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Families covered: Pakenham of East Court, Pakenham of Longford, Pakenham of Pakenham Hall

Hugh Pakenham
m. Constance de la Hay of East Court (a 1453, dau/coheir of Sir Richard de la Hay of West Hay)
1. John Pakenham of East Court (d 01.10.1845)
  m. Margaret Bramshott (d 05.10.1485, dau/coheir of John Bramshott of Bramshott & Terwick)
  A. Sir Edmund Pakenham of East Court & Terwick 'of Bramshot' (b 1479-80, d before 11.1528)
  i. Edmund Pakenham
  m. Sir Geoffrey Pole
  ii. Edmund Pakenham
  m. Sir Edmund Marvyn (a 1538, Serjeant-at-law)



Henry Pakenham of Bantry (co. Wexford) and Tullynally ('Pakenham Hall') (b 1611, d 1691, Captain, MP)
m1. Mary Lill (d 12.06.1665, dau of Robert Lill of Trim)
1. Sir Thomas Pakenham of Pakenham Hall, Westmeath (b 1651, d 1706)
  m1. (1673) Mary Nelmes (dau of Richard Nelmes, alderman of London)
  A. Edward Pakenham of Pakenham Hall (d 1720)
  m. (1708) Margaret Bradestan (dau of John Bradestan)
i. Thomas Pakenham, 1st Lord Longford (b 05.1713, d 30.03.1766)
  m. (05.03.1739-40) Elizabeth Cuffe, Countess of Longford (bpt 26.07.1719, d 27.01.1794, dau/heir of Michael Cuffe of Ballinrobe, son of Sir James by Alice, sister of Ambrose Aungier, 2nd Earl of Longford)
  Elizabeth was created Countess of Longford after the death of her husband. As she outlived their eldest son, he inherited only the barony and it was her grandson who became the 2nd Earl.
  a. Edward Michael Pakenham, 2nd Lord Longford (b 01.04.1743, dvm 03.06.1792)
  m. (25.06.1768) Catherine Rowley (d 12.03.1816, dau of Rt. Hon. Hercules Langford Rowley by Elizabeth, Viscountess Langford)
(1) Thomas Pakenham, 2nd Earl of Longford (b 14.05.1774, d 24.05.1835) had issue
  m. (23.01.1817) Georgiana Emma Charlotte Lygon (b 1797/8, d 12.02.1880, dau of William Lygon, 1st Earl Beauchamp)
  (2) Sir Hercules Robert Pakenham (b 29.09.1781, d 07.03.1850, Lt. General, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (25.12.1817) Emily Stapleton (d 26.01.1875, dau of Thomas Stapleton, 2nd Lord Le Despencer)
  (3) Henry Pakenham (b 24.08.1787, d 26.12.1863, Dean of St. Patrick's, 5th son) had issue
  m. (15.01.1822) Elizabeth Catherine Sandford (d 1867, sister of Henry, 2nd Lord Mountsandford)
  (4) Elizabeth Pakenham (d 10.08.1851)
  m. (01.1793) Henry Stewart of Trycallen (d 09.1840)
(5) Catherine Pakenham (d 24/5.04.1831)
  m. (10.04.1806) Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (b 29.04.1769, d 14.09.1852, Prime Minister)
  (6) Helen Pakenham (d 1807)
  m. (1799) James Hamilton (d c1805, son of John of Brown Hall)
  (7) Caroline Penelope Pakenham (d 08.1854)
  m. (1808) Henry Hamilton (d 1810/50, son of Rt. Hon. Sackville)
  (8)+ other issue - Sir Edward Michael (b 19.03.1778, d 08.01.1815, Maj. General), William (d 04.12.1811, Captain RN)
  b. Sir Thomas Pakenham (b 29.09.1757, d 02.02.1836, Admiral, 3rd son)
  m. (24.06.1785) Louisa Staples (dau of Rt. Hon. John Staples by Henrietta (sb Ann), dau of William Conolly)
  (1) Edward Michael Pakenham, later Conolly (b 23.08.1786, d 04.01.1843) had issue
  m. (25.05.1819) Catherine Jane Ponsonby-Barker (d 07.1861, dau of Chambre Brabazon Ponsonby-Barker)
  (2) Thomas Pakenham (b 12.10.1787, d 17.10.1846) had issue
m1. (1813) Isabella Mary Wetherall (d, dau of Lt. Gen. Sir Frederic Augustus Wetherall)
  m2. (01.05.1838, sp?) Sarah Jane Mills (dau of William Mills of Cradoxton, relict of W. Johnstone)
  (3) John Pakenham (b 18.10.1790, d 01.06.1786, Admiral, 4th son) had issue
  m1. (08.1817) Caroline Emily Popham (d 02.08.1844, dau of Rear Admiral Sir Home Popham)
  m2. (08.05.1845, sp?) Frances Julia Peters (d 26.07.1894, dau of Henry Peters of Betchworth Castle, widow of Hon. Felix Thomas Tollemache)
  (4) Robert Pakenham (b 04.06.1799, d 30.12.1883, vicar of Strafan, 6th son) had issue
  m1. (30.06.1829) Harriet Maria Browne (d 23.05.1865, dau of Rt. Hon. Denis Browne)
  m2. (28.09.1865, sp?) Elizabeth (widow of _ Hayes)
  m3. (06.07.1876) Elizabeth Whitelaw (dau of Robert Whitelaw of Ardross)
  (5) Louisa Anne Pakenham (b 12.03.1792)
  m. (010.931814) William Dutton Pollard of Castle Pollard (d 25.09.1839)
(6) Henrietta Pakenham (b 20.09.1795, d 08.03.1869)
  m. (10.04.1826) Rev. John Hare
  (7) Sarah Pakenham (b 17.04.1802)
  m. (01.03.1831) Samuel Law (d 11.1886)
  (8)+ other issue - William (b 03.02.1789, d 1855, captain), Sir Richard (b 19.05.1797, d unm 30.10.1868, diplomat), Henry (b 17.06.1805, d 04.1838, RN), Arthur (b 23.12.1810, d 07.1847), Elizabeth (b 09.1793, d unm 19.01.1873), Catherine (b 24.01.1801, d unm 11.05.1821), Helen (b 27.07.1808, d unm 24.02.1855), Emily (b 08.03.1813, d 08.07.1821)
  c. Mary Pakenham (d 1775)
  m. (03.1770) T(homas) Fortescue of Dromisken (b 01.05.1744, d 1779)
  d. Francis Pakenham
  m. (1766) John Ormsby Vandeleur (d 1777)
  e. Helena Pakenham
  m. William Sherlock of Sherlockstown
  f.+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (D 07.07.1775, captain, MP), Elizabeth (d 1818)
  ii. George Edward Pakenham (b 1714, d 01.02.1768)
  m. Frances Christiana Vognell (d 24.01.1788, dau of Frederick Vognell of London)
a.+ issue - George Edward (b 1747/8, d 03.02.1768), Thomas (d 05.10.1780), John Henry (b 1757, d 22.02.1826, Captain), Richard (d 1779, captain)
  iii. Mary Pakenham (d 1785)
  m. John Chambers
  B. Thomas Pakenham (d 1722)
  m. Anne Smyth (dau of John Smyth of Kiltome)
  i. Eleanor Pakenham
  m. (1748) Abraham Fuller of Violet Hill
  C. Frances Pakenham (d 1756)
  m. G. Nugent of Castle Rickard
  D.+ other issue - Philip (d unm 1745), Henry (dsp 1725, chaplain in Oporto), Robert (d unm)
  m2. (18.02.1696, sp) Rebecca (not Mary) Bellingham (dau of Sir Daniel Bellingham)
2. William Pakenham of Carne, Westmeath (d 1740, 5th son)
  m. Martha Ogle
  A. daughter
  m. _ Troke
  B. daughter
  m. _ Eaton
  C.+ other issue - William, Robert, Thomas
3. Eleanor Pakenham
  m. (12.1675) John Smyth (archdeacon of Clogher)
4. Mary Pakenham
  m. _ Robinson
5. Martha Pakenham
  m. _ Ryder
6.+ other issue - Philip (b 1653), Theophilus (dsp), Henry (dsp)
m2. Anne Pigot (sister of Sir Thomas Pigot, widow of _ Bridgewater)
9. Robert Pakenham (rector of Kilbeggan)
  m. Lucretia Best (dau of Sir Elia Best)
  A. Best Pakenham (2nd son)
  m. (1702) Abigail Handcock (dau of Rev. Matthew Handcock)
  B. Edward Pakenham 'of Ripple Vale' (d 1765, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Weller (dau of Admiral John Weller of Rolvenden)
  i. John Pakenham (dsp 1810, Admiral RN)
  m. Frances Thomas
  ii. Helen Pakenham (d 1819)
  m. (04.1800) Fleming French
  iii. other issue - Edward (dsp, Captain RN), Elizabeth Lucretia of Hurst Green
  C.+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, Charles
10. Anne Pakenham
  m. Robert Beatty of Springtown

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