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Families covered: Marbury of Marbury

Ranulph de Merebirie, lord of Marbury (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Richard de Marbury
2. William de Marbury (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  A. Laurence de Marbury
  m. Mazelina
  i. Hugh de Marbury (a 1270)
  ii. John de Marbury (a 1270)
  a. John Marbury (a 1332)
m. Christiana
  (1) Hugh Marbury of Marbury (a 1336) the first mentioned by Visitation
  (A) John Marbury (dvp)
  (i) John Marbury (a 1356)
  (a) Thomas Marbury of Marbury
(b) James Marbury (a 1373)
  ((1)) Sir Laurence Marbury of Marbury, Sheriff of Cheshire (a 1418)
  ((A)) James Marbury (a 1452) - continued below
  (c) Joan Marbury
  m1. _ de Langton
  m2. Richard Pilkington of Blackrod
  iii. Randle de Marbury
  iv. Alice de Marbury
  m. Thomas (son of Eleanor de Elton)



James Marbury (a 1452) - continued below
1. John Marbury (a 1458)
  m. Elizabeth Dutton (dau of John Dutton of Dutton)
  A. ?? Marbury of Marbury (a 1505) named James by Ormerod but Lawrence by Visitation (1580), Leonard by Visitation (1613)
  m1/2. Margaret Davenport (dau of William Davenport or Damport of Bromhall or Bramhall)
i. James Marbury of Marbury (d 25.07.1558)
  m. Elizabeth Venables (dau of Sir William Venables of Kinderton, m2. Christopher Davenport of Widford)
  a. William Marbury of Marbury (d 21.03.1592, 2nd son?)
m. Maud Redish (dau/heir of Thomas Redish of Grappenhall by Elianor, dau of Richard Grosvenor of Eaton)
  (1) Thomas Marbury of Marbury (b 11.01.1568, d 23.05.1636)
  m1. (13.05.1593) Eleanor Warburton (bur 13.05.1596, dau of Peter Warburton of Arley)
  (A) William Marbury of Marbury (bpt 06.06.1594, bur 15.11.1645)
m. Frances Trott (dau of Sir Nicholas Trott of Quickshot, m2. Sir Peter Brooke of Mere)
  (i) Thomas Marbury (bpt 27.04.1613, bur 07.04.1624)
  (B) Mary Marbury (bpt 01.12.1596)
  m. John Bradshaw of Congleton (dspl 1659, "president of the pretended High Court of Justice")
m2. (1600) Frances Arderne (d 31.10.1634, dau of John Arderne of Hawarden)
  (C) Thomas Marbury of Marbury (bpt 25.08.1611, d 27.01.1667)
  m. Mary Brooke (dau of Sir Richard Brooke of Norton)
  (i) William Marbury of Marbury (b 13.11.1644, bur 22.12.1683)
  m. (Catherine) Columbine (dau/heir of (John) Columbine of Darley)
  (a)+ issue - child (bur 05.09.1678), child (bur 28.05.1680), Catherine (bur 16.10.1682), Columbine (bur 22.12.1683)
  (ii) Richard Marbury of Marbury (dsp unm bur 13.04.1684)
  (iii) Elizabeth Marbury
  m. Gilbert Thacker of Rapton
  (iv) Mary Marbury (dsp)
  m. _ Woods of Oxford (Dr.)
  (v)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas (bur 11.06.1658), Katherine (bpt 19.11.1646)
  (D) John Marbury (b 1612, dsp bur 27.03.1666)
  (E) James Marbury of Great Budworth (bpt 27.03.1614, bur 20.11.1678, rector of Davenham)
  m. Mary Spurstow (bpt 07.02.1635, dau of George Spurstow)
The following comes Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, 'Croxton, and Egerton-Warburton, of Norley'.
  (i) James Marbury (d 06.1725, rector of Davenham)
  m1. (04.12.1683) Elizabeth Hough (d 09.1699)
  (a) Catherine Marbury (b 1684)
  m. Thomas Williams of Stoke
  (b) Elizabeth Marbury (b 1689)
  m. James Croxton (bpt 1685, d 1755)
  (c) Mary Marbury (b 06.1691)
m. _ Pledger
  (d) Eleanor Marbury (b 02.1695)
  m. Thomas Derbyshire (rector of Davenham)
  m2. (25.08.1710) Margaret Croxton
  (ii)+ other issue - George (d 08.1716), Elizabeth (d unm 07.1737)
  (2) Elizabeth Marbury
  m. Thomas Brooke of Norton
(3) Amy or Emme Marbury
  m. John Brooke of Coerdley (brother of Thomas)
  (4) Elianor Marbury
  m. (17.01.1592) Hugh Winington of Hermitage
  (5)+ other issue - Laurence (dsp 1618), John (b 1575), George (d 1631), James
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, James, George
  ii. Margery Marbury father named James/Laurence
  m. Richard Leftwich of Leftwich
  iii. Elizabeth Marbury father named Lawrence
  m. John Winnington of Hermitage
  m2/1. Margery Bold (dau of _ Bold of Bold, Lancashire)
  B. Elizabeth Marbury
  m. Richard Molesworth of Wincham

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol I, 'Marbury of Marbury'), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580 & 1613 & 1663, Marbury of Marbury)
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