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Families covered: Patten of Bank Hall, Patten-Bold of Bold Hall, Patten of Patten House/Lane, Patten of Warrington, Patten of Waynflete

Richard Patten or Pattine of Patten House
1. Richard Patten of Patten House (a 1119)
  m. _ Eyre of Derbyshire
  A. Richard Patten of Patten House
  m. Mary Dagenham (dau of Ralph Dagenham of Dagenham Court)
  i. Richard Patten (a 1221)
  a. John Patten
  m. _ Revyle of Derbyshire
(1) John Patten
  m. _ Poole of Derbyshire
  (A) John Patten of Dagenham Court and Waynflete (a 1376)
  m. _ Westingcroft (dau of Sir Oswald Westingcroft of Waynflete)
  (i) Nicholas Patten of Waynflete
  (a) John Patten of Waynflete
  (b) Nicholas Patten of Dagenham
  (c) Richard Patten or Barbour or Waynflete of Waynflete (a 1422)
  m. Margery Brereton (dau of Sir William Brereton of Brereton)
  ((1)) William Patten or Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Lord Chancellor (b c1398, d 11.08.1486, Headmaster of Winchester, Provost of Eton)
  Some of the information on William came from Wikipedia.
  ((2)) John Patten or Waynflete (Dean of Chichester)
  ((3)) Nicholas Patten or Waynflete of Bastobare, Derbyshire
Nicholas was not mentioned by BP1878. The following comes from Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, Patten of Newington).
  ((A)) Richard Patten or Waynflete or Wanfleet
  m. Grace Baskerville (dau/coheir of John Baskerville)
  ((i)) William Patten of Stoke Newington
  m. Anne Johnson (dau/coheir of Richard Johnson of Boston)
  ((a)) Elizabeth Patten apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Coney of Bassingthorpe (bpt 15.09.1561, bur 22.11.1637)
  (ii)) Joane Patten
  m1. William Street
  m2. Thomas Percye of Stanwell
((iii)) Allice Patten
  m1. Thomas Searle of Essex
  m2. Armigell Wade of Hamsted (Hamstead)
  ((B)) Hellen Patten or Waynflete
  m. John Robinsonn
  ((4)) Richard Patten or Waynflete of Boslow
  ((A)) Humphrey Patten of Warrington (2nd son)
  m. Jane Rixtone (dau of Thomas Rixtone of Great Sankey)
  ((i)) Thomas Patten of Warrington - continued below
  m. (1560) Julian Marshall (dau of John Marshall of Warrington)
  ((B))+ 1 son and 1 daughter
  (B) William Patten of Wheldryk
  (2) Agnes Patten
  m. John Segar
  ii.+ other issue - Robert, John



Thomas Patten of Warrington - continued above
m. (1560) Julian Marshall (dau of John Marshall of Warrington)
1. Thomas Patten of Patten Lane, Warrington (b 1561, d 1639)
  m. Ellen Diggles (dau of George Diggles)
  A. Thomas Patten of Patten Lane (b 1595, d 1663)
  m1. Alice Taylor (dau of Thomas Taylor of Preson-on-the-Hill)
  i. Thomas Patten (d unm)
  m2. Susan Drinkwater (d 1688, dau of Robert Drinkwater)
  ii. Thomas Patten of Patten Lane (b 1638, d 1684)
  m. (04.12.1660) Mary Leigh (d 19.04.1720, dau of John Leigh of Oughtreighton)
a. Thomas Patten of Patten Lane (bpt 02.08.1662, d 1726)
  m. (20.07.1686) Margaret Blackburne (dau of Jonathan Blackburne of Orford)
  (1) Thomas Patten of Winmarleigh (b 1690, d 21.02.1772)
  m. (16.06.1728) Lettice Peake (d 1735, dau of Rev. James Peake of Bowdell)
(A) Thomas Patten of Bank Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (b c1720?, d 19.03.1806)
  m. (17.01.1757) Dorothea Bold (dau of Peter Bold of Bold)
  (i) Peter Patten of Bank Hall, later Patten-Bold of Bold Hall (b c1764, d 17.10.1819, Colonel)
  m. Mary Parker (dau of Rev. John Parker of Astle & Brighmet)
  (a) Mary Patten-Bold of Bold Hall (dsp 1824)
  m. Prince Sapieha of Poland
  (b) Dorothea Patten-Bold of Bold Hall (d 07.12.1840)
  m. (23.05.1820) Sir Henry Hoghton, later Bold-Hoghton, 8th Bart of Hoghton Tower, Sheriff of Lancaster (b 03.01.1799, d 19.07.1862)
  (c) Frances Patten-Bold (b c1798, d 17.06.1885)
  m. (14.06.1827) Sir John Digby Murray, Bart (b 17.04.1798, d 08.05.1881)
  (d) Anna Maria Patten-Bold (d 04.08.1846)
  m. (15.04.1828) John Wilson-Patten, Lord Winmarleigh (b 26.04.1802, d 11.07.1892) @1@ just below
(ii) Thomas Patten, later Wilson, later Wilson-Patten of Bank Hall (b c1770, d 07.12.1827)
  m. (1800) Elizabeth Hyde (dau of Nathan Hyde of Ardwick)
  (a) Thomas Patten Wilson (b c1801, d unm 28.10.1819)
  (b) John Wilson, later Wilson-Patten, Lord Wilmarleigh (b 26.04.1802, dspms 11.07.1892)
  m. (15.04.1828) Anna Maria Patten-Bold (d 04.08.1846, dau of Peter Patten-Bold of Bank Hall and Bold Hall) @1@ just above
  Lord Winmarleigh had 2 sons; the elder dvp 1873 having had a son who d 1889; the younger dvp unm 1866.
  (c) Elizabeth Wilson-Patten (b c1800, d 20.08.1857)
m. (24.06.1823) Sir John Buller-Yarde-Buller, 1st Lord Churston (b 12.04.1799, d 04.09.1871)
  (iii) Frances Patten presumably the Frances (d 1831) who married ...
  m. (01.08.1788) Rev. Charles Prideaux, later Prideaux-Brune of Prideaux Place (b 1760, d 1833)
  (iv)+ other issue - 2 sons, Anna Maria, Lettice, Dorothea, Mary, Everilde
  (B) Frances Patten (b 1730, d 12.02.1778)
  m. (1752) Sir Richard Brooke, 4th Bart of Norton (d 06.07.1781)
  (2) John Patten of Manchester (d 1765)
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Thomas of The Poolfold).
  m1. ??
  m2. Jane Sydall (dau of John Syddall of Green)
  (A) Lettice Patten (b 1737)
  m. (01.1762) Joseph Rose of The Poolfold (b c1730, d 03.11.1797)
  m3. (1746) Sarah Cheshire (dau of John Cheshire of Manchester)
  (3) Bridget Patten
  m. (1734) Robert Patten of Warrington
  b. John Patten (b 1664, d 1688)
  c. William Patten of London (b 1668, d 1740)
  m. (1692) Elizabeth Jackson
  (1) Mary Patten
  m. Thomas Wilson (prebendary of Westminster) @2@ just below
  d. George Patten (b 1672, dsps 1729)
  m. _ Sutton of Grapenhall
  e. Elizabeth Patten (b 1666)
  m. John Goulbourne of Warrington
  f. Mary Patten
  m. (1698) Thomas Wilson, Bishop of Sodor and Man
  (1) Thomas Wilson (prebendary of Westminster)
  m. Mary Patten (dau of William Patten of London) @2@ just above
  iii. William Patten of Warrington (b 1640, d 1698) had issue
  m. (1668) Rachel Barrow (dau of Rev. Hugh Barrow of Lancaster)
  iv. Robert Patten (b 1648, d 1720, youngest son)
  m. Dorcas Byfield (dau of Rev. _ Byfield)
v. Susan Patten
  m. John Barrow of Sankey
  vi. Ellen Patten
  m. John Cottam of Preston
  vii.+ other issue - Peter (b 1644, d 1673), John (b 1647)
  B. John Patten (b 1598) had issue
  C. Anthony Patten of the Isle of Man (b 1601, d 1641)
  i. Caesar Patten
  D. William Patten of Preston (b 04.09.1604)
  i. Thomas Patten of Preston and Thorney (2nd son)
  a. Elizabeth Patten (d 1694)
  m. (16.08.1688) Sir Thomas Stanley, 4th Bart of Bickerstaff (b 27.09.1670, d 07.05.1714)
2.+ 1 son and 4 daughters

Main source(s): BP1878 (Winmarleigh)
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