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Families covered: Munro of Katewell, Munro of Limlair, Monroe in Virigina

Andrew Munro of Daan & Limlair (d before 19.12.1607)
m. Christian Munro (dau of Rev. William Munro of Cullicudden, m2. Gilbert Gray of Skibo)
1. John Munro of Limlair (Colonel)
  m. Janet Gray (dau of George Gray of Skibo)
  A. George Munro of Limlair
  m. (1651/57) Catherine Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Kilcoy)
i.+ 2 daughters
  B. Robert Munro of Limlair (Captain, 3rd son)
  m. Jean Mackenzie (dau of Kenneth Mackenzie of Scatwell)
  i. George Munro of Limlair (a 1728)
  m. Catherine Munro (dau of Sir George Munroe of Newmore)
  a. Samuel Munro, last of Limlair (d unm)
  b. Andrew Munro, later in Alness (d 1809, Colonel)
  m. Janet Munro (dau of George Munro of Culcairn)
  (1) Catherine Munro
  m. (25.07.1772) Angus Bethune (minister of Harris then Alness, son of Rev. John of Glenshiel)
  (2) Janet Munro
  m. _ Tulloch of Dingwall (doctor)
  c. Ellen Munro
m. James Robertston of Culcairn (tacksman)
  d.+ other issue - Christina, Jane (d unm)
  ii. Andrew Munro
  m. Hannah Ross (dau of Rev. Robert Ross of Logie-Easter & Tain)
  a.+ issue - Robert in Inverness (carpenter), Barbara
  iii.+ other issue - Hector (huckster in Ireland), Margaret, Florence
  C. John Munro
  m. Margaret Munro (dau of Rev. George Munro, Chancellor of Ross)
  i. John Munro (d 13.05.1762, 4th son)
  m. Isobel Dallas (dau of John Dallas of Ballans)
  a. Robert Munro (d 27.09.1790, minister of Kilmuir-Wester)
  m(3). Seymour Munro (d 08.03.1810)
  b.+ other issue including Andrew
  ii. Christian Munro
m. (sps) Robert Munro of Tullochue
  iii.+ other issue - Andrew (d unm 1712, minister of Creich), David (d unm), James (d infant)
  D. Christian Munro
  m. (sp) Neil Macleod of Assynt
  E. Catherine Munro
  m. John Polson of Merkness
  F. Florence Munro
m. Hector Munro of Kiltearn
  G. Elizabeth Munro
  m. Hugh Munro of Tullochue
  H. Janet Munro probably of this generation
  m. Hugh Munro of Findon then Swordale (a 1660)
  I.+ other issue - Andrew (d unm 1651, Major), Isobel (d unm)
2. Florence Munro
  m. David Munro (minister of Tarbat then Kiltearn, son of Donald of Tarlogie)
3. Janet Munro
  m1. Alexander Ross of Pitkerie
  m2. David Ross (minister of Logie Easter, son of Rev. Robert of Alness son of Donald of Shandwick)
4. Annabella Munro
  m. (1628) Alexander Maclean of Dochgarroch (d c1642)



George Munro of Katewell
1. George Munro of Katewell
  m1. Catherine Mackenzie (dau of Hector Mackenzie of Fairburn)
  A.+ issue - Hector (dvp unm), Catherine
  m2. Euphemia Munro (dau of John Munro of Pittonachy)
  C. David Munro of Katewell (youngest son)
  m. Agnes Munro (dau of Rev. Alexander Munro of Durness, son of Hector of Milntown of Katewell)
  i. George Munro, last of Katewell (d unm)
  ii. Alexander Munro in Teachait
  a. George Munro in Teachait & Kellaig (farmer)
  m. _ Munro (dau of George Munro of Balconie)
  (1) Donald Munro
  m. Margaret Munro (dau of Donald Munro of Limlair)
  (A) Donald Munro had issue
  (B) Samuel Munro in Clashmore had issue
  m. Anne Kemp (dau of John Kemp of Clare)
  (C) Andrew Munro in Bogreach had issue
  m. Esther Munro (dau of John Munro of Evanton)
  (D) Robert Munro had issue
  m. Janet Munro (dau of Donald Munro of Drumore)
  (E) Margaret Munro
  m. Finlay Fraser of Alness
  (2)+ other issue - Alexander, John, Andrew
  b. John Munro (b 1724)
  iii. Andrew Munro or Monroe, later in America (b 1595, Major)
  Mackenzie identifies Andrew as ancestor of James Monroe, 5th President of the United States of America. The following connection comes from Ancestry.com (RootsWeb).
  m. (1652) Elizabeth Alexander (dau of John Alexander by Catherine Graham)
  a. Andrew Monroe in Virigina (b 1661, d 09.06.1714)
m. Eleanor Spence (dau of Patrick Spence (son of John by Helen Moore) by Dorcas, dau of Thomas Ewell)
  (1) Andrew Monroe in Virigina (d 1735)
  m. Christian Tyler (dau of Charles Tyler (son of Robert) by Jane)
  (A) Spence Monroe in Virigina (a 02.1774)
  m. (1752) Elizabeth Jones (dau of James Jones (son of Lewis) by Esther Davis)
  (i) James Monroe, 5th President of the USA (b 28.04.1758, d 04.07.1831) had issue§F
  m. (16.02.1786) Elizabeth Kortright (b 30.06.1768, d 23.09.1830, dau of Lawrence Kortright by Hannah Aspinwall)
  (ii)+ other issue - Andrew, Joseph Jones, Spence, Elizabeth
  (B)+ other issue - George, Jane, Sarah, Eleanor
  (2) Susannah Munroe (b 1695, 11.1752)
  m1. William Linton
  m2. Charles Tylre
m3. Benjamin Grayson
  b. William Munroe had issue in USA
  iv. John Munro (minister of Pomunkie, Virginia, youngest son) had issue in USA
  v. Janet Munro
  m. Hugh Boggie of Fortrose
  vi.+ other issue - Robert, Hector (dsp(ms))
  D. Florence Munro
  m. Murdo Mackenzie (natural son of Kenneth of Davochmaluag)
  E.+ other issue - Andrew (dvp unm), Ann
  m3. Agnes Munro (dau of Hugh Munro of Coul & Balconie)
  G. Agnes Munro
  m. Hugh Munro of Mid-Swordale
2.+ other issue

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1898, p484+)
(2) For lower section : 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1898, p480+)
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