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Families covered: Trott of Colne Hatch, Trott of Langridge, Trott of Laverstoke, Trott of London, Trott of Quickswood

John Trott of London
m. Rose Cartwright (dau/heir of _ Cartwright of Essex)
1. John Trott of London & Colne Hatch in Middlesex
  The following comes from Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, Trott of Colneye Hatch).
  m. Susanna Chester (dau of Sir William Chester, Mayor of London)
  A. John Trott 'of Frias Barnet' of Colnye Hatch (a 1624)
  m. Mary Cotton (dau of William Cotton, Bishop of Exeter)
  i.+ issue - William, Susan
  B. Richard Trott of London (draper)
  m. Mary Trott (dau of John Trott of Richmond in Yorkshire)
  i.+ issue - John, Susan, Anne
  C. Elizabeth Trott
  m. Hugh Meredeth of Rexam (Wrexham)
D. Rose Trott
  m. John Poney of Barnards Inn
  E. Anne Trott
  m. John Bradley of Barnards Inn
  F. Jane Trott
  m. Richard Potter of London
  G. Susan Trott
  m. John Thomas of Newington Greene
H. Judith Trott (d 08.07.1638)
  m1. Lawrance Campe of London
  m2. Thomas Tooke
  I. Frances Trott (a 08.1624)
J. Hester Trott
  m. Helyas Day of London
2. Martyn Trott 'of Hertfordshire' of Langridge, Essex
  m. Joan Bowyer (dau of Francis Bowyer, alderman of London)
  A. Martyn Trott of Langridge
  The following comes from Visitation (Essex, 1634, Trott).
  m1. Anne Perient (dau of Sir George Perient of Ayott)
  i. Perient Trott (2nd son)
  Visitation ends by naming this generation. We presume that this was the Perient Trott of London who was father of ...
  a. Martha Trott (d 25.12.1705)
  m. Sir Robert Clayton, Lord Mayor of London (b 29.09.1629, dsp 16.07.1707, Governor of the Bank of England)
  ii.+ other issue - Martin (b c1612, a 1634), William, Nicholas, Rose, Judith, Anne, Douglas
  m2. Elizabeth
ix.+ other issue - Mavey, Andrew, Bridget, Elizabeth
  B. William Trott
  C. Ann Trott
  m. Thomas Northen of London (grocer)
  D. Frances Trott
  m. William Westerne of London (grocer)
  E. Rose Trott
  m. John Cadge of London (grocer)
  F. Catherin Trott
  m. _ Banastre (attorney)
3. Mary Trott
  m. William Ryvett of London



Noting the common marital connection with the Perient family, possibly connected to the above family was the followig Edward though it is noted that Visitation identifies him as from Yorkshire. As the connection with Sir Nicholas of Quickswood is presumptuous, we show the Visitation data in italics.
Edward Trot of Yorkshire
m. Elizabeth Parke
1. Sir Nicholas Trot
  Visitation indicates that Sir Nicholas had issue but does not povide any more information about him or his own family. We presume (with no reason other than similarity of name & date) that this was the Sir Nicholas Trott of Quickswood, Hertfordshire, who married ...
  m. Mary Perient (dau of Sir George Perient of Ayott)
  A. Elizabeth Trott
  m. Sir Thomas Beaumont, 1st Bart of Stoughton Grange (d 11.08.1676)
  B. Frances Trott
  m1. William Marbury of Marbury (d 1645)
  m2. Sir Peter Brooke of Mere
  C. Helen Trott
  m. (1639) Cassibelan Burton of Lindley (b 1609, d 1681)
2. James Trot of London (alderman)
  m. Anne Ingram (dau of Hugh Ingram of London, sister of Sir Arthur)
  A. James Trott of Mapleton, Derbyshire (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Bis (dau of John Bis of Pedleges)
  i.+ issue - Baptist, James
  B. Elizabeth Trot
  m. Richard Crawley of London
  C.+ other issue - Thomas, William, Matthew, High, Anne



Possibly with no connection to either of the above families, and shown here for convenience only, was ...
John Trott of Westrom, Kent
m. Mary Brownesword
1. John Trott of London (a 1634)
  m. Katherine Hills (dau of Daniel Hills of London)
  A. Sir John Trott of Laverstoke, Bart, Sheriff of Hampshire (b c1615, d 14.07.1672)
  m. (06.02.1637/8) Elizabeth Wright (d before 08.1698, dau/coheir of Sir Edmund Wright, Lord Mayor of London (by Martha, dau of Edward Baron of London), m2. Lord James Russell)
  i. Catherine Trott (d before 05.1679)
  m. Sir Hugh Stewkeley, 2nd Bart of Hinton
  ii.+ other issue (dvp unm) - John (b c1642), Edmund (b c1643)
  B. Hester Trott
  m. Barnard Hide of Bore Place

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1838, Trott) with input as reported above
(2) For middle section : Visitation (London, 1634, Trott (1)) plus cross-references from elsewhere in the database
(3) For lower section : Visitation (London, 1634, Trott (2)), TCB (vol 3, Trott or Trot of Laverstoke)
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