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Families covered: Vincent of Barnborough (Baronbrough), Vincent of Braywell (Braithwell), Vincent of Firsby, Vincent of Smeton

We do not know whether or not there was a connection between the two Yorkshire-based families shown on this page.
William Vincent of Great Smeton, Richond, Yorkshire
m. Margaret Clervaux (dau of Sir John Clervaux of Croft)
1. Roger Vincent of Great Smeton (a 1492)
  m. ?? Layton (dau of ?? Layton of Sexhow)
  A. Christopher Vincent of Smeton (a 1510)
  m. Agnes Wycliffe (dau of Ralph Wycliffe of Wycliffe)
i. William Vincent of Smeton (a 1520)
  m. Alice Swinnow (dau of _ Swinnow of Rock & Scrimmerston)
  a. Richard Vincent of Smeton (d 1558)
  m1. _ Conyers (dau of _ Conyers of Hulton-super-Wiske)
  (1) Marmaduke Vincent of Smeton (a 1571)
  m. (Ann) Bowes (dau of Rchard Bowes of Aske)
  (A) Jane Vincent
  m. William Vincent of Peckelton, Leicestershire
  Smeton passed into the (other) Vincent family.
  (B) Eleanor Vincent
  m. Thomas Beverley of Selby (a 1629)
  (2) Richard Vincent (dsp)
  m. Eleanor Crathorne (dau of ?? Crathorne of Crathorne)
  m2. ??
  (3) Ralph Vincent (d 16.08.1612, rector of Great Smeton) presumed of this family
  m. Ann or Jane Taylour (dau of William Taylour)
  (A)+ issue - Ralph (rector of Allhallows), Marmaduke
  b. John Vincent
  (1)+ issue - Thomas of London, Jane
  c. Anne Vincent
  m. _ Marwood of Winton
  ii. Ralph Vincent
  m. _ Fox
  iii. Phillis Vincent
  m. _ Bussy of Barrowby



John Vincent of Braywell (Braithwell, Breythwell of Breywell), Yorkshire (d Wakefield 30.12.1460)
m. Agnes Barlow (dau of _ Barlow of Barlow, Derbyshire)
1. Bryan Vincent (a temp Edward IV who r. 1461-1483)
  m. Beatrix Cockaine (dau of Sir Thomas Cockaine of Ashburne)
  A. John Vincent of Braywell (Braithwell) (a 1485)
  m. Anne Rowlesley (dau of George Rowlesely of Rowlesley (Rollesley of Rollesley?))
  i. John Vincent of Braywell (d 20.09.1552)
  m1.(sp) Agnes (dau of _Gerard Lacye (or Lucy) of Beverley)
  m2. (c1529) Margery Page (dau of _ Page of Bunney)
  a. Thomas Vincent of Braywell (b c1529, d 04.1559)
  m. Dionisia (or Dorothy) Pewtinger (dau of Richard Pewtinger of Carleton)
  (1) Dorothy Vincent (d 1627)
  m. (08.09.1573) Thomas Waterhouse of Halifax
  b. John Vincent of Braywell (a 1573)
  m. Margaret Hudson (bur 12.09.1588, dau of _ Hudson of Brocher)
  (1) Francis or Thomas Vincent of Coniingsborough (bpt 03.1568, a 1630, youngest son) named Francis by Dugdale but Thomas by MGH
  m. Susan Gifford (dau of John Gifford of Loughton-en-leMorthen)
  (A) Richard Vincent of Nicopling, Sweden (Colonel)
  m. _ Frenyham (dau of Dr. James Frenyham)
  (B) John Vincent of King's Co., Ireland
m. Catherine Brady (dau of Philip Brady of Brenny)
  (C) Brian Vincent
  (2)+ other issue - John (b 1559, d 1560), Christopher (pbt 1562), Brian (bpt 1586), Ellen (bpt 1563)
  c. Richard Vincent of Firsby near Braywell (a 1617)
  m. Alice or Elizabeth Allen (dau of Thomas Allen of Rowley, widow of Robert Lepton of Firsby)
  (1) Richard Vincent of Firsby (d 1617)
  m. Elizabeth Rokeby (dau of Thomas Rokeby of Hotham)
  (A) Thomas Vincent 'of Warmsworth' of Baronbrough, Yorkshire (bpt 27.08.1598, d 15.07.1667, 2nd son)
m. Susan Wormeley (bur 08.12.1652, dau of Thomas Wormeley (Wormley) of Hatfield, widow of Gervase Bosvile of Warmsworth)
  (i) John Vincent of Barnborough Grange (bpt 16.08.1625, d 17.07.1676)
  m. Mary Griffith (dau of John Griffith of Llhyn)
(a) Thomas Vincent of Barnborough Grange (b c1651, d 16.08.1726) last generation mentioned by Dugdale
  m. (c06.1682) Isabel Packer (b 1659-60, d 11.06.1736, dau of Philip Packer of Groombridge)
  ((1)) Philip Vincent of Barnborough Grange (bpt 09.03.1692, dsp bur 09.09.1730)
  m. Elizabeth Tolson (dau of Richard Tolson of Wath)
  ((2)) Anne Vincent (bpt 07.03.16945)
  m. (14.12.1721) Henry Dunston of Worksop
  ((3)) Margaret Vincent (bpt 05.11.1696, d 11.04.1758, 3rd dau)
m. (19.06.1735) Robert (Dalzell), Earl of Carnwath (d 19.07.1737)
  ((4)) Catherine Vincent (bpt 15.11.1698, d 09.09.1766)
  m. (after 13.12.1735) George Nevile of Thorney (b 1700, d12.1742)
  ((5))+ other issue (d unm) - John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary, Jane
  (b) Philip Vincent of Barnborough Grange (b c1662, d before 30.11.1722, youngest son)
  m. Catherine Packer (b c1655, d 30.11.1722, dau of Philip Packer of Groombridge)
  ((1)) Philip Vincent (d 11.12.1746, Commodore RN)
  m. Sarah Pocock (dau of Rev. Thomas Pocock, sister of Sir George)
  ((2)) Temperance Vincent (b c1707, d 27.11.1770)
  m. William Roberts of Finedon (b 1683-4. d 27.08.1757)
  ((A)) issue including William (b 1724-5, d 27.05.1747, RN)
  (c) Anne Vincent (bpt 07.03.1694-5)
  m. (14.12.1721) Henry Dunston of Worksop
(d)+ other issue (a 09.1665) - Griffith (b c1653), John (b c1660), Susanna (b other c1653), Margaret (b c1655), Elizabeth (b c1657), Jane (b c1662), Mary (b c1664)
  (ii) Alexander Vincent (bpt 03.12.1629, d unm)
  (iii) Susan Vincent (bpt 01.06.1624)
  m. Samuel Cotes of Rawdon (Coates of Rawden)
  (iv) Sarah Vincent (b0t 28.05.1627)
  m. (24.05.1665) Richard Warde of Upton
  (v) Elizabeth Vincent (bpt 24.06.1628, d 01.02.1668/9)
  m. John Warde of Tanshelfe juxta Pomfret
  (B) Philip Vincent (Rector of Stoke Davernoun)
  m. Frances Heydon (dau of Sir Christopher Heydon of Baconsthorpe)
  (C)+ other issue - John (d unm), William of London (dsp)
  ii. Christopher Vincent (d unm?)
  a. Jennet Vincent
  iii. Richard Vincent
2.+ other issue - Allison, Isabell

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(2) For lower section :(reviewed 08.09.21) Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, 'Vincent of Baronburgh'), MGH (NS4 vol 3 (1910), Part 1I (June 1908), 'Pedigree of the Family of Vincent', p89+)
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