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Families covered: Wettenhall of Bostock, Wettenhall of Hankelow, Wettenhall of Nantwich, Mainwaring of Over Peover

Ormerod starts with the first Thomas mentioned below and identifies him as "younger son of Wettenhall of Wettenhall". Visitation (Cheshire, 1580) also starts with him and identifies him as "younger brother to Wetnall of Wetnall". However, Visitation (Cheshire, 1613) shows him as son of John of Nantwiche (a 1498-9) "(descended) of a yonger brother of Wetenhall" shown as son of John of Nantwiche (a 1444) who married Alice (d c1488). That is supported by Visitation (Rutland 1619). Provisionally, we hold back from connecting this line to that shown on Wettenhall1 but note that it is, of course, virtually certain that this line was a cadet of that shown on that page.
John Wettenhall of Nantwich (a 1444)
m. Alice (d c1488)
1. John Wetenhall of Nantwich (a 1498)
A. Thomas Wetenhall of Nantwich
  i. Thomas Wettenhall of Nantwich
  m1/2. _ Berington of Chester
  m2/1. _ Palein of Woodhey (Pawlen of Woodey)
  a. William Wettenhall of Nantwich (a 1549)
  m1. Joane Wettenhall (dau of Thomas Wettenhall of Cholmeston (Wetnall of Cholmston))
  (1) Thomas Wettenhall of Nantwich (d 1579) - continued below
  m. Margery Maisterson (dau of Thomas Maisterson (Masterston or Masterson) of Nantwich)
  m2. Elizabeth Leech (dau of John Leech (Leche) of Nantwich)
  (2) Roger Wetenhall or Wetenell
  m. _ Damory
  (A)+ issue - Ambrose, Richard, Augustin
  (3) John Wetenhall of Heming, Rutland (a 1585)
  m. Dorothy Deyvill (dau of William Deyvill or Dayvell of Cuckwold)
  (A)+ issue (a 1585) - Christopher, Robert, Gabrill, John (b c1575), Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Anne, Dorothy
  (4) William Wetenhall of Levenig (a 1585)
  m. Isabel Scrimsher (dau of Richard Scrimsher or Scrimshore)
  (A) Margaret or Margery Wetenhall
  (5)+ other issue - Hugh, Richard, Gabriell, Robert, Henry, Elizabeth, Margery (d 1593)



Thomas Wettenhall of Nantwich (d 1579) - continued above
m. Margery Maisterson (dau of Thomas Maisterson (Masterston or Masterson) of Nantwich)
1. Gabriell Wettenhall of Nantwich (d 1601)
  m1. Catherine Bromley (d 1592, dau of William Bromley of Dorford)
  A. William Wettenhall of Nantwich (bpt 04.05.1584, bur 14.02.1670-1)
  m. (20.09.1601) Jane Clutton (bur 09.11.1623, dau of Richard Clutton (Clayton?) of Nantwich)
  i. Gabriel Wettenhall of Nantwich (d 06/08.03.1658)
  Visitation (Cheshire, 1663) shows Gabriel's wife and mother of his children as Anne, dau of Thomas Gamul of Nantwich. Provisonally, we follow Ormerod in showing that Anne as his step-mother and Gabriel's wife as ...
  m. Anne Burroughs (d 10.1686, dau of Thomas Burroughs of Nantwich)
  a. Thomas Wettenhall of Nantwich (bpt 09.12.1638, bur 23.10.1677/23.10.1696, of the Inner Temple)
  m. Catherine Hancock (bur 17.05.1683, dau of George Hancock of London)
  (1) Thomas Wettenhall of Nantwich (bpt 10.09.1675, bur 19.05.1709)
m. Mary Wright (d 05.1704 (or bur 19.12.1759!), dau/heir of Rev. R. Wright of Maspas & Chester)
  (A) Edward Wetenhall of Nantwich (b 08.1707, dsp 1761)
  m. Diana Comberbach of Nanrwich
  (B) Thomas Wetenhal, later of Nantwich (b 09.1708, bur 20.10.1776, rector of Walthamstow)
  m1. Diana Blackett (b c1702, d 02.05.1737, dau of William Blackett, son of Sir Edward, m1. Henry Mainwaring of Peover)
(i) Thomas Wetenhal, later Mainwaring of Over Peover (b 26.11.1736, d 04.07.1798)
  The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 1 (1819), 'Continuation of the Pedigree of Mainwaring of Over Peopver', p373) & BP1934 ('Mainwaring').
  m. (21.06.1781) Catherine Watkis (dau of William Watkis of Nantwich)
  (a) Sir Henry Mainwaring Wetenhal, later Mainwaring of Over Peover, Sheriff of Cheshire, 1st Bart (b 25.04.1782, d 11.01.1860) had issue
  m. (29.12.1803) Sophia Cotton (d 24.05.1838, dau of Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton of Combermere, Bart, sister of Viscount Combermere)
  (b) William Mainwaring (b 28.03.1785, dsp 1821)
  m. (09.06.1817) Charlotte Penrose (dau of Rear Admiral Sir Charles Penrose)
  (c) Edward Mainwaring (b 22.11.1792, vicar of Calverhall) had issue
m. (01.02.1820) Elizabeth Fenton (d 1844, dau of James Fenton of Loversall)
  (d)+ other issue - Catherine Maria (b 23.04.1783, d 01.10.1787), Diana (b 14.03.1787, d 05.210.1861), Mary Anne (b 322.041795)
  (ii) daughter (d young)
  m2. Anna Maria Lancaster (d 04.1794, dau of Rev. Nathaniel Lancaster of Stanford Rivers)
  (iii)+ other issue - Nathaniel (d young), Edward (b 1749, had issue), Henry (d young), Peter of Ravenscroft (b 1755, had issue), Lancaster (rector of Lawton, had issue)
(C) Katherine Wetenhal (b 09.1706, d 12.03.1788)
  m. (30.11.1738) James Tomkinson of Bostock, Nantwich & Dorfold (b 1711, d 07.03.1794)
  Their son Edward inherited Hankelow and changed his name to Wettenhall.
  (2)+ other issue - Catherine, Anne (bpt 17.03.1673-4, bur 19.03.1673-4), Margaret (bpt 06.10.1667), Susan (bpt 31.03.1672)
  b. Gabriel Wettenhall of Hankelow (bpt 12.05.1653, d 08.1735)
  Gabriel received Hankelow "by gift of his kinsman Nathaniel Wettenall".
  m. Katherine Cope (d 08.1722, dau of Jonathan Cope of Ranlow (sb Ranton?) Abbey)
  (1) Nathaniel Wettenhall of Hankelow (dsp 06.02.1778)
  m. Arabella Montagu (d 20.07.1798, dau of Brigadier General Edward Montagu, brother of George, Earl of Halifax)
  (2) Gabriel Wettenhall (bur 11.03.1703)
  c. John Wettenhall (bpt 27.02.1647-8, bur 16.5.1704, Rector of Wistaston, youngest son?)
  m. (27.09.1674) Ann Jackson
  d. Sarah Wettenhall (bpt 13.03.1641-2)
  m. Owen Weld of Weld Green
  e. Hannah Wettenhall (bpt 04.08.1650)
  m. (c03.1672-3) John Ely of Staunton or Rowton
f.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 15.12.1643, d young), Hannah (bpt 22.11.1640, d young)
  ii. Thomas Wettenhall (bur 11.12.1673)
  m. Anne Scot (bur 11.03.1678-9, au of Thomas Scot of Checkley (Checkerly)
  iii. Richard Wettenhall
  m. Rebecca Cheynie (dau of John Cheynie of Midley)
  iv. Elizabeth Wettenhall (bpt 05.11.1615)
  m. Thomas Wood of Durrington
  v. Jane Wettenhall
  m. _ Madox of Nantwich
  vi. Margaret Wettenhall (d 1623)
  B. Margaret Wettenhall (bpt 1589)
  m2. Anne Gamull (dau of Thomas Gamull of Buerton)

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3 (1819), 'Wettenhall of Hankelow - Second Line', p252), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, 'Wetnall of Nantwich'), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613 & 1663, 'Wettenhall of Nantwich') with some input/support for the upper section from Visitation (Rutland, 1619, 'Wettenhall')
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