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Families covered: Worsley of Hovingham Hall, Worsley of Platt Hall

BEB1844 ('Worsley of Appuldercombe'), used for Worsley3, reports that "The Worsleys of Hovingham Hall, in Yorkshire, who diverged from the parent stock about the year 1307, still possess quit and chief rents over the townships of Worsley, Bedford, Astley, &c. in Lancashire."
were possibly grandparents of ...
Thomas Worsley of Hovingham Hall (d 03.05.1715)
m. Mary Arthington (dau of Henry Arthington of Arthington Hall)
1. Thomas Worsley of Hovingham Hall (b 16.11.1686, bur 02.03.1750)
  m1. (1718) Mary Frankland (bur 04.09.1722, dau of Sir Thomas Frankland, 2nd Bart of Thirkleby)
  A. Thomas Worsley of Hovingham Hall (b 22.11.1710, d 13.12.1778)
  m. (05.07.1757) Elizabeth Lister (d 19.11.1809, dau of Rev. J. Lister)
  i. Edward Worsley of Hovingham Hall (d unm 21.03.1830)
  ii. George Worsley (b 15.11.1761, d 04.02.1815, rector of Stonegrave and Scawton)
  m. Anne Cayley (d 31.08.1854, dau of Sir William Cayley, 5th Bart)
  a. Sir William Worsley, 1st Bart of Hovingham Hall (bpt 26.08.1792, d 05.03.1879, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (18.01.1827) Sarah Philadelphia Cayley (b c1803, d 23.04.1885, dau of Sir George Cayley, 6th Bart)
  b. Marcus Worsley of Terrington (b 1794, d 06.02.1878, Captain RN) had issue
  m. Harriet Hamer (d 19.11.1857, dau of Joshua Hamer)
  c. Thomas Worsley (b 15.07.1797, dsp 16.02.1885, rector of Scawton, Vice Chancellor of Cambridge)
  m. (20.06.1842) Katherine Rawson (dau of Stansfield Rawson of Wastdale Hall)
  d. Frederick Cayley Worsley (b 1803, d 22.07.1884) had issue
  m. (29.01.1840) Juliana Wirght (d 15.01.1889, dau of John Wright)
  e. Septimus Lancelot Worsley had issue
  f. Henry Francis Worsley (b 1806, d 24.07.1876) had issue
  m1. Catherine Blackden (dau of B. Blackden)
  m2. Caroline Cust (Mrs. Hankinson)
  g. Charles Valentine Worsley (b 1808, d 1878) had issue
  m. (04.05.1848) Sophia Kemble (dau of John Kemble, Mrs. Kent)
  h. Arthur Worsley (b 10.05.1810) had issue
  m. (11.11.1858) Winifred Sherring Evans (dau of Rev. J.W. Evans)
  i. Isabella Worsley (d 27.01.1865)
  m. (1824) John C. Blackden
  j. Philadephia Worsley (d 21.04.1885)
  m. (06.06.1826) William Joseph Coltman (d 17.08.1869)
k. Frances Worsley (d 20.01.1880)
  m. (19.05.1835) George Henry Webber (d 1853, vicar of Great Budworth, canon of Ripon)
  l.+ other issue - George (dvp), Edward (dvp), Digby Edmund (b 1812, dsp 02.09.1875), Anne (d unm 16.02.1873)
  iii.+ other issue
  B. James Worsley (bpt 28.08.1722, d 19.08.1777, rector of Stonegrave)
  m. (17.12.1761) Dorothy Pennyman (d 14.11.1811, dau of Sir James Pennyman, 5th Bart of Ormesby Hall)
i. James Worsley (b 1764, d 1807, Colonel)
  m. (1789) Lydia White (d 19.04.1832, sister of Sir Thomas Wollaston White, 1st Bart of Walling Wells)
  a. James White Worsley, later Pennyman of Ormesby Hall (b 05.11.1792, d 01.02.1870) had issue
  m. (24.03.1828) Frances Stovin (d 06.06.1869, dau of Rev. James Stovin of Rossington)
  ii. Richard Worsley (dsp 25.01.1838, Admiral RN)
  m. (14.03.1801) Elizabeth White (d 18.11.1841, sister of Sir Thomas Wollaston White, 1st Bart of Walling Wells)
  C. Mary Worsley
  m. Marmaduke Constable of Wassand (b c1704, d 1762)
  D. Frances Worsley (b 1716, d 06.11.1750)
  m. (13.07.1737) Sir William Robinson, 1st Lord Grantham (b 24.04.1695, d 30.09.1770)
  m2. Anne Robinson (d 15.01.1768, sister of Sir William Robinson, 1st Lord Grantham)
  E. Ann Worsley
  m. William Bastard of Kitley (d 1782)
  F.+ 2 childen (d infancuy)
2. Mary Worsley
  m. (29.09.1701) Francis Foljambe of Aldwarke (d 06.12.1732)



Wikipedia ("Worsley baronets") has a section on the following Platt Hall branch and reports that the father of the Ralph who bought Platt Hall (from the Platt family, in 1625) was the following Charles (the first mentioned by BLG1952) who was "great-grandson of Sir Geoffrey Worsley of Boothes and a kinsman of the Worsleys of Worsley Hall (from whom derived the Worsleys of Appuldurcombe and of Hovingham)". We hope to find more on that connection in due course.
Charles Worsley of Manchester, Lancashire (d 1638, haberdasher)
m. (12.12.1586) Elizabeth Gee (dau of Ralph Gee)
1. Ralph Worsley of Platt Hall, Manchester (b c1592, d 1665) the first mentioned by FMG
  m(1). Isabel Massey (dau of Edward Massey of Manchester, widow of Alexander Ford of Wigan)
  A. Charles Worsley 'of Platt' (b 04.06.1622, d 12/21.06.1656, Major General)
m1. (18.09.1644) Mary Booth (b 1607, d 1649, dau of John Booth of Manchester)
  i. Ralph Worsley of Platt Hall (b c1647, d 09.08.1728)
  m1. Debora Cliffe (d 08.05.1681, possibly dau of John Cliffe of Bretherton)
  a. Charles Worsley of Platt Hall (d 01.01.1753)
  m. (1700) Clemence Serjeant (b 1677-8, d 22.07.1729, dau/heir of Thomas Serjeant of Pilkington, Stand Hall & Greysham by Hannah, dau of John Carril (of the Inner Temple) son of Blase)
  (1) Debora Worsley (b 19.03.1705-6, dsp 1775)
  m. (12.1744) John Lees of Manchester & Chatteris, later Carill-Worsley of Platt Hall (b c1710, d 1799)
  BLG1952 reports that Debora was John's 2nd wife and that he had issue, an only son Thomas who took the name Carill-Worsley. The implication is that Thomas was son by Debora but FMG (vol 1, MS62, 'Lees', p138) shows that Thomas was John's son by his first wife and that Debora dsp.
  (2)+ other issue (dsp?) - Peter, son, Clemence, daughter
  b. Mary Worsley
  m. William Pendlebury (minister)
  m2. Mary (dsp 06.08.1701)
  ii.+ other issue - Sarah, Martha
  m2. Dorothy Kenyon (dau of Roger Kenyon of Parkheads Whalley by Jane Ashton)
  iv.+ other issue - Roger (d young), Charles (b 1637), Dorothy (d young)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 12.09.04) : BP1934 (Worsley) with a little input from BLG1952 (Pennyman of Ormesby Hall)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 07.01.16, amended 10.01.16) : BLG1952 ('Tindal-Carill-Worsley formerly of East Carleton Manor and Platt Hall'), FMG (vol 1, MS62, 'Worsley', p137)
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