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Families covered: Sinclair of Brims, Sinclair of Ulbster

John Sinclair of Ulbster (a 1607)
m1. Jean Chisholm (d 1614, "daughter to the laird of Straglass")
1. Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster
  m. (1647) Elizabeth Mackay (dau of John Mackay of Strathy)
  A. John Sinclair of Ulbster (a 1709, dsp)
  m. Janet Sinclair (dau of William Sinclair of Ratter by Jean Cunningham)
  B. Sir George Sinclair of Bilbster and Clyth (dsp)
  m. (1682) Jean Sinclair (dau of William Sinclair of Dunbeath and Latheron)
  partner(s) unknown
  i. Jean Sinclair
m. William Sinclair, younger of Thrumster
  ii.+ other issue - Mary, Anne
  C. Anne Sinclair
  m1. (1658) Francis Sinclair of Stirkoke
  m2. James Sutherland of Langwell
  D. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. (1660) John Sinclair of Brabster
  E. Mary Sinclair
  m. (1675) Sir Robert Dunbar, 2nd Bart of Northfield (d 1742)
  F. Isabel Sinclair
  m. (1672) George Sinclair, younger of Assery
  G. Margaret Sinclair
m. Hugh Mackay of Cairnloch (son of John of Skerray)
  H. Jean Sinclair
  m. Angus McKay, "apparent of Bighouse"
  I. Katharine Sinclair
  m. James Sinclair of Lybster
2. George Sinclair in Leith
3. Henrietta Sinclair
  m. William Abernethy (minister of Halkirk then Thurso, son of John, Bishop of Caithness)
m2. Katherine Stewart (natural dau of Patrick (not Robert) Stewart, Earl of Orkney)
4. John Sinclair of Tannach, later of Brims
  m. Margaret Goldman (dau of Charles Goldman of Dundee)
  A. John Sinclair of Brims, later of Ulbster
m1. Jean Monro (dau of Sir George Monro of Newmore)
  i. John Sinclair of Ulbster, Sheriff of Caithness (d 1736)
  m. (09.04.1714) Henrietta Brodie (dau of George Brodie of Brodie)
  a. George Sinclair of Ulbster (d 1776)
  m. (24.10.1740) Janet Gordon (b before 16.05.1720, d 09.06.1795, dau of William Gordon, Lord Stathnaver)
(1) Sir John Sinclair, 1st Bart of Ulbster (b 1754, d 21.12.1835)
  m1. (26.03.1776) Sarah Maitland (dau of Alexander Maitland of Stoke Newington)
  (A) Janet Sinclair (d 21.10.1846)
  m. (mcrt 11.06.1799) Sir James Colquhoun, 3rd Bart of Luss (d 03.02.1836)
  m2. (06.03.1788) Diana Macdonald (b 28.09.1769, d 22.04.1845, dau of Sir Alexander Macdonald, 9th Bart of Sleat, 1st Lord)
(B) Sir George Sinclair, 2nd Bart of Ulbster (b 23.08.1790, d 09.10.1868) had issue
  m. (01.05.1816) Catherine Camilla Tollemache (d 17.03.1863, sister of Lionel, 8th Earl of Dysart)
  (C) William Sinclair (b 04.09.1804, 08.07.1878, prebentary of Chichester, 5th son) had issue
  m1. (28.12.1837) Helen Ellice (d 10.1842, dau of William Ellice)
  m2. (15.04.1846) Sophia Mary Georgina Tripp (dau of Rev. James Tripp)
(D) Julia Sinclair (d 19.02.1868)
  m. (13.11.1824) George Boyle, 4th Earl of Glasgow (b 26.03.1765, d 03.07.1843)
  (E) Helen Sinclair (d 25.04.1845)
  m. (10.08.1826) Stair Stewart of Glasserton and Physgill (b 29.09.1796, d 19.07.1865)
  (F)+ other issue - Alexander (b 17.06.1794, d unm 09.08.1877, genealogist), John (b 20.08.1797, d unm 22.05.1875, Archdeacon of Middlesex), Archibald (b 20.09.1801, d 01.06.1859, Captain RN), James (b 18.11.1805, d 20.06.1826), Godfrey (b 1812, d 16.06.1890), Hannah (d 27.05.1818), Elizabeth Diana (d 30.05.1863), Margaret (d 05.08.1879), Catherine (d 06.08.1864, writer), Jane (d unm)
  (2) Helen Sinclair (b c1747, d 05.04.1787)
  m. (01.08.1765) Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine (b 1729, d 22.04.1779, Colonel)
  (3) Mary Sinclair
  m. (1770) James Homerigg of Gamalshiels
(4) Janet Sinclair
  m. (15.04.1803) William Baillie of Polkemmet (Lord of Session)
  b. James Sinclair of Harpsdale
  m1. Margery Sinclair (dau of David Sinclair of Southdun)
  (1) Henrietta Sinclair of Southdun
  m. _ Wemyss (Colonel)
  Mentioned by Henderson on p124 is ....
  (A) William Sinclair Wemyss of Southdun (d 1831) had issue
  m. Henrietta Dunbar (dau of Sir Benjamin Dunbar of Hempriggs, Lord Duffus)
  (2) Janet Sinclair
  m. Benjamin Williamson of Banniskirk (Colonel)
  m2. Mary (or Mally) Sutherland of Clyne
  (3) Alexander Sinclair (d young)
m3. Catherine Sinclair (dau of John Sinclair of Lybster)
  (4) Catherine Sinclair
  m. George Williamson (Major)
  (5) Helen Sinclair
  m. David Brodie of Hopeville
  c. John Sinclair (d 1787, Major)
  m. Elizabeth (widow of John Wilmer)
d. Emilia Sinclair (d 1789)
  m. John Sutherland of Forse (d 07.08.1763)
  ii. Sidney Sinclair (d 20.10.1759)
  m. Sir John Dalrymple, 2nd Bart of Cousland (d 24.05.1743)
  iii. Jean (Janet) Sinclair
  m1. Benjamin Dunbar, younger of Hempriggs (dvpsp)
  m2. George Mackay, 3rd Lord Reay (b 1678, d 21.03.1748)
  iv. Elizabeth Sinclair possibly confusion with Elizabeth Sinclair of Brims?
  m. John Mackay of Strathy
  v.+ other issue - Patrick of Brims, James of Holbornhead, Gustavus in Leith
  m2. Jean Cores
  B. William Sinclair of Thrumster
  m. Margaret Innes (dau of James Innes of Thursater)
  C. Charles Sinclair
  D. Jean Sinclair
  m1. Francis Sinclair of Dun
  m2. David Sinclair of Southdun
  E. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. (mcrt 24.03.1642) William Sinclair of Ratter (d after 04.05.1663)
  partner(s) unknown
  F.+ other issue - James, son

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Sinclair of Ulbster'),'The Sinclairs of Ilbster within 'Caithness Family History' (John Henderson, 1884, p68+)
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