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Families covered: Malby of Connaught, Maltby of Norwich, Malby of Roscommon, Maltby of Shelton

The family history book used as the source for this page, which appearsalso to support Maltby1 (though that has not been checked in detail), starts the following pedigree with 2 brothers, noting "Could (their father) have been" the following John?
John Maltby of Lincolnshire (d c1534, "descended from an old Yorkshire family") possibly father of ...
1. Sir Nicholas Maltby or Malby of Roscommon, Governor & President of Connaught (d 04.03.1584)
  Various web sites identify the mother of Nicholas's daughter Ursula as the following Honora Bourke. No mention of her is made in the family history book. As that book provides a whole section on Sir Nicholas (p101+) without mentioning Honora Bourke, we view that suggestion with caution.
  m1/2. Honora Bourke (dau of Ulick Bourke, 3rd Earl of Clanricarde)
The family history book identifies Nicholas's wife and mother of Henry & Ursula as the following Thomasine. It notes the suggestion that she m2. George Rawe but concludes that that was probably another Lady Malby, possibly the wife of Sir George, shown below as Nicholas's grandson.
  m2/1. Thomasine Lamb (dau of Robert Lamb of Leeds (by dau of Castell of the Castells of East Hatley))
  A. Henry Malby 'of Ros(common)' (b 1569, d 11.1602, Captain)
  m. Elizabeth Jobson (granddau of Sir Francis Jobson (Lt. of the Tower of London), m2. Sir Ralph (William?) Sedley)
  i. Sir George Maltby (d 1638-9)
  m. Ann (m2. George Rawe?)
  B. daughter
  m. Thomas Omesby
  i. Maltby Omesby
  C. Ursula Malby
  m. Anthony Brabazon of Ballinasloe
2. John Maltby or Malby
  A. John Maltby



William Maltby (b 1641, d 1718)
m. (31.10.1682) Jane Brough (bur 06.11.1724, dau of George Brough of Shelton)
1. George Maltby (b 1687-8, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Brough (bpt 1692, d 21.05.1731, dau of Richard Brough by Catharine)
  A. Samuel Maltby (b 17.01.1725-6, 6th son)
  m. (20.02.1749) Elizabeth Langley of Grantham
  i. George Maltby (b 10.03.1750-1),
  ii. Brough Maltby of Shelton (b 29.12.1752)
  m. Mary Ince
  a. John Ince Maltby (b 27.12.1780, d 30.09.1863, rector of Shelton) had issue (1 daughter)
  b. Charles Maltby (b 14.01.1784, bank manager) had issue
  m. (28.04.1825) Mary Watson
  c. Samuel Maltby (b 28.10.1787, d 1857, Colonel, 4th son)
  m. Anne Lloyd (d 1857, dau/heir of Lt. Gen. G.W.A. Lloyd)
  d. Elizabeth Maltby (b 24.11.1782)
  m. Charles Cook
  e. Harriet Maltby (b 10.04.1786)
  m. (1813) George Nichols
  f.+ other issue - Brough (b 24.04.1785, d 21.12.1788), Thomas (b 23/25.01.1789), Mary Ann (b 05.10.1779)
  iii. Samuel Maltby of Shelton (b 20.02.1755, d 16.01.1812)
  m1. ??
  m2. (09.08.1798) Sarah Karr (b c1749, d 03.07.1811)
  iv. Ann Maltby (b 05.01.1752-3)
  m. (22.06.1790) Richard C. Harrison
  v. Jane Maltby (b 25.12.1753)
  m. (01.03.1790) John S. Godfrey of Newark
  vi. Elizabeth Maltby (b 17.01.1757)
  m. (02.05.1786) William Farmerie of Newark
  B.+ other issue - George (bur 01.03.1717), William (bur 15.07.1720), William (b 21.03.1721-2), Thomas (b 20.08.1723), George (b 27.12.1724), John (b 12.02.1726-7), Elizabeth (bur 12.12.1719), Elizabeth (b 17.04.1721!)
2. Thomas Maltby, Sheriff of Norfolk
m. (09.10.1716) Elizabeth Taylor
  A. Brough Maltby of London (b 10.1719, wholesale draper, 2nd son)
  m. Ann Dyer
  i.+ issue - Thomas, Rowland, Brough, William (b 1763, d 1854), 3 sons, Elizabeth (bur 27.12.1744), Ann (bur 16.04.1746), 2 daughters
  B. Thomas Maltby of Norwich & Germans, Buckinghamhire (b 07.03.1722)
  m. Elizabeth Rigby (dau of John Rigby of Oldfield)
  i. Elizabeth Maltby (d 13.06.1826)
  m. (03.09.1784) George Pretyman, later Pretyman-Tomline (b 1750, d 14.11.1827, son of George of Bury St. Edmunds by Susan Hubbard)
  ii. Harriet Maltby in Bath (b 1763, d 12.1852
  C. George Maltby of Norwich (b 10.01.1730, d 08.1794, master weaver)
  m. (230.04.1761) Mary Fearman (b 1739, d 1800)
  i. Charles Maltby in Philadelphia (b 17.01.1767, d 26.10.1800, 4th son)
  m. Sarah Sweers (b 22.02.1771, d 31.01.1854, dau of Cornelius Sweers by Hannah)
  a. son (d infant)
  b. Anna Maria Maltby in New York (b 13.12.1798, d 13.04.1869)
  m. Jean Baptiste Giles Reynaud St. Felix (b 21.10.1790, d 03.08.1854)
  ii. Edward Maltby, Bishop of Chichester & Durham (b 06.04.1770, d 03.07.1859, 7th son)
  m. _ Harvey
  a.+ issue - George, Frederick, Charles Harvey, Edward Harvey (b 1798?), Henry Joseph, Mary Lydia
  iii. Anna Maltby (b 23.05.1771, dsp?)
  m. _ Elliot (Colonel)
  iv. Sophia Maltby (b 04.09.1774)
  m. (15.07.1800) Michael Bland (son/heir of Thomas Bland of Gurney & Bland)
  v.+ issue - George (b 26.01.1762, d 05.1762), Thomas (b 10.07.1763, had issue?), George (b 26.09.1765, d 17.09.1817 in Maryland), William (b 25.02.1768, d 09.05.1770), Michael (b 19.03.1769, d 06.05.1770), Henry (b 01.06.1772), Brough (b 30.10.1775, d 16.04.1776), Rachel (b 16.06.1773, d 02.07.1773), Elizabeth (b 01.04.1779, d 27.07.1779), Rachel (b 13.08.1782), Maria?
  D.+ other issue - Charles (b 03.10.1717, d 16.10.1717), William (b 06.10.1733), Ann (b 07.10.1718, d 27.11.1718), Elizabeth (b 06.06.1723, d 26.11.1724), Ann (b 29.10.1724), Affiah (b 03.08.1727, d unm 17.05.1748), Jane (b 15.01.1731-2)
3. John Maltby possibly the John who married ...
  m. (1710) Anne Kirk
2. Charles Maltby (a 1737?, Sheriff of Norfolk?)
  m. Martha (d 1729)
  A. Martha Maltby (b c1723, d 1725)
4. Mary Maltby
  m. _ Parnham
5.+ other issue - William (b c1683?), Ann (b 1688, d 25.08.1717), Elizabeth (a 1718, d unm?)

Main source(s): 'Maltby-Maltbie Family History' (Dorothy Maltby Verrill, 1916) with thanks to a contributor (DCS, 31.01.20) for bringing it to our attention
(1) For upper section : PedigreeVI (p100) in that book
(2) For lower section : Pedigree XI (p124+) in that book
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