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Families covered: Various early Welsh families

Griffith Goch (son of Rees Goch & brother of Gweryd)
1. Adda ap Griffith Goch
  A. Griffith ap Adda
  i. Evan hir of Llechwedd vchaf
  a. Evan Vychan
  (1) Jankyn ap Evan Vychan
(A) Griffith ap Jankin
  (i) Edenyved ap Griffith
  (a) Evan ap Edenyved
  ((1)) Benet ap Evan
  ((A)) Rees ap Benet of Bodlwithan 'of Vaynol'
  m. Katherine (dau of John Conwy of Bodrythan by Jonet Salusbury)
  ((i)) Thomas ap Rees
  m. Alice (dau of Meredydd ap Evan)
  ((a)) Humphrey ap Thomas of Bodliwithan, Flintshire (a c1600)
  m. Katherin Lloyd (dau of Evan Lloyd by Lowry, dau of Howell by Ellen Salusbury)



Cynfyn (Kynfyn or Kynvillyn) ap Rhys of Ystradwy (d 1176)
m. Gladis (dau of Sitsillt ap Dynfwal (Sissyltt ap Dyfynwall) of Upper Gwent)
1. Arther (Arthur or Arthan) of Ystradwy & Ynis Ellan
  m. Ellen (dau of Meyric ap Cradoc ap Ievan ap Gwilym (Merik ap Meiric ap Cradoc))
  A. Howell ap Arther
  m. Joanne (dau of Gronow ap Llowarch of Cybor) named Jennet by BEB1841
  i. Griffith 'Tow deg' of Penrhos Castle (d 1282)
  m. Jannett or Joan (dau of Gronow Fychan of Penrhos Castle by dau of Adam Gwent of Penrhos Castle)
  a. David ap Griffith of Penrhos Castle
  m. Maud (dau of Llewillen ap Cynfrig Ychan of Llansamlet by coheir of Sir Ralph Maelog)
  (1) Howell Gam ap David of Penrhos Castle (a 1326)
  BEB1841 reports that Howell married Joes Scydmor (Scudamore) and left 2 sons, Howell Yechon ("ancestor of the families of Williams, of Penrhos, and Morgan of Pencrûg House") and Jevan ap Howell Gam, and then follows the line of Jevan, implying that Joes (Joyce) was mother of both Howell & Jevan (Ievan). Smart reports as follows.
m1. Joan (dau of Adam ap Rhys ap Eineon Sais)
  (A) Howell Ychan ap Howell Gam of Penrhos Castle & Llancayo (d before 1399) this line followed by Smart
  m. Jane Norris (dau of Sir John Norris of Penlyne Castle)
  (i) Meuric ap Howell Ychan of Penrhos Castle (d before 1399)
m. Gwenllian (dau of Gwlym ap Jenkyn alias Herbert of Gwernddu)
  (a) Ievan ap Meuric of Penrhos Castle (a 1433)
  m. Joan (dau of Llewelyn Yehan ap Madog ap Howel Ychan)
  ((1)) Trahearne ap Ievan of Penrhos Castle (a 1454) ancestor of Williams of Penrhos
  ((2)) Howel ap Jevan ap Meyrick of Llanover (a 1453) ancestor of Pritchard of Llanover (Lanover)
  m. Jane (heir of Ievan (ap Trahearne ap Meiric ap Gwilim Sais ap Madoc) of Llanover)
  ((3)) Griffith ap Ievan
  ((4)) Jenkin ap Ievan = Jenkyn Byam of Maerdy (a 1456)
m. ?? (dau of Llewlyn ap Gwilym ap Rhys Lloyd)
  (b)+ other issue - Gwilym, Howel
  (B) Meuric ("Esquire of the body to Edward III")
  Smart reports that some sources confuse this Meuric with his nephew Meuric (just above).
  (C) Gwenllian
  m. Cynfyn Ychan
  m2. Joyce Scudamore (dau of Sir John Scudamore)
  (D) Ievan (Jevan) ap Howell Gam this line followed by BEB1841
  m. Ales (dau of Morgan Vawr)
  (i) Philip ap Evan
  m. Janet (dau of Madoc Havard)
  (a) Howell Philip
m. Janet (dau of Roger David ap Meiric)
  ((1)) Gwillim Howell
  m. Gwenllian (dau of Jenkin David ap Rees ap Meirick)
  ((A)) Thomas Gwillim Howell
  m. Gwenllian (dau of Meiric ap Jevan ap Gronwy)
  ((i)) John (ap) Thomas ancestor of Williams of Llangibby
  m.m. Ann (dau of David Goch ap Jenkin Graunt)
  partner unknown
  (E) Ievan "from whom descend families assuming the arms of Rhyryd Vlaidd"
  (2) Griffith ap David
  m. Joan (dau of John Gunter)
  (3) Meuric ap David (bur 1392)
  m. Gwladis (dau of Gwilym Jenkin)
  (4) Gwenllian
  m. Gwlym ap Griffith ap Howel of Llanfoyst
  b.+ other issue - Howel, Rhys, Iewvan, Griffith
  ii. Watkin ap Howel
  m. Margaret (dau of Howel)
  iii. Cynfelin ap Howel
  m. Janet( dau of Jenkin ap Cradoc)
  iv. Morned
  m. Rhys ap Meuric
  v. Gwerfyl
  m. Adam ap Gronow
  vi. Catherine (nun at Amesbury)
2.+ other issue - Sitsyllt, Ievan, Cynfrig/Cynfyn

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 01.01.21) : MGH (vol 1, 1868, 'Humphreys Pedigree', p188)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 15.05.21) : 'Genealogy of the Descendants of the Pritchards' (Rev. Thomas Gregory Smart, 1868, p45+), BEB1841 ('Williams of Llangibby')
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