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Families covered: Sutton of Aston, Sutton of Dudley Castle, Sutton of Sutton, Sutton of Worksop

Hervey de Sutton (a 1100)
1. Hervey de Sutton
  A. Hugh de Sutton
  m. Elizabeth Patrick
The above names come from 'TUDOR'. BE1883 starts with ...
  i. Hervey de Sutton of Sutton
  a. Robert de Sutton (dsp)
  b. Richard de Sutton
  (1) Agnes de Sutton
  m. Gilbert de Muschamp
  (2) Margery de Sutton
m. Stephen de Coverham
  (3) Alice de Sutton
  (4) Mary de Sutton
  m. Guichard de Charrons
  (5) Elizabeth de Sutton
  (A) William de Caunton
  c. Rowland de Sutton
  m. (c1215) Alice de Lexington (dau of Richard de Lexington)
  (1) William de Sutton of Worksop (b 1217, d 1268)
m1. Matilda (a 1242)
  (A) (Sir) Robert de Sutton of Worksop & Aston (b 1240, d c1273)
  m. Johanna
  (i) Richard de Sutton of Worksop & Aston (b 29.09.1266, a 1307)
BE1883 reports that the father of Richard's wife, Isabel, was Roderic, son of Griffin, Lord of Shokelach. BP1934 reports that he was William Patrick. Baker identifies him as William son of William Patric by Beatrice, dau/coheir of David de Malpas. We follow BE1883 as Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Egerton of Egerton and Oulton) reports an Isabell, dau of Roderick ap Griffin, as having married a Sir Richard Sutton. However, it is somewhat presumptuous that this is the same Richard Sutton. We hope to review this connection in due course.
  m. Isabel (dau of Roderick ap Griffin (by) BEatrice, dau/coheir of David de Malpas)
  (a) Sir John de Sutton of Aston, later of Dudley Castle (d 1327)
  m. Margaret de Somerie (dau of Roger de Somerie of Dudley)
  ((1)) John de Sutton, Lord of Dudley (d 1359)
BE1883 identifies the calling of this John to Parliament in 1342 as evidence that he was created a hereditary Baron. Neither TCP nor BP1934 agree with that. We follow them.
  m. Isabel de Cherleton (d 10.04.1397, dau of John de Cherleton, Lord of Powis)
  ((A)) John de Sutton, 'Lord' of Dudley (d c1370/1376)
  m1. (25.12.1357) Catherine de Stafford (d 12.1361, dau of Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford)
  m2. Johanna Clinton (dau of John Clinton of Coleshill)
  ((2)) Thomas de Sutton, later Dudley of Clopton or Clapton (d 1369)
Baker shows Thomas, "said to be ancestor of Dudley of Clopton", as brother of the John who m. Margaret Mortimer though the problem with the wives over these generations (reported at the top of Sutton02) makes this less helpful than first appears. Thomas, who is identifed by BEB1841 as having settled at Clapton, is "stated to have derived" from John Sutton (shown here as Thomas's nephew) who assumed the name of Dudley and was "father of Edmund Dudley, the notorious minister of Henry VII, and ancestor of the Dudleys, Earls of Warwick" who was "a descendant of" the John de Sutton who "was summoned to Parliament as Baron Sutton of Dudley in 1342." This is confused as that Edmund was several generations later. We follow Wotton, used as a source for the continuation, who identifies Thomas as "second son of Sir John de Sutton, who, in right of his wife, was made baron of Dudley, about the year 1340".
  ((3)) Margaret (or Katherine?) de Sutton
  m. Roger Hillary
  m2. Margaret
  m2. Eva
  (2) Robert de Sutton of Aram (b 1240, d 1291)
  m1. Lucy or Alice Bertram (dau of Rowland Bertram)
  m2. Isabel Pigott (dau/coheir of Hugh Pigott or Picot)
  (3) Sir Richard Sutton possibly of this generation
  (A) Margaret Sutton (heir)
  m. Bertram Monboucher

Main source(s): BE1883 ('Sutton of Dudley'), BP1934 ('Baron Dudley'), 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Lexinton, Sutton Baron de Dudley, Butler, and Plowden', p470)
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