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Families covered: Munro of Culcraggie, Monro of Culnaud (Culnaha), Monro of Fearn, Munro of Glasgow, Monro of Kilmorack, Monro of Kincraig, Monro of Logie , Monro of Meikle Tarrell, Monro of Milntown, Monro of Newmore, Monro of Tarlogie

John Munro or Monro, 1st of Milntown (d c1475, tutor of Fowlis)
1. Andrew 'Mor' Monro, 2nd of Milntown (d 1501)
  m. Janet Fraser (dau of James Fraser of Fruid) possibly wife of Andrew and mother of ...
  A. Andrew 'Beg' Monro, 3rd of Milntown (d before 1522)
m. Euphemia Dunbar (dau of James Dunbar of Tarbat & Ballone Castle, son of Sir James of Westfield)
  i. George Monro of Milntown, Newmore & Kilmorack (d 01.11.1576)
  m. Janet Fraser (dau of James Fraser of Phopachy (nephew of John Fraser, Bishop of Ross), sister (niece?) of John of Dunballoch)
  a. Andrew Monro of Milntown, Newmore, Kilmorack & Dochcarty (d c1590, Captain of Inverness Castle & Chonry Castle)
m. Catherine Urquhart (dau of Thomas Urquart of Cromarty)
  (1) George Monro of Milntown & Meikle Tarrell (d 06.05.1623, MP)
  m1. Mariot MacCulloch (dau/heir of John MacCulloch of Meike Tarrell)
  (A) George Monro of Milntown & Meikle Tarrell (d 1630)
  m. Margaret Innes (dau of Sir Robert Innes of Innes by Elizabeth Elphinstone)
  (i) Andrew Munro, last of Milntown (b c1619, d unm Kilsyth 1645, Captain)
  (ii) Margaret Monro
m. Alexander Forrester of Corstorphine (Captain)
  (B) Margaret Monro
  m. David Dunbar of Dunphail (m1. ??)
  (C)+ other issue (all d before 1633 in Germany) - John, William, David
Mackenzie identifies George's 2nd wife as Margaret, dau of David Dunbar (Dean of Moray), son of Sir Alexander of Westfield son of James, 5th Earl of Moray. We suspect that this should be ...
  m2. Margaret Dunbar (dau of David Dunbar (Dean of Moray), great-grandson of Sir Alexander of Westfield son of James, 4th Earl of Moray)
  (F) Janet Monro
  m. Hugh Munro of Achnagart
  (G) Helen Monro
  m. John Fraser of Inchbreck
  (H) Catherine Monro
m. Alexander Baillie of Dunean
  (I)+ other issue - Hector, John
  (2) Andrew Monro of Kincraig
  m. ?? (Mrs Gray)
  (A) Andrew Monro of Kincraig (dsp 1630)
m. Margaret Innes (dau of Sir Robert Innes of Innes, widow of George Monro of Miltown)
  (B) William Monro (Lt. Colonel in Germany) had issue in Germany
  m. ?? (Mrs Bruce)
  (C) John Monro or Munro of Edinburgh, later of Culcraggie in Alness (d before 15.02.1655)
  The following comes from 'History of the Munros' (p360+) with support from BP1934 ('Munro of Lindertis') which reports that John bought Culcraggie from a cousin (## here) but jumps from John to his great-grandson, William of Glasgow.
  m. Margaret Munro (dau of Andrew Munro of Balaldie)
  (i) William Munro of Culcraggie
  m. Ellen Ross (dau of Rev. David Ross of Logie Easter)
  (a) William Munro
  m. Ann Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Lochslinn)
  ((1)) daughter
  (b) George Munro (minister in Dingwall, youngest son)
  m1. Catherine Burnet (dau of A. Burnet of Tain)
  ((1)) William Munro of Glasgow, last of Culcraggie
  ((A)) Daniel Munro of Glasgow
  m. (1726) Christian Whyte
  ((i)) Alexander Munro of Glasgow (d 04.1809, 3rd son)
  m. Margaret Stark (b 1735-6, d 04.1807, dau of Thomas Stark (anatomist)))
  ((a)) Daniel Munro (b c1760, dvp 26.09.1799)
  (((1))) John Munro (d unm)
((b)) Sir Thomas Munro, Governor of Madras, 1st Bart (b 26.05.1761, d 06.07.1727, General) had issue
  m. (30.03.1814) Jane Campbell (d 21.09.1856, dau of Richard Campbell of Craigie)
  ((c)) Alexander Munro of Edinburgh (b 17.05.1764) had issue ("now extinct")
  m. Anne Jane Brown (b 07.1786, dau of Captain Patrick Brown of Edinburgh)
  ((d)) Erskine Munro
  m1. Sir James Turnbull of Edinburgh
  m2. (07.01.1805) Henry Erskine of Amondell (son of Henry David, 5th Earl of Buchan)
  ((e)) Margaret Munro
  m. (09.02.1801) George Harley Drummond of Stanmore & Drumdochty
  ((f))+ other issue (d unm) - William, James (surgeon)
  ((ii))+ other issue - David (b 1727, d young?), John (b 1729, d young?), James (b 1731), Jean, Christian, Mary
  m2. Catherine Munro (dau of Robert Munro of Pittonachy & Achnagart)
((2)) Anna Munro
  m. John Ross of Tain (m1. Christian, dau of Andrew Ross of Shandwick)
  ((3)) Catherine Munro
  (c) Andrew Munro of Teachuirn (Captain, 3rd son)
  ((1)) George Munro of Teachuirn & Stirling (d unm)
  (d) Ellen Munro
  m. Walter Ross (minister of Kincardine)
  (e)+ other issue - John, David (dsp, mx3, Captain), Catherine
  (ii) Christian Munro
  m. (1662) Andrew Munro of Coul (minister of Thurso)
  (iii) Catherine Munro
  m. John Mackillican (minister of Fodderty)
  (iv)+ other issue - Andrew (cleric), Robert
  (3) John Monro of Fearn
  The following comes from 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1898, p336+ & p338+).
  m1. Christian Urquhart
(A) John Monro of Fearn
  m. Janet MacCulloch (dau of Thomas MacCulloch of Fearn)
  (i) John Monro of Logie & Fearn
  m. Margaret Ross (dau of Rev. David Ross of Logie-Easter)
  (a) Andrew Monro of Logie & Fearn
m. Florence Munro (dau of Sir George Munro of Newmore)
  ((1)) James Monro in America (Colonel, youngest son)
  m. _ Jackson ("the daughter of a good Virginian family")
  ((A)) James Monro, later of Ingsdon, Hampshire (b 1776, d 1849) had issue
  m. Anne Samber (dau/heir of Captain _ Amber of Deer Park, New Forest)
  ((B)) Anne Monro
  m. _ Pasea of Trinidad
  ((C)) Elizabeth Monro
  m. (1805) John Campbell (son of Donald of Dunstaffnage)
  ((D))+ other issue (d unm) - Archibald, John
  ((2))+ other issue - George, John, Andrew, David, Robert in America
  (b)+ other issue
  (ii) Andrew Monro
  (B) Andrew Monro
  (C) George Monro
  m. Mary Scot (sister of General Scot)
(i) John Monro
  (D) Christian Monro
  m. Malcolm Mackintosh (dau of Malcolm Mackintosh, son of Lachlan of Mackintosh)
  m2. (sp) Isabel Ross (dau of George Ross of Balnagowan)
  (4) Janet Monro
  m1. David Monro of Culnaha @@ below
  m2. (sp) Hector Munro of Fowlis
  (5) Catherine Monro
m. George Munro of Obsdale (son of Robert of Fowlis)
  (6) Elizabeth Monro
  m. _ Hay of Kinadie
  (7) Christian Monro (d unm)
  (8) Euphemia Monro
  m. Hugh Munro of Balconie
  (9) Margaret Monro
  m. Robert Gordon of Bodlan
(10) Anne Monro
  m. Hugh Ross of Priesthill
  (11) Ellen Monro
  m1. Donald Ross of Balmuchie
  m2. John Munro (minister of Tain, son of Hugh of Assynt)
  (12) Isabella Monro
  m1. (sp) James Innes of Calrossie
  m2. (after 25.07.1614) Walter Ross of Invercharron
  b. Donald Monro of Tarlogie
  The following comes from 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1898, p302+).
m1. Christian Ross (dau of Donald Ross of Ninikiln)
  (1) George Monro of Tarlogie (d before 1649)
  m. Isabel Innes (dau of William Innes of Calrossie)
  (A) Donald Monro of Tarlogie (d (unm?) in Edinburgh)
  (B) Gordon Monro (dsp 1650)
  m. Catherine Hunter
  (C) Helen Monro
  m. Robert Munro of Novar
  (D) Jane Monro
  m. Hector Munro of Nonikiln
(2) Hugh Monro
  m. Catherine Ross (dau of John Ross of Ballochskead)
  (A)+ issue - John (had issue in Sutherlandshire), Donald (had issue in Sutherlandshire)
  m2. Janet Denoon (dau of John Denoon of Cadboll)
  (3) David Monro (minister of Kiltearn then Tain)
  m. Florence Munro (dau of Andrew Munro of Limlair)
  (A)+ issue - sons (d unm - Donald, Robert, John, Hugh (WS)) & daughters
c. George Monro (d c1630, minister of Suddie, Chancellor of Ross)
  m. _ Livingston
  d. Janet Monro
  m. John Murray of Pulrossie
(1)+ issue - George, John
  d. Margaret Monro
  m. Hugh Fraser of Guisachan & Culbokie
  d. Isabel Monro (d 24.12.1594)
  m. Hugh Ross of Achnacloich (d 10.09.1621)
  partner unknown
  e. John Monro of Pittonachy (Pittonachty, later called Rosehaugh)
  m. Margaret Munro (dau of John Munro of Balcony)
  ii. William Monro of Allan (b 1535, d 1612, parson of Nigg)
m. (c1558) Catherine Shaw (dau of Brigadier _ Shaw, Governor of the Lewis)
  iii. Andrew Monro of Culnaud aka Culnaha
  The following comes from 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1898, p300+).
  m1. Ellen Sutherland (dau of John Sutherland of Inchfour)
  a. David Monro of Culnaud aka Culnaha (d 12.11.1596)
  m. Janet Monro (dau of Andrew Monro of Milntown, m2. Hector Monro of Fowlis) @@ above
  (1) Andrew Monro of Delny
  m. Helen Sinclair (dau of James Sinclair of Hemmington)
  (A) Janet Monro
  m. Duncant Grant of Lentran
  (B)+ other issue - John (d unm Worcester 1651, Lt. Colonel), daughter
  m2. Anne Ross (dau of Hugh Ross of Achnacloich)
  b. George Monro of Knocksworth (d 23.08.1640)
(1) George Monro of Knocksworth
  m. _ Sinclair (dau of Robert Sinclair of Gilhills)
  (A)+ issue - George Robert, Robert, Hugh, Anne
  c. Hugh Monro (d unm)
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is not known, was ...
  d. Euphemia Monro
  m. Hugh Munro in Fyrish, later of Teaninich (d before 29.05.1593)
2. John Monro of Kilmorack
  The following comes from 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1898, p290+).
  m. _ Urquhart (dau of Henry Urquhart of Davidston in Cromarty)
  A. Donald Monro of Kilmorack
  m. Jane (dau of William son of Murdoch (of?) Avoch)
  i. Thomas Monro of Kilmorack
m. Jean Ross (dau of Hugh Ross of Muldearg)
  a. Andrew Monro of Kilmorack
  m. Anne MacMurdoch (dau of Angus MacMurdoch of Inverness)
  (1) John Monro of Kilmorack
  m. Isabella or Elizabeth Monro (dau of Donald Monro of Milntown of Alness)
  (A) Robert Monro of Kilmorack
  m. Christian Brown (dau of Donald Brown of Acharn in Alness)
  (i) Donald Monro of Kilmorack (d unm/dsp)
  (ii)+ other issue including Hector
  (B) Donald Monro
  (2) Alexander Monro
  ii. Alexander Monro of Lochbroom (d 1573)
  a. John Monro (vicar of Lochbroom)

Main source(s): 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1898, p265+) with input as reported above
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