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Families covered: Linskill of North Shields, Linskill of Tynemouth Lodge, Linskill of Whitby, Lind of Gorgie, Lind of Linne, Lizures of Abington, Lunell of Farthingston(e), Lexinton of Lexinton (Lexington of Lexington), Lexinton of Tuxford, Loudham of Loudham

William Linskill of Whitby & North Shields (b 1765-6, d 20.04.1783)
m. (13.10.1754) Jane Pearson (dau/heir of Anthony Pearson of North Shields)
1. Robert Linskill of Whitby (b 09.06.1757, d before 29.09.1790)
2. William Linskill of Tynemouth Lodge, North Shields, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 18.10.1766, d 13.05.1845) had issue
  m. (01.08.1805) Mary Grey (d 21.09.1841, dau of Ralph William Grey of Backworth)
3. Maria Antonia Linskill (b 07.01.1770-1, d 25.01.1843)
  m. (26.11.1795) John Mansell (Captain (later Major))
4.+ other issue - Anthony (b 15.11.1758), John (b 21.08.1760), Anthony (b 29.07.1761), Abigail (b 14.09.1755, d infant), Hannah (b 30.07.1762), Abigail (b 21.06.1764), Esther (b 13.10.1767)



The family of Lind descends from the Lynnes of Lynne (aka Linnes of Linne and Lynns of that ilk) in Ayrshire. Burke mentions that the following James was representative of that family.
James Lind, last of Linne, later of Croftfute
1. ?? Lind
  A. ?? Lind
  A great-grandson of the above James was ...
  i. John Lind
  m. Isabella Boyd (dau of David Boyd of Fougel)
  a. George Lind, 1st of Gorgie (chief magistrate of Edinburgh)
m1. ??
  m2. John Montgomery (dau of Hugh Montgomery of Smithton, cadet of Eglinton)
  (1) Alexander Lind of Gorgie
  m. Helen Allardice (b 1697, d 1746, dau of Sir George Allardice)
  (A) James Lind (physician to King George IV)
  m. Anne Elizabeth Mealy (dau of John Mealy by Elizabeth, dau of Richard Parry of Perveddgods)
  (i) Lucy Maria Lind
  m. Markham Eeles Sherwill (b 1787, son of Markham Eeles S. by "an heiress of the Collet family")
  (ii)+ other issue - Alexander (had issue), Anne, Dorothea
(2) George Lind, Lord Provost of Edinburgh (d unm 1763, MP)
  (3) John Lind (Colonel)
  m1. Anne Semple (dau of John Semple "of the family of Fulwood")
  (A) John Lind (Major General)
  m2. Mary Crawford
  (B)+ other issue - Morris Alexander, George, Mary
  (4) Francis Lind (MD)
  m. Elizabeth Farrer (dau of Major Montague Farrer)
  (5) Katherine Lind probably of this generation
  m. Robert Moubray of Bush & Castlelaw
  (6) daughter
  b.+ other sons



Fitz Lizures or Lisoriis ("came into England with Will. Conq.")
1. William Lizures
  A. Fulk Lizures (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
  i. William Lizures of Wansford, Abington, etc.
  a. Alice Lizures, heiress of Abington
  m1. Vitalis Engaine
  Their younger son inherited Abington and assumed the name Lizures.
  m2. Humhprey Bassingburn, later of Abington
  B. Agnes Lizures
  m. Henry de Alneto



Walter Lunell of Farthingston(e), Northamptonshire (a 1181, 1197)
1. William Lunell of Farthingston (a 1225)
  MGH shows an additional generation at this point, a Walter (a 1250). Baker shows William as father of ...
  A. Hugh Lunell of Farthingston (a 1234, 1270)
  i. Geoffrey Lunell of Farthingston (a 1305)
m. Isabella (a 1305)
  a. Richard Lunell of Farthingston (a 1329, 1346)
  m. Emma (a 1329)
  (1) Philip Lunell of Farthingston (a 1329)
  m1. Alice Blancfront
  (A) Richard Lunell (a 1329, dsp by 1406)
  m2. Alice
  (B) Catherine Lunell (d by 1414)
  m1. Henry de Sydenhale of Tanworth & Farthingston (a 1394)
  m2. John Yate (d by 1414)
  (C)+ other issue (dsp by 1406) - Philip, Richard, John



'Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England' (Banks, vol 1 (1807), Lexinton') reports that "This name is taken from Lexington, now called Laxton, in the county of Nottingham; which lordship Richard Lexinton possessed in the time of King John." Banks suggests that Richard's successor was Robert but Baker shows John as the eldest son.
Robert de Lexinton
1. Richard de Lexinton of Lexinton & Tuxford, Nottinghamshire (a temp John who r. 1199-1216)
  A. John de Lexinton of Tuxford & Aston le Walls (dsp 1256, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of King Henry 3)
  m. Margery de Merlay (d 1291)
  B. Robert de Lexinton of Averhan (dsp 29.05.1250, judge)
  C. Henry de Lexinton, Bishop of Lincoln (dsp 08.08.1258)
  D. Cecily de Lexinton
  m. William de Markham
  E. Alice de Lexinton
  m. Rowland de Sutton (d by 1258)
  F.+ other issue (dsp) - Peter, Stephen



Eustachius de Ludenham or Ludham of Loudham, Nottinghamshire, (Under) Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire (a 1214) succeeded by ...
1. Sir Walter de Ludham of Loudham
  A. Sir Walter de Loudham of Loudham
  i. Sir John de Loudham of Loudham (d 1318-9)
  m. Alice Kirketon (d 1345, dau of Sir Robert de Kirketon)
  a. Sir John de Loudham of Loudham & Walton (d 1387-8)
m. Isabell Breton (dau/heir of Sir Robert Breton of Walton)
  (1) Sir John de Loudham of Loudham (dsp)
  m. Margaret (m2. Sir John Zouch)
  Sir John is shown as dsp, being succeeded by his sisters. However, it is possible that he was the Sir John who had the following daughter. She may have been illegitimate.
  (A) Joan Loudham (a 01.1451)
  m1. Sir John Swillington of Burston
  m2. (by 06.1425) Sir John Ogle, later Bertram of Bothal, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 1450)
  (2) Isabell Loudham (d before 1409)
  m. Sir Thomas Beckering
  (A) Alice Beckering (b c1400, a 1450)
  m. Sir Thomas Rempston (d 1457-8)
  (3) Margaret Loudham
  m. Thomas Foljambe (a 1391)
  b. Joan Loudham (d 1366)
  m. Sir Geoffrey de Staunton

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