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Families covered: Selby of Beal, Selby of Goldscleugh, Selby of Harelaw, Selby of Holy Island, Selby of Paston, Selby of Twizell House

Roger Selby (a 1512)
1. John Selby
  A. Oliver Selby
  i. William Selby
  a. William Selby of Beal, Northumberland (bur 09.08.1671)
  m. Anna (bur 17.05.1673)
  (1) William Selby of Beal
m. Eleanor Burrell
  (A) Prideaux Selby of Beal (d 1741)
  m. Elizabeth Collingwood (dau of John Collingwood of Cornhill)
  (i) John Selby of Beal
(ii) George Selby of Twizell House, Belford, Northumberland (d 1804)
  m. (1782-4) Margaret Cook (dau of John Cook, son of Edward (recorder of Berwick))
  (a) Prideaux Selby of Twizell House & The Mote in Tonbridge, Sheriff (b 1789, d 1867) had issue
  m. (17.12.1810) Lewis Tabitha Mitford (d 24.03.1859, dau of Robert (sb Bertram?) Mitford of Mitford Castle)
  (b) George Selby of Shilbottle, Northumberland (d 06.1867, Comm. RN)
  m. (1840) Mary Anne Thomson (d 10.1866, dau of Rev. George Thomson)
  (c) William Selby (d Salamanca)
  (d) Margaret Selby
  m1. Thomas Bell of Alnwick
  m2. William Clark of Belford Hall (d 1837)
  (e) Elizabeth Selby
m. Stephen Fryer Gillum of Middleton Hall
  (f) Mary Anne Selby
  m. William Broderick
  (g) Isabella Selby
  m. (1826) John Church of Woodside & Bell's Hill (d 23.10.1872)
  (iii) Mary Selby probably the Mary (d 1750) who married ...
  m. (23.07.1745) George Selby of Alnwick (d 1806) @1@ below
  (iv)+ other issue - Grace, Elizabeth
  (B) George Selby of Elswick & Berwick
  (i) Elizabeth Selby
  m. John Stannard of Lowich
  (ii) Catherine Selby
m. Thomas Pemble (Captain RN)
  (C) Gerard Selby ('of Beal & Holy Island' and/or 'in/of Middleton')
  BLG1952 identifies Gerard as 'of Beal and Holy Island' and shows him as father (by Alice Selby) of George of Hunton Hall who was father (by Ann Marshall) of Prideaux of Belford (m. Ann Wilkinson). BLG1952 also identifies Gerard as "ancestor of Selby of Middleton, Goldscleugh, and Alnwick". 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 11, Kenneth Vickers, 1922, 'Selby of Goldscleugh', p276) starts with Gerard (bur 147.12.1779, "tenant of Middleton in Bamburghshire") and shows the following.
  m. Alice Selby (dau of Richard Selby of Holy Island) @2@ below
  (i) William Selby (bpt 25.08.1730, bur 01.09.1763)
  m. (10.07.1760) Isabella Walker (bur 30.12.1797, dau/heir of Edward Walker of Goldscleugh)
  (a) Alice Selby of Goldscleugh (bpt 16.06.1763, d 06.09.1843)
  (b)+ other issue - Eliza (bpt 29.06.1761, d young), Isabella William (bpt 19.02.1764, bur 22.08.1774)
  (ii) George Selby of Billingsgate & Shenfield (bpt 18.02.1734/5)
  m. Ann Marshall
  (iii) Prideaux Selby of Middleton (bpt 24.02.1742/3, d 1832)
  m. (05.1776) Ann Wilkinson (b c1755, bur 06.09.1797)
  Vickers shows Prideaux & Ann as parents of James, Alice and other issue. BLG1952 mentions only William.
  (a) James Selby of Coomeshill (Greenwich) then Goldscleugh (bpt 26.02.1785, a 1869?)
  (b) William Selby (b 1777, dvp 1808) had issue (in Australia)
  m. Mary Eliza Lonsdale
  (c) Alice Selby of Goldscleugh (bpt 31.10.1793, d 1869)
  (iv)+ other issue - Gerard (bpt 069.12.1736, Captain RN), 5 daughters
  (D)+ other issue
  (2) Richard Selby of Holy Island (d 1699)
  m. Anne Lilburne
  (A) George Selby of Holy Island (d 1739)
m. Jane
  (i) George Selby of Alnwick (d 1806)
  'A History of Northumberland' (vol 11, Kenneth Vickers, 1922, 'Selby of Paston (second line)', p174) starts with George of Alnwick, "fourth son of George Selby of Holy Island', and supports the following.
  m1. (23.07.1745) Mary Selby (bur 16.09.1750, dau of Prideaux Selby of Beal) @1@ above
  (a) George Selby of Foxton in Lesbury (bpt 20.08.1746, dsp 10.06.1815)
  m. (15.12.1778) Ellen (a 1820, widow of Thomas Nott)
  (b) Prideaux Selby, later of York and/or Toronto, Canada (bpt 21.12.1747, d 12.05.1813)
  m. Elizabeth Aider of London (d before 13.02.1827, "of Northumbrian descent")
  ((1)) Prideaux Selby of Maidenhead and/or Clifton (b 1780, d 22.06.1829) had issue
  m. (1805) Mary Beaumont (b 09.09.1777, d 06.08.1854)
  ((2)) George Selby of London (bur 10.10.1777)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Selby
  m. William Derenzy of Stonyhill, Alnwick (Lt. Colonel)
  ((4)) Mary Selby
  m. John Rickards of Colchester
  (c) Henry Collingwood Selby of Swansfield & Paston (bpt 04.06.17449, d 09.02.1830)
  m. (21.08.1789) Frances Wilkie (bpt 18.09.1764, d 01.08.1790, dau of Prideaux Wilkie)
((1)) Frances Wilkie Selby (b 01.08.1790, dsp 21.04.1811)
  m. Charles Thorp (rector of Ryton, Archdeacon of Durham)
  (d) Mary Selby (a 03.1808)
  m. (014.09.1791) Thomas Donaldson of Cheswick (d before 03.1808, Captain)
  m2. (c09.1752) Dorothy Cook (b c1713, d 25.01.1796, dau of Edward Cook of Togston, widow of Christopher Carr of Alnwick)
  (B) Alice Selby
  m. Gerard Selby of Beal & Holy Island @2@ above
  (C)+ other issue

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Selby of Shotton formerly of Pawston') with input as reported above
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