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Families covered: Savage of Badsley Endsor, Savage of Bobbing Court, Savage of Stainesby, Savage of Ulster

Armstrong reports that the following family derived from the Norman family Le Sauvage who come into Britain from Normandy at the Conquest (1066) and settled in Derbyshire but branched across England and, in 1177, into Ireland. Armstrong suggests that "When first borne as a surname, Le Sauvage signified, probably, not the ferocious, but the Forester, as distingusished from the inhabitants of fortified towns."
Thomas Le Sauvage (a 1066, to England from Normandy) succeeded by ...
1. John Le Savage in Derbyshire (a 1090) succeeded by ...
  A. Adam Le Savage
  i. Robert Le Savage of Stainesby, Derbyshire
  a. John Le Savage of Stainesby
  (1) Sir Geffrey Le Savage of Stainesby (d 1190)
  m. Letice de Arderne (dau of Sir Henry de Arderne or Arden)
(A) John Savage of Stainesby (a 1208)
  (i) John Savage of Stainesby
  m. Agatha St. Andries (dau/heir of Henry St. Andries)
  (a) Sir Thomas Savage of Stainesby (a 1300)
  ((1)) Sir Robert Savage of Stainesby (a 1367)
  m. Amicia Walkington (dau/heir of Thomas Walkington)
  ((A)) Sir John Savage of Stainesby & Clifton (d 1386)
  m. Margaret Danyers, heiress of Clifton (dau/heir of Sir Thomas Danyers of Bradley)
(ii) Sir Roger Savage
  Armstrong identifies Sir Roger as ancestor of Savage of Bobbing Court and identifies a Sir Ralph as "the first owner of the manor whom (Halsted) has met with". As Sir Ralph was "present with King Richard I, at the Siege of Askalon in Palestine", which happened in 1153, it is likely that he was of an earlier generation than Sir Roger. Armstrong does not provide a clear connection descent until the undermentioned Sir Roger.
  (a) ?? Savage presumed intermediary generation
  ((1)) Sir Roger Savage of Bobbing Court - continued below
  m. Clarice (dau of Lord Delaware)
  (B) Helias Savage of Badsley Endsor (dsp?)
(C) Geffrey Savage, later of Badsley Endsor (d 1122 sb 1222?)
  (i) Geffrey Savage (d 1231)
  m. Petronill le Despenser (dau of Hugh le Despenser)
  (a) Geffrey Savage (dsp 1249-50)
  (b) Robert Savage (dsp before 1249?)
  (c) William Savage of Pooley (d 1258-9, rector of Newton)
  (d) Lucia Savage
  m. Thomas de Ednesoure
  ((1)) Thomas de Ednesoure
  (e) Philippa Savage
m. Hugh de Meynill
  (D) Sir William Savage, Baron le Savage (to Ireland in 1177)
  (i) Sir Robert Savage in Ulster (b c1180, a 1204)
  (a) Henry Savage of Ulster (d c1277)
  ((1)) Henry Savage of Ulster (b 10.08.1270)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Savage of Ulster (b before 1300, d 1360)
  ((i)) Sir Henry Savage of Ulster, Baron (a 1342, 1382, dspm?)
  ((ii)) Jordan Savage probably brother of Sir Henry who was succeeded by ...
  ((a)) Sir Robert Savage, Sheriff of Arde in Ulster (a 1389, 1433)
  m. (c1391) Christiana Macdonnell (dau of John Macdonnell, Lord of the Isles, by Margaret of Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scotland)
  (ii) Thomas Le Savage



Sir Roger Savage of Bobbing Court, Kent - continued above
(1) The precursor of this section was originally launched (on 09.03.08) with a temporary page, then being based on information obtained from various web sites.
(2) Armstrong identifies Sir Roger's wife (and mother of Arnold) as Clarice, dau of Lord Delaware. Various web sites show that Roger d 1311 and identify his wife as ...
m. Clarice de la Warre (dau of Roger de la Warre by Clarice le Tregoz)
1. Sir Arnold Savage of Bobbing Court, Sheriff of Kent (d 1355-6)
  m. Margerie Poynings (dau of Lord Poynings)
  A. Sir Arnold Savage of Bobbing Court, Sheriff of Kent (d 29.11.1410)
  Armstrong identifies Sir Arnold's wife (and mother of Arnold & Eleanor) as Joane Eckingham. Various web sites identify her as ...
  m. (1388) Joan Etchingham (dau of William Etchingham)
  i. Sir Arnold Savage of Bobbing Court (dsp 25.03.1420)
  m. Katherine Scales (dau of Roger, Lord Scales)
  ii. Eleanor (or Elizabeth) Savage (d 1451)
  m1. Sir Reginald Cobham (d 31.10.1405)
  m2. William Clifford (son of Sir Lewis of Clifford's Castle son of Roger, Lord Clifford)
  iii. Eleanor Savage probably of this generation
  m. (1372) Roger de Northwode (dsp)

Main source(s): 'The Ancient and Noble Family of the Savages of the Ards' by George Francis Armstrong (1888)
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