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Families covered: Sloane of Chelsea, St. Philibert of Cresswell, St. Philibert of Eaton Hastings, Salmond of Watefoot

Alexander Sloane of Killileagh or White's County, co. Down (b 1593, d 1666, to Ireland from Scotland)
m. Sarah Hicks (dau of Rev. _ Hicks of Winchester)
1. James Sloane of the Inner Temple (b c1655, d 05.11.1704)
  m. (25.08.1680) Mary Rumbold (bpt 26.10.1656, dau of William Rumbould of Parson's Green)
A. Joseph Sloane (dsp)
2. William Sloane of Chelsea (d 1728) shown as born in 1658 (4th son) by BEB1841 but as born in 1651 (eldest son?) by BLG1952
  m. Jane Hamilton (dau of Alexander Hamilton of Killileagh)
  A. William Sloane of Chelsea and Stoneham, Sherrif of Hampshire (b 17.01.1696, d 1767)
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Barret (dau of Dacres Leonard Barret of Belhouse)
  m2. (sp) Hesther Heathcote (dau of Sir Gilbert Heathcote of London)
  m3. Elizabeth Fuller (dau of John Fuller of Rose Hill)
  i. Hans Sloane of South Stoneham, later Sloane-Stanley (b 14.11.1739, d 1827) mentioned by BLG1952 but not by BEB1841
  m. (24.06.1772) Sarah Fuller (dau/coheir of Stephen Fuller of Bloomsbury)
  a. William Sloane-Stanley of Paultons, Hampshire (b 1781, d 11.04.1860) had issue
  m. (23.06.1806) Gertrude Howard (d 19.03.1870, dau of 5th Earl of Carlisle)
b. Anna Maria Sloane (d 06.11.1808) probably of this generation
  m. (20.08.1801) Joseph Jekyll of Wargrave Hill (d 0.1837)
  ii. Elizabeth Sloane or Sloane-Stanley probably of this generation
  m. William Sotheby (Colonel)
  iii. Jane Sloane or Sloane-Stanley probably of this generation
  m. Sir Richard Hughes, 2nd Bart (b 1729, d 05.01.1812, Admiral)
iv. another daughter mentioned by BEB1841 but not by BLG1952
  B. Sarah Sloane
  m1. Sir Richard Fowler, Bart of Harnage Grange (d before 1737)
  m. (31.08.1737, sp) Francis Annesley of Thorganby (bpt 24.10.1663, d 07.08.1750)
3. Sir Hans Sloane, Bart of Chelsea (d 11.01.1753, President of the Royal Society, youngest son)
  m. (1695) Elizabeth Langley (d 27.09.1724, dau/coheir of John Langley of London (by Elizabeth Middleton), widow of Fulke Rose of Jamaica)
  A. Sarah Sloane
  m. (1719) George Stanley of Paulton Park (d 1733)
  B. Elizabeth Sloane (b after 1695, d 20.05.1768)
  m. (25.07.1717) Charles Cadogan, 2nd Lord (b 1685, d 24.09.1776)
4.+ other issue (dsp) - Alexander, Henry, John, Robert



TCP starts with Hugh (d by 1240) but mentions others by note which suggest that his father (brother of Robert & Richard) may have been ...
William de St. Philibert (a 1160) possibly husband of ...
m. Emma mother of Hugh, presumed also of ...
1. Roger de St. Philibert in Berkshire (d by 1218) presumably the Roger mentioned in VCH as "apparently brother" of Hugh
  m. Aubreye (a 1218) widow of Roger, presumed mother of ...
  A. Beatrice de St. Philibert (a 1228, heir)
2. Hugh de St. Philibert of Cresswell, Berkshire (d by 1240)
  A. Hugh de St. Philibert of Cresswell (d 1248)
  i. Hugh de St. Philibert of Cresswell (b c1224, a 1272)
  m. Euphemia, heiress of Sulham
  VCH (Berkshire, vol 3, Parishes: Sulham) reports that Euphemia was possibly dau of William de Sulham successor to Aimery son of Robert de Sulham.
a. Sir Hugh de St. Philibert of Cresswell, Sulham & Eaton Hastings (d 31.12.1304)
  (1) BE1883 (St. Philibert) partly supports the following, having apparently earlier followed a different line of the family.
(2) Sir Hugh's wife Alice is reported by VCH (Berkshire, vol 4, Eaton Hastings) to have acquired Eaton Hastings whilst he was overseas.
  m. Alice
  (1) Sir John de St. Philibert of Eaton Hastings, etc., Mayor of Bordeaux (d before 12.02.1332/3)
TCP identifies Sir John's wife only as Ada (d 1349). Thanks to a contributor (DR, 11.06.09) for suggesting that she was Ada Botetourt and for identifying their daughter Maud as wife of Warin Trussell.
  m. Ada de Botetourt (dau of John de Botetourt, 1st Lord, by Maud, dau of Thomas FitzOtes)
  (A) John de St. Philibert, 1st Lord (b c1326, d 03.09.1358)
  m1. (c1330!) Joan de Ufford (dau of Robert de Ufford, Lord (later Earl of Suffolk) by Margaret de Norwich)
  TCP is not clear which wife was mother of John's children but, as the marriage to Joan de Ufford was arranged when they were young children and as Joan is not mentioned by BE1883 (Ufford), it is assumed that she died before the marriage was consummated.
  m2. (before 03.09.1347) Margaret St. John (d 1361, dau of Hugh, Lord St. John, by Mirabel)
  (i) Adam de St. Philibert, 2nd Lord (dsp before 26.02.1358/9)
  (ii) John de St. Philibert, 3rd Lord (b c03.1358, d before 14.10.1361)
  (B) Maud de St. Philibert possibly of this generation
  m. Warin Trussel
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas (a 04.1333), Hugh



James Salmond (b 1694, d 01.10.1746, Captain)
m. (1733) Lydia Hanson (b 1701, d 02.04.1748)
1. William Salmond (b 04.08.1737)
  m1. (22.08.1759) Elizabeth Chalmer (b 02.1740, d 18.07.1760, dau of Andrew Chalmer of Edinburgh)
  A. Euphemia Salmond (b 07.06.1760)
  m. _ Thorne (Captain)
  m2. (03.10.1765) Jane Hasell (b 22.04.1745, d 11.08.1820, dau of Edward Hasell of Dalemain)
  B. James Hanson Salmond of Waterfoot (b 17.08.1766, d 01.11.1837, Major General)
  m1. (02.07.1798) Louisa Scott (d 06.1805, dau of David Scott of Dunninald, sister of Sir David, Bart)
  i. James Salmond of Waterfoot (b 15.06.1805, d 24.11.1880, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (16.08.1832) Emma Isabella Coke (d 08.03.1886, dau of D'Ewes Coke of Brookhill Hall)
  m2. (17.08.1808) Rachel Mary Ann Constable (d 02.1847, dau of Thomas Constable of Beverley, archdeacon of East Riding)
  ii. Edward Salmond (b 03.04.1809, d 14.05.1821)
  C. Francis Salmond (b 28.11.1770, d 23.11.1823, Captain, 4th son)
  m. (21.12.1805) Anne Salmon (d 22.08.1812, dau of Charles Salmon)
  D.+ other issue - Edward (b 08.04.1768, d 13.06.1768), William (b 20.10.1769, d unm 15.12.1838), 4 daughters
2. daughter
  m. John Gilchrist
3. Mary Salmond (d unm 27.11.1791)
4. Elizabeth Salmond
  m1. _ Campbell
  m2. _ Wilson (dsp)
  m3. _ Loving

Main source(s):
(1) For Sloane (uploaded 12.02.06) : BEB1841 (Sloane of Chelsea), BLG1952 (Sloane-Stanley formerly of Paultons)
(2) For St. Philibert (uploaded 12.06.09) : TCP (Saint Philibert) with a little support from VCH (Berkshire, vol 3, Bray with the borough of Maidenhead)
(3) For Salmond (uploaded 24.10.11) : BLG1952 (Salmond formerly of Waterfoot)
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