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Families covered: Wandesford of Castlecomer, Wandesford of Kirklington

Galfridus de Wandesford of Alnwick
1. ?? de Wandesford
A. John de Wandesford of Westwick (d c1395)
  Visitation identifies John's wife as Elsabeth, dau of Robert Mountford. BE1883 identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth de Musters (dau of Sir Henry de Musters of Kirklington)
  i. John de Wandesford of Kirklington (b c1370)
  m. Isabel Colvile (dau of Sir John Colvile of Arncliffe) identified in Visitation(s) & TCP (Coleville (of Dale))
  a. John de Wandesford of Kirklington (d 1463)
  m. Elenor Mountford (dau of Thomas Mountford of Hackforth) identified in Visitation
(1) Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington
  m. Sibel Thwaites (dau of John Thwaites)
  (A) Sir John Wandesford of Kirklington (dsp)
Visitation shows John as the eldest son, succeeded by his brother John. BEB1841 suggests that John was the elder. Apart from mentioning his descent from John de Wandesford of Westwick and Elizabeth de Musters, BE1883 starts with his brother Thomas. It appears that John married ...
  m. Joanna Pigot (dau of Sir Geoffrey Pigot of Clotherham)
  (B) Thomas Wandesford of Kirklington
  m. Margaret Pudsey (dau of Sir Henry Pudsey)
  (i) Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington (a 1485)
  m. Anne Norton (dau of Sir John Norton of Norton)
  (a) Francis Wandesford of Kirklington (d 1559)
  m. Jane Fulthorp (dau of John Fulthorp or Foulsthorpe of Hipswell)
  ((1)) Sir Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 11.07.1591) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Bowes (dau of Sir George Bowes of Streatlam)
((2))+ other issue - John (dsp), Jane
  (b)+ other issue - John, Christopher (had issue), Suzan
  (ii) Michael Wandesford (3rd son)
  (a) ?? Wandesford
  ((1)) Sir Rowland Wandesford of Pickhay or Pickhill (a 1637)
  m. Catherine Wentworth (dau of Thomas Wentworth of North Elmsall)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Wandesford
  m. (1632) Philip Wharton, 4th Lord (b 1613, d 05.02.1695-6)
  (iii) Ellen Wandesford
  m. Ambrose Lancaster of Wesmoreland
  (iv) Elizabeth Wandesford
  m. Ralph Claxton of co. Durham
  (v)+ other issue - William of Woodel, John (rector of Kirklington)
  (C) Eleanor Wandesford
  m. William Roos of Laxton & Nottingham
  (D) Jane Wandesford
  m. Sir William Norton
  (E)+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Roger, Christopher, Anne
  (2) Thomas Wandesford (dsp)
  m. Izabell Mykeley (dau of John Mykeley)
  (3) Elizabeth Wandesford identified in Visitation as a nun but reported in BEB1841 to have married ...
m. _ Mancaly of Sinninghurst
  (4) Jane Wandesford
  m. Thomas Lasonby or Lasyngby
  (5) Isabel Wandesford
  m. Thomas Hetterby or Helperby
  (6)+ other issue - Richard, John, George (dsp, archdeacon of Richmond), Bryan (dsp), William (dsp), Roger (dsp), Margaret (dsp)
  b. Thomas de Wandesford (d 1448, alderman of London)
  (1) William Wandesford (dsp)
  (2) Joan Wandesford presumed to fit here
  m. John Tichborne
  c. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Mallet
  ii.+ other issue - Roger, Geoffrey



Sir Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 11.07.1591) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Bowes (dau of Sir George Bowes of Streatlam)
1. Sir George Wandesford of Kirklington (b 20.05.1573, d 04.09.1612)
  m1. Catharine Hansby (dau of Ralph Hansby of Beverley)
  A. Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington (d 03.12.1640, Master of the Rolls in Ireland)
  m1. (sp) ?? Ramsden (dau of William Ramsden, sister of Sir John of Byrom)
  m2. Alice Osborne (dau of Sir Hewet Osborne of Kniveton)
i. George Wandesford of Kirklington (dsp)
  ii. Sir Christopher Wandesford, 1st Bart of Kirklington (b 19.08.1626, d 02.1686)
  m. Eleanor Lowther (dau of Sir John Lowther, Bart of Lowther Hall)
  a. Sir Christopher Wandesford, Sheriff of Yorkshire, 1st Viscount Castlecomer (b 19.08.1656, d 13.09.1707)
  m. (1683) Elizabeth Montagu (d 13.11.1731, dau of George Montagu of Horton)
  (1) Christopher Wandesford, 2nd Viscount Castlecomer, Governor of Kilkenny (bpt 02.03.1683/4, d 23.06.1719, Secretary-at-War)
  m. (31.05.1715/7) Frances Pelham (d 27.06.1756, dau of Thomas, Lord Pelham)
(A) Christopher Wandesford, 3rd Viscount Castlecomer (b 1717, d unm 08.05.1736)
  (2) George Wandesford, 4th Viscount Castlecomer (bpt 22.09.1687, d 25.06.1751)
  m. Susannah Griffith (d 10.09.1757, dau of Rev. John Griffith of Cork of Killaloe)
  (A) John Wandesford, Earl of Wandesford (bpt 24.05.1725, d 12.01.1784)
  m. (11.08.1750) Agnes Elizabeth Southwell (d 21.04.1781, dau of John Southwell of Enniscouch)
  (i) John Wandesford, ' Viscount Castlecomer' (b 23.04.1753, dvp)
  (ii) (Frances Susannah) Anne Wandesford (d 03.04.1830)
m. (13/4.02.1769) John Butler of Garryricken, 17th Earl of Ormonde (b 10.12.1740, d 25.12.1795)
  (B) Susannah Wandesford (dsp 1754)
  m. (1750) Thomas Newenham of Coolmore
  (C)+ other issue - Elizabeth (d unm 17.03.1754), others (d young)
  (3) Henrietta Wandesford (d 19.04.1736)
  m. William Maynard of Curryglass
  (4)+ other issue - John (d 03.1747-8, rector of Kirklington and Catterick), Richard (d unm)
b. George Wandesford had issue
  m. Elizabeth (widow of Garret Foulke)
  c. Eleanor Wandesford
  m. Amias Bushe of Kilfane
  d. Catherine Wandesford (b c1657, d 1731)
  m. Sir Richard Pype (chief justice)
  e. Frances Wandesford (d 05.01.1690)
  m. Robert Maude of Ripon
  f. Christian Wandesford
  m. Richard Lowther (son of Sir William of Swillington)
g. Elizabeth Wandesford probably of this generation
  m. Edmund Swetenham of Somerford
  h.+ other issue - Charles (dsp), Mary (d unm), Alice (d unm)
  iii. John Wandesford (d unm)
  iv. Alice Wandesford
  m. William Thornton of Newton
  v. Catherine Wandesford
  m. Sir Thomas Danby of Farnley
  B. Anne Wandesford
  m. Mauger or Manger Norton of St. Nicholas
  C.+ other issue - John (a 1639, MP), Nicholas (MP for Thtomastown), Michael (Dean of Limerick then Derry), Mary
  m2. Mary Pamplin (dau of Robert Pamplin) this marriage reported by BE1883, not by BEB1841
  G. William Wandesford of London then Castlecomer (a 1639, MP for Ballynakill)
2. Elizabeth Wandesford possibly of this generation
  m. Anthony Wrenne of Billyhall (a 1575)
3.+ other issue - William, Francis

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Wandesford of Kirklington), BE1883 (Wandesford of Castlecomer and Wandesford) with some support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Wandysford), TCP (Castlecomer)
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