvp 14.12.1768)
  (iii)+ other issue - Mary, Elizabeth (d unm)
  c. Peyton Bacon of Riborough or Ryborrow or Ryburgh (bpt 1620)
  m. (06.1647) Elizabeth Suckling (d before 30.04.1703, dau of Charles Suckling of Wotton)
  The following are named in Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Bacon of Ryburgh).
  (1)+ issue (a 1664) - Robert (b c1648, dvp), Nicholas (bpt 1649), Anne (bpt 1650)
d. Nicholas Bacon (dsp, 9th son)
  m. Margaret Hobart of Thwaite
  e. Philippa Bacon
  m. Hamon Claxton of Lavermore
  f. Anne Bacon
  m. Thomas Hunt of Sharington
  g. Alice Bacon
  m. Richard Gwyn of Fakenham
  h.+ other issue (d young) - Edmund, Nathaniel, Edmund, Francis, Drury
  m2. Katherine named in Visitation (Suffolk, 1664-8, Bacon of Redgrave)
iii. Sir Butts Bacon, 1st Bart of Mildenhall (d 29.05.1661) - continued below
  m. Dorothea Warner (d 04.09.1657, dau of Sir Henry Warner of Mildenhall)
  iv. Nicholas Bacon of Gillingham (d before 13.08.1641)
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Bacon of Gillingham).
  m1. Anne Weston (dau of Sir James Weston)
  a. Anne Bacon (dsp)
  m. (1636) Sir John Rous, Bart
  m2. (26.10.1622) Margaret Darcy (d 1639, dau of Eustace Darcy of Bury St. Edmunds)
b. Sir Nicholas Bacon, 1st Bart of Gillingham (bpt 31.01.1623, d 03.08.1666)
  m. (31.05.1647) Elizabeth Freston (d 1674, dau of Richard Freston of Mendham, she m2. Sir William Godbold)
  (1) Sir Nicholas or Edmund Bacon, 2nd Bart of Gillingham (b c1650, d 1683)
  (2) Sir Richard Bacon of Gillingham, 3rd Bart (dsp bur 08.10.1685)
  m. Anne Bacon (dau of Sir Henry Bacon of Herringfleet, 2nd Bart of Mildenhall) @2@ below
v. Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Culford
  m. Jane Meautys (dau of Hercules Meautys)
  a. Anne Bacon (bur 20.09.1680)
  m1. Sir Thomas Meautys
  m2. Sir Harbottle Grimston (b 27.01.1602-3, d 02.01.1684-5)
  b.+ other issue - Nicholas (dspm), Jane (d unm)
  vi. Anne Bacon (d 1624)
  m. Sir Robert Drury of Hawstead (b 1574, d 1615)
vii. Dorothy Bacon
  m1. (30.04.1595) Sir Bassingbourn Gawdy (b 19.05.1560, bur 23.05.1606)
  m2. Philip Colby
viii. Jemima Bacon
  m1. Sir William Waldegrave (d 25.11.1613)
  m2. Henry Killigrew
  B. Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Stifkey (b c1546, bur 07.11.1622)
  m1. Anne Gresham (natural dau of Sir Thomas Gresham of Osterley Park)
  i. Anne Bacon
  m. Sir John Townshend of Rainham (d 02.08.1603)
  ii. Elizabeth Bacon
  m. Sir Thomas Knyvet of Aswelthorp (dvp bur 20.09.1605)
iii. Winifred Bacon
  m. Sir Robert Gawdy of Claxton (d before 02.10.1639)
  m2. Dorothy Hopton (dau of Sir George (or Arthur) Hopton, widow of William Smith)
  C. Edward Bacon of Shrubland Hall
  m. Helen Littel (dau of Thomas Littel or Little of Shrubland Hall)
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1664-8, Bacon of Shrubland in Barham).
i. Nicholas Bacon of Shrubland
  m. (15.07.1612) Martha Bingham (dau of Sir Richard Bingham of Bingham Melcomb)
  a. Sir Nicholas Bacon of Shrubland
  m. Bridget Tallemache (dau of Sir Lionell Tallemache, Bart of Helmingham)
  (1) Nicholas Bacon of Shrubland (b c1656)
Visitation ends with this generation. This is probably the Nicholas who married ...
  m. Catherine Montagu (b 1660, d 1757, dau of Sir Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich)
  (A) Nicholas Bacon of Shrubland possibly of this generation
  m. Dorothy Temple (dau of John Temple of Moor Park)
  (i) John Bacon of Shrubland possibly of this generation
  (a) Mary Bacon (dsp 07.1802)
m. (24.02.1783) Sir William Johnston, 7th Bart (b 03.08.1760, d 13.01.1844)
  (B) Philip Bacon of Ipswich probably the Philip who married ...
  m. Grace Barker (dau of Sir John Barker, 4th Bart) wife of Philip, presumed mother of ...
  (i) Bridget Bacon (dsp 03.07.1782)
m1. (25.10.1737) Sir Cordell Firebrace of Melford Hall, 3rd Bart (b 20.02.1711-2, dsp 28.03.1759)
  m2. (07.04.1762) William Campbell of Lyston Hall (d 08.09.1787)
  (2) Philip Bacon of Tuddenham, later of Nacton (Suffolk) (bpt 02.02.1665/6, d before 23.12.1734) probably of this generation
  m1. (before 11.04.1692) Mary Sicklemore (bur 20.06.1694, dau of John Sicklemore of Ipswich)
  m2. Susan (a 12.1734)
  (3) Bridget Bacon (a 1664) probably the Bridget who married ...
  m1. Sir John Barker, later of Ipswich, 4th Bart of Grimston Hall (d 1696)
  m2. John Ellis of Grey's Inn
  (4)+ other issue (a 1664) - Anne, Elizabeth
  b. Jemima Bacon probably of this generation
m. Sir Edward Vaughan of Terracoyd
  c. Martha Bacon (bpt 17.10.1613, bur 20.04.1699) probably of this generation
  m. John Sicklemore of Ipswich
  ii. Ann Bacon (d 1659) probably of this generation
  m. Philip Bedingfeld of Fleming's Hall & Ditchingham (b 1587, d 1660)
  iii. Jane Bacon (bur 25.02.1657) possibly of this generation
  m. Francis Stonard of Knowles Hill (bur 31.03.1668)
D. Elizabeth Bacon
  m1. Sir Robert Doyle of Oxfordshire (dsp 1577)
  m2. Sir Henry Nevill of Berkshire
  m3. Sir William Periam (not Peryent) (Lord Chief Baron)
  E. Anne Bacon (b c1545)
  m. Sir Henry Woodhouse of Waxham
  F Elizabeth Bacon (b c1553)
  m1. (1570) Sir Francis Windham of Felbrigg (dsp 1592, judge)
  m2. Sir Robert Mansfield of Wales
m2. Anne Cooke (dau of Sir Anthony Cooke of Gidea Hall)
  G. Anthony Bacon (b 1558, d unm 1601)
  H. Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England, Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Albans (b 22.01.1561, dsp 09.04.1626)
  m. (10.04.1606) Alice Barnham (d 29.06.1650, dau of Benedict Barnham, alderman of London)
3. James Bacon, Sheriff of London (d 05.06.1573)
  The following comes from Commoners (vol iv, Northey-Hopkins of Oving House) with some input from Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Bacon of Drinkstone and Redgreave) and Visitation (Suffolk, 1664-8, Bacon of Friston Hall).
m1. Mary Gardener (dau of _ Gardener of Grove Place, Buckinghamshire)
  A. Anne Bacon
  m. John Ryvett ## see here ##
  m2. Margaret Rawlins (dau of William Rawlins of London)
B. Sir James (or Francis) Bacon of Friston named Francis by Commoners but James by the Visitations
  m. Elizabeth Bacon (dau of Francis Bacon of family of Hesset)
  i. Nathaniel Bacon of Friston
  m. Anne Legross (dau of Sir Thomas Legrosse or Le Gros of Crostwick)
  a. Thomas Bacon of Friston (a 1664)
  m. Elizabeth Brooke (dau of Sir Robert Brooke of Yoxford)
  (1) Nathaniel Bacon of Friston (b c1646)
  (A) Mary Bacon
  m. Hugh Chamberlen of Alderton Manor and Hinton Hall
  (2) Elizabeth Bacon
  m2. Martha Reade (dau of Sir John Reade)
  (3) Martha Bacon
b. Elizabeth Bacon
  m. Nathaniel Barnardison (son of Sir Nathaniel)
  c. Anne Bacon (d unm)
  C. William Bacon
  m3. Anne Pakington (dau of Humphrey Packington, widow of ?? Jackman, alderman of London)
4. Barbara Bacon
  m. Robert Sharpe of Bury St. Edmunds
5. Anne Bacon (d by 1538)
  m. (?) Robert Blackman of Bury St. Edmunds
6. Thomazine Bacon apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Valentine Browne of Totteridge, etc. (d 09.02.1588-9)



Sir Butts Bacon, 1st Bart of Mildenhall (d 29.05.1661) - continued above
m. Dorothea Warner (d 04.09.1657, dau of Sir Henry Warner of Parnham & Mildenhall, widow of William Jermyn)
1. Sir Henry Bacon of Herringfleet, 2nd Bart of Mildenhall (d c1671)
  m. Barbara Gooch (dau of William Gooch of Metteringham)
  A. Sir Henry Bacon of Herringfleet & Gillingham, 3rd Bart of Mildenhall (bur 13.01.1685-6)
  m. (29.06.1671) Sarah Castleton (d 03.02.1727, dau of Sir John Castleton, 2nd Bart)
i. Sir Edmund Bacon, 4th Bart of Mildenhall & Gillingham (bpt 06.04.1672, d 10.07.1721)
  m1. (12.1688) Philippa Bacon (bur 12.07.1710, dau of Sir Edmund Bacon, 4th Bart of Redgrave) @1@ above
  a. Sir Edmund Bacon, 5th Bart of Mildenhall & Gillingham (b 07.08.1692, d 04.10.1738)
  m. (07.11.1724) Susan Rebow (dau of Sir Isaac Rebow)
  (1) Sir Edmund Bacon, 6th Bart of Mildenhall & Gillingham (b 07.08.1725, d unm 06.04.1750)
  b. Sir Henry Bacon, 7th Bart of Mildenhall (b 05.10.1693, d unm 04.1753)
c. Sir Richard Bacon, 8th Bart of Mildenhall, 7th Bart of Redgrave (b 22.02.1695, dsps 26.03.1773)
  m1. (29.12.1720) Bridget Mayhew (d 06.01.1725-6)
  m2. (18.07.1728/9) Lucy Gardiner (d 17.08.1765, dau of Thomas Gardiner)
  m2. (16.04.1713) Mary Castell (dau of John Castell of Raveningham)
d. Castell Bacon of Raveningham (b 1713, d 13.04.1770)
  m. Elizabeth Dashwood (dau of Richard Dashwood of Cley)
  (1) Sir Edmund Bacon, 8th Bart of Redgrave, 9th Bart of Mildenhall (b 14.10.1749, d 050.09.1820)
  m. (20.01.1778) Anne Beauchamp (d 26.08.1813, dau of Sir William Beauchamp-Proctor, Bart)
  (A) Sir Edmund Bacon, 9th Bart of Redgrave, 10th Bart of Mildenhall (b 06.07.1779, d 30.05.1864) had issue
  m. (27.08.1801) Mary Anne Elizabeth Bacon (d 24.10.1820, dau of Dashwood Bacon of Ottery St. Mary) @3@ just below
  (B) Nicholas Bacon (b 06.06.1786, d 09.02.1863) had issue
  m. (14.10.1813) Jane Bowker (d 1888, dau of Alexander Bowker of Lynn)
  (C) Henry Bacon, later Bacon-Hickman of Thonock Hall (b 29.10.1788, d unm 10.05.1862)
(D) Anne Frances Bacon (d 02.09.1866)
  m. (08.1803) Edward Thomas Hussey of Galtrim (b 1778, d 27.09.1846)
  (E) Maria Bacon (d 27.01.1864)
  m. Edward Hodge (d Genappe 16.06.1815, Major)
  (2) Dashwood Bacon of Ottery St. Mary (b 1752, d 1812) had issue
  m. Anne Barbara Ogilvie (dau of _ Ogilvie of St. Christopher's)
  (A) Mary Anne Elizabeth Bacon (d 24.10.1820)
  m. (27.08.1801) Sir Edmund Bacon, 9th Bart of Redgrave, 10th Bart of Mildenhall (b 06.07.1779, d 30.05.1864) @3@ just above
  e. Mary Bacon (1756)
  m. Philip Bedingfield (b 1716, d 1791)
  B. Anne Bacon
  m. Sir Richard Bacon of Gillingham, 3rd Bart (dsp bur 08.10.1685) @2@ above

Main source(s): BP1934 (Bacon) with a little support from Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Bacon of Drinkstone and Redgrave)
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