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Families covered: Frankland of Thirkleby, Frankland of the Rye

BP1934 starts with brothers William & Richard. Lipscomb starts with Richard, younger son of William. We presume that there were 2 generations of William, as follows.
William Frankland of the Rye, Hertfordshire
1. William Frankland of the Rye (d 1570)
  m. (02.1566) Joyce Trappes (b 1531, d 1587, dau of Robert Trappes of London, widow of Henry Saxie of London) see note just below
2. Richard Frankland of Blubberhouse, Ickergill in Skipton, Yorkshire (d 1589, younger son)
A. Hugh Frankland of Thirkleby and the Rye (dsp 01.1606/7)
  Lipscomb shows Hugh's wife as Joane or Joice Trapp of London. BLG1952 ('Trappes-Lomax of Great Hockham and Allsprings') names her husband William. Provisionally, we show her above as aunt of this Hugh.
  B. Ralph Frankland of Carlton near Thirsk, Yorkshire
  m. Margaret
  i. William Frankland of Thirkleby & Rye (d 1639-40)
  m. Lucy Boteler (dau of Sir Henry Boteler of Hatfield Woodhall)
a. Sir Henry Frankland of Thirkleby (b 1609, a 11.1636)
  m. Anne Harris (dau of Sir Arthur Harris of Cricksey or Crekesey)
  (1) Sir William Frankland, 1st Bart of Thirkleby (b c1640, d 02.08.1697)
  m. (1662) Arabella Bellasys (d 26.02.1687, dau of Thomas Bellasys, Viscount Fauconberg)
(A) Sir Thomas Frankland, 2nd Bart of Thirkleby (b c1665, d 30.10.1726)
  m. (02.1682-3) Elizabeth Russell (b 04.11.1664, d 20.07.1733, dau of Sir John Russell, 3rd Bart)
  (i) Sir Thomas Frankland, 3rd Bart of Thirkleby (d 17.04.1747)
  m1. Dinah Topham (d 02.02.1740-1/1750, dau of Francis Topham of Aglethorpe)
  (a) Elizabeth (Betty) Frankland (d 1742)
  m. John Trevor of Trevallyn & Plasteg (& Glynde) (dsp 1745)
  (b) Dinah Frankland (b c1719, d 08.01.1779)
  m. (16.01.1744-5) George Henry Lee, 3rd Earl of Lichfield (b 21.05.1718, dsp 19.09.1772)
  m2. (1743, sps) Sarah Moseley of Worcestershire (d 1783)
  (ii) Wiliam Frankland (d 28.11.1714)
  m1/2. Margaret Ayscough (bpt 03.07.1692, d 1710, dau of Sir Edward Ayscough)
  (a)+ issue (d infant) - 1 son and 1 daughter
  m2/1. Elizabeth Bawdowan
  (iii) Henry Frankland, Governor of Bengal (d 23.08.1728, 4th son)
  m. Mary Cross (d 14.10.1738/28.11.1739, dau of Alexander Cross)
  (a) Sir Charles Henry Frankland, 4th Bart of Thirkleby (b c1717, dspl 11.01.1768)
  m. (1755/6) Agnes Surriage (d 11.1781, dau of Edward Surriage of Massachussetts (by Mary), m2. John Drew of Chichester
partner unknown
  ((1)) Harry Cromwell, later Frankland (b 1741/1745, d 31.01.1814, Vice Admiral RN)
  (b) Sir Thomas Frankland, 5th Bart of Thirkleby (b 06.04/09.1750, d 21.11.1784 (not 1790), Admiral)
  m. (05.1743) Sarah Rhett (b c1724, d 20.09.1808, dau/granddau of Chief Justice _ Rhett of South Carolina))
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Frankland, 6th Bart of Thirkleby (b 1750, d 04.01.1831)
  m. (1773) Dorothy Smelt (d 19.05.1820, dau of William Smelt)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Frankland, later Frankland-Russell, 7th Bart of Thirkleby (b 16.07.1784, d 11.03.1849) had issue (5 daughters)
  m. (30.11.1815) Louisa Anne Murray (d 21.02.1871, dau of George Murray, Bishop of St. David's)
  ((2)) Roger Frankland (d 25.03.1826, canon of Wells, rector of Yarlington, 4th son)
  m. (14/9.06.1792) Catherine Colville (d 19.09.1843, dau of John Colville, 8th Lord of Culross)
  ((A)) Sir Frederick William Frankland, 8th Bart of Thirkleby (b 11.05.1793, d 11.03.1878) had issue
m. (21.08.1821) Katherine Margaret Scarth (d 01.11.1871, dau of Isaac Scarth of Stakesby) by Elizabetrh, sister of William Johnston of Annandale in Grenada)
  ((B)) George Frankland (b 01.1800, d 30.12.1838) had issue
  m. (18.07.1822) Anne Mason (dau of Thomas Mason)
  ((C))+ other issue - Edward Augustus (Rear Admiral), Charles Colville (d 04.1876, Admiral), Arthur, Emma, Matilda, Catherine Henrietta, Octavia, Louisa
  ((3)) Mary Frankland
  m. Sir Boyle Roche, Bart (dsp 05.6.1807)
  ((4)) Anne Frankland (d 1842)
  m1. (1778) John Lewis of Harpton Court (d 1797)
  m2. (1811/1820) Rev. Robert Hare of Hurstmonceaux
((5)) Dinah Frankland (d 1795)
  m. (08.1779) William Bowles
  ((6)) Catharine Frankland
  m. Thomas Whingate
  ((7)) Charlotte Frankland
  m. (1778) Robert Nicholas of Ashton Keynes
  ((8)) Grace Frankland
  m. M(atthew) Gosset
  ((9))+ other issue - Hugh (d infant), William (d unm 10.06.1816, Colonel, MP, Lord of the Admiralty), Mary (d infant), Sarah (d young), Henrietta (d 09.01.1828)
  (c) Mary Frankland
  m. Thomas Worsley
  (d) Frances Frankland
  m. Roger Talbot
  (e)+ other issue including: William of Muntham (dsp 28.12.1805), Richard (d infant), Robert (d 12.1757, Captain RN), Frederick (d 15.07.1752, Major), Harriot (d infant)
(vi) Frederick Meinhart Frankland (d 08.03.1768)
  Lipscomb suggests that Frederick's daughter Anne was dau of Anne Lumley but TCP (Chichester) confirms that she was dau of ...
  m1. Elizabeth (d 17.01.1736-7, relict of Adam Cardonnel)
  (a) Anne Frankland (d 05.03.1813)
  m. (15.06.1754) Thomas Pelham, 1st Earl of Chichester (b 28.02.1728, d 08.01.1805)
  (b)+ other issue (d young) - Frederic, Arthur, Anne
  m2. (02.1738-9) Ann Lumley (dsp 28.02.1739-40, dau of Richard Lumley, 1st Earl of Scarbrough)
  (v) Mary Frankland (bur 04.09.1722)
  m. (1718) Thomas Worsley of Hovingham (d 03.05.1715)
  (vi) Frances Frankland
  m. Roger Talbot
  (vii)+ other issue (d unm) - Richard (d 21.09.1761), Robert
  (B) Henry Frankland of Sowerby (d unm1716/ 1736)
(C) John Frankland (d 1730, Dean of Ely, Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University)
  m. Mary Turton of Bristol
  (i) John Frankland (dsps, vicar of Eastbourne, rector of Sundridge)
  m1. Margaret Green (dau of Dr. _ Green, Dean of Ely)
  (a) child (d infant)
  m2. Mary (Mrs Pierson/Pearson)
  (D) Anne or Grace Frankland
  m. Leonard Smelt of Kirkby Fletham (b 1658, d 1710)
  b. William Frankland (rector of Oswaldkirk, died in Ireland, 4th son?)
  (1) Grace Frankland (d unm)
  c. Richard Frankland (dsp 1698)
  m. _ of London
  d. Frances Frankland
  m. (1625) Sir Hugh Bethell of Ellerton
  e.+ other issue - John (dsp), Charles (dsp, of Bernard's Inn), Matthew (a unm 1665), Thomas (a 1641)
  ii. Nicholas Frankland
  iii. Margaret Frankland
  m. Thomas Banister
  iv. Joan Frankland
  m. Thomas Williams of Newby Wiske
  C. John Frankland of Westhouse
  i.+ 2 sons (dsp)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Frankland), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Frankland', 197+) with some support from TCB (vol 3, 'Frankland of Thirkelby', p142+)
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