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Families covered: Rasine of Doncaster, Restwold of the Vache, Ramsden of Crowstone, Ramsden-Fawkes of Farnley, Ramsden of High Feaneley, Rudsdell in Northampton, Rudsdell of York

George Rasine, Mayor of Pontefract
1. George Rasine of Cranswick Hutton on the Wolds
  m. _ Constable
  A. Thomas Rasine
  m1. Martha Eyre (bpt 18.11.1587, sister of Nathaniel Eyre of Bramley)
i. Samuel Rasine (dsp)
  B. George Rasine of Doncaster (apothecary, alderman)
  m. Catherine Armitage (dau of John Armitage of Doncaster by Alice Bower)
  i.+ issue - George (bpt 10.01.1665-6), Elizabeth
2. Thomas Rasine of Doncaster (dsp before 17.02.1657, alderman)
  m1/2. Martha Revel (dau of Nathaniel Revel of Whiston or Rotherham)
  m2/1. Alice Bower (dau of John Bower of Doncaster, widow of John Armitage of Doncaster)
3. Robert Rasine of London (clothier)
  m1. Ann Wagstaff
  A. George Rasine of Doncaster
  m. Mary Birks (dau of William Birks of Doncaster, widow of John Vickers of Doncaster)
  B.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Margaret
  m2. (sp) ??
4. John Rasine of Doncaster (inn-holder)
  m1. Margaret Boroughs (dau of Richard Boroughs of Brinsforth, widow of _ Tuke)
  A. George Rasine of Selby (bur 07.05.1670)
  m1/2. Margaret Taylor (dau of John Taylor of Newland)
  i. Margaret Rasine
  m2/1. May Fishwick (dau of James Fishwick)
  ii. Alice Rasine
  B. Thomas Rasine
  m2. Mary Metcalf of Leeds
5. William Rasine
6. Ann Rasine
  m1. William Wilson of Leeds
  m2. _ Hobson



Descended from Restoldus, Sheriff of Oxfordshire in 1154-5, was ...
?? Restwold
m. ?? de la Vache (dau/coheir of Sir Philip de la Vache by Elizabeth Clifford) possibly parents of ...
1. Thomas Restwold, Sheriff of Berkshire & Oxfordshire (a 1477)
  m. Margaret de Boyville (dau/coheir of John de Boyville, descended from Thomas de Boyville & Alice, heir of Sir William Murdac son of Sir Henry by coheir of Sir Gilbert Pigot) possibly parents of ...
A. Edward Restwold of the Vache Chalfont St. Giles (d 06.1547)
  m. Augusta or Agnes Cheyney (dau of John Cheyney of Drayton, m2. Thomas Waterer)
  i. Elizabeth Restwold
  m. John Tetlowe or Tetley of Lynn
  ii. Bridget Restwold (b c1515, d 21.12.1602)
  m. (1538) Richard Bunnye of Newland (b 1514, d 30.04.1584)
  iii. Margaret Restwold
m1. Thomas Greenhaughe or Greenhaigh of Teversall
  m2. Alexander Bannister of Epworth
  m3. Richard Bunnye of Newton
  iv. Beatrice Restwold
  m. Thomas Waterton of Walton
  v. Jane Restwold
  m1. Sir Francis Hastings of Fenwicke
  m2. Robert Lee of Quarenden
  vi. Katherine Restwold
  m. John Fitzherbert of Padley (d 1590)
  vii.+ other issue - Thomas (dvpsp), John (dvpsp), Anthony (a 1555?, MP)



John Ramsden of Howarth
1. Joseph Ramsden of Crowstone in Stainland (bur 30.01.1684-5)
  A. Thomas Ramsden of Crowston & High Feaneley (bpt 17.08.1669?, bur 04.02.1697-8)
m. (17.04.1692) Elizabeth Finch (dau of Joseph Finch of London by Judith Horton)
  i. Thomas Ramsden of Crowston & High Feaneley (b 1698-9, d 29.07.1727)
  m. (09.03.1721-2) Frances Hawksworth (dau/heir of Sir Walter Hawksworth, 2nd Bart of Hawksworth, m2. ?? Braithwaite??)
  a. Walter Ramsden, later Hawkesworth (d 17.10.1760)
  m. Frances Elizabeth Hall (dau of Joseph Hall of Skelton Castle)
(1) Walter Ramsden-Beaumont-Hawkesworth, later Ramsden-Fawkes of Hawkesworth & Farnley
  Walter inherited Farnley from a distant cousin.
  m. (28.12.1768) Amelia Farrer (dau of James Farrer)
  (A) Walter Ramsden-Fawkes of Farnley
  (B) Amelia Fawkes (d 25.06.1834) probably of this generation
  m. (22.05.1794) Godfrey Wentworth Armytage, later Wentworth of Woolley
  (2) Frances Ramsden-Hawkesworth
  m. Legendre Starkie of Huntroyd
  b. son (bur 01.02.1727)
  c. Judith Ramsden (dsp)
  m. Richard Beaumont of Whitley (b 1719, d 1764)
  B. John Ramsden of Crowston (b 1666-7, dsp bur 25.07.1689)
  m. Bridget Calverley (dau of Walter Calverley of Calverley, m2. William Nevile of Holbeck)
  C.+ other issue - Samuel of Hawksworth (bpt 28.07.1678?, d 01.01.1727), ?? of Crowston (b c1670, d 30.01.1697), Susanna (a 1734), Grace (bpt 06.10.1682?, a 1734)
2. Susan Ramsden
  m. Robert Goodyer



Geffery Ramsden of Greetland (bur 03.09.1612?)
1. Hugh Ramsden (bpt 17.03.1593-4, bur 02.03.1680-1, vicar of Halifax)
  m. Mercy Hurst of Huddersfield (bur 24.01.1635)
  A. Henry Ramsden (preacher in Kent)
  m. Margaret Acklam (dau of Sir William Acklam of Moreby)
  B. Mary Ramsden
  m. Robert Colston
  C. Dorothy Ramsden
2. Henry Ramsden (bpt 30.01.1596-7, bur 28.03.1638, vicar of Halifax)
  m. (c06.1630) Anna Farrer or Foxcroft (d 11.05.1682?)
  A. Henry Ramsden of Broad Ker
  m. _ Hurst of Huddersfield
  B. Geffery Ramsden of London
3. William Ramsden (rector of Edgemond, co. Salop)
4. Dorothy Ramsden (bpt 16.06.1611, bur 02.03.1680-1)
  m. (c05.1636) Gilbert Savile of Greetland
  A. Dorothy Savile
  m. John (Joseph?) R(amsden?) of High Trees in Greetland



_ Rudsdell of York
1. Jeremiah Rudsdell of York (baker)
2. Ambrose Rudsdell of Gainsborough (d by 1754, cleric)
  A. Jeremiah Rudsdell in Northampton (b c1723, d 1783)
  m1. _ Minards (d 04.03.1765, dau of Thomas Minards of Northampton (b 1690-1, d 01.04.1756) by Ann (b c1692, d 19.10.1744, dau of Thomas Holmes))
i. Thomas Rudsdell (d 11.05.1813, Lt. Colonel)
  m. ?? (a 1855, widow of _ Biscoe)
  a. Mary Rudsdell (a 1855)
  m. T. Dorrian of London (banker)
  ii. Sarah Rudsdell
  m. Joseph Clark (son of Samuel of St. Albans)
  iii.+ other issue - Jeremiah (b c1755, d 27-9.12.1797), others (d young - Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Anne, Eleanor, Eleanor)
  m2. Ann Hill (b c1732, d 01.03.1787)
  i.x John Rudsdell in Northampton (d 15.12.1826)
  a.+ issue - Ann in Oundle (a 1855, d unm?), daughter
  B. Sarah Rudsdell (b 1723-4, d 15.03.1762)
  C. Susannah Rudsdell
  m. (1746) Josiah Hollam (sb Hotham) of York

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