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Families covered: Sempill of Sempill

Francis Abercromby of Fetterneir, Lord Glasfoord (b 1654, bur 23.11.1703)
m1. (mcrt 09.08.1675) Anne Sempill, (9th) Baroness Sempill (d 1695, dau of Robert Sempill, 7th Lord)
1. Francis Sempill, 10th Lord Sempill (b c1685, d unm bur 04.08.1716)
  Although TSP (Sempill) records Francis as the 11th peer it calls him the 9th Lord. We follow BP1934 in accepting his mother as the 9th peer and calling Francis the 10th Lord. Hereafter, therefore, our numbering of the lords differs from TSP's.
2. Robert Sempill (dsp, Captain)
3. John Sempill, 11th Lord Sempill (d unm 17.02.1727)
4. Alexander Sempill (d young)
5. Hugh Sempill, 12th Lord Sempill (d 25.11.1746, Brig. General)
  m. (13.05.1718) Sarah Gaskell (d 17.04.1749, dau of Nathaniel Gaskell of Manchester)
  A. John Sempill, 13th Lord Sempill (d 15.01.1782)
  m. (10.03.1755) Janet Dunlop (d 26.06.1809, dau of Hugh Dunlop of Bishopstoun)
  i. Hugh Sempill, 14th Lord Sempill (b 01.07.1758, d 25.01.1830)
  m. (24.01.1787) Maria Mellish (d 16.09.1806, dau of Charles Mellish of Ragnal)
  a. Selkirk Sempill, 15th Lord Sempill (b 12.02.1788, d unm 04.05.1835)
  b. Francis Sempill (d unm 02.01.1823)
  c. son (d infant)
d. Maria Janet Sempill, (16th) Baroness Sempill (b 1790, dsp 05.09.1884)
  m. (14.01.1836) Edward Candler of Callan, Dun Edin & Morton Pinkney (b 03.01.1803, dsp 07.04.1871)
  e. Sarah Sempill (d unm 18.11.1866)
  ii. George Sempill (b 26.07.1763, d 06.1782)
  iii. Patrick Sempill (b c1776, d 01.1784)
  iv. Sarah Sempill (d 08.09/12.1799)
  m. (04.06.1780) Sir William Forbes, 5th Bart of Craigievar (b 1755, d 15.02.1816)
  Their grandson William, 8th Bart, became 17th Lord Sempill.
  v. Janet Sempill (b c1768, d 06.06.1858)
  vi. Joanna Sempill (d 10.07.1840)
  B. George Sempill (dsp 18.12.1779, Colonel)
  m1. Catherine Gordon (d 05.02.1762, dau of Arthur Gordon of Law and Wardhouse)
  m2. (01.12.1766) Anne Clive (dau of Richard Clive of Styche)
  m3. (15.06.1775) Jane Butterworth (dau of Thomas Butterworth)
  C. Hugh Sempill (d unm 01.1764, Captain)
  D. Philip Sempill (d young)
  E. Ralph Sempill
  F. Sarah Sempill (d 25.04.1751)
  m. (28.04.1750) Patrick Crawford of Drumsoy and Auchenames
  G. Jean Sempill (d unm 06.07.1800)
  H. Elisabeth Sempill (b 24.03.1729, d young)
  I. Anne Sempill (b 04.06.1730, d 27.11.1793)
  m. (16.09.1754) Adam Austin in Edinburgh (d 01.12.1773, physician)
  J. Marianne Sempill (d unm 14.05.1796)
  K. Rebecca Sempill (b c1738, d unm 16.09.1811)
6. Jean Sempill (d unm 08.05.1743)
m2. (27.03.1699) Christabella (widow of Sir Giles Eyre)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Sempill), TSP (Sempill)
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