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Families covered: Hastang of Budbrook, Hastang of Chebsey, Hastang of Leamington (Lemington), Hender of Botreaux Castle, Huntingfield of Frampton, Huntingfield of Huntingfield, Hepden of Burwash

Humphrey Hastang
TCP starts properly with the Sir Robert who married Joane de Curli but mentions Eutrope Hastang, ancestor of that Robert, who confirmed a grant of his father Humphrey. It is presumed that that Eutrope was the following Atrop who is the first mentioned by BE1883.
1. Atrop or Eutrope Hastang of Lemington or Leamington (a 1121)
  A. Atrop Hastang of Lemington
  i. Humphrey Hastang of Lemington (a 1216)
a. Sir Robert Hastang of Chebsey, Leamington Hastang and Budbrook (a 1256)
  m. Joane de Curli (dau of William de Curli of Budbrook)
  (1) Sir Robert Hastang of Chebsey, Leamington Hastang and Budbrook (a 1245, d by 12.1304)
  There are a number of significant differences between TCP and BE1883. We follow TCP but note that BE1883 appears to omit this Sir Robert, showing Robert,1st Lord, as successor to the Sir Robert who married Joane de Curli and showing the 1st Lord as father (rather than younger brother) of John, '2nd Lord', father of Thomas, '3rd Lord', who married Maud, widow of John Strange of Knockyn. BE1883 reports that John, '2nd Lord', does not appear to have been called to parliament but that his son Thomas was. TCP reports that, whilst Thomas was summoned to Council meetings, he was never called "to a regular Parl.".
  m. (02.09.1285) Isobel Mortimer (dau of Roger de Mortimer of Wigmore) wife of Robert, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Sir John Hastang of Chebsey, Leamington Hastang and Budbrook
  (i) Sir Thomas Hastang of Chebsey, Leamington Hastang and Budbrook (d by 1348)
  m1. (before 28.03.1310) Maud Deiville (dau of Roger Deiville of Walton-Deivile, widow of John le Strange of Knockyn)
(a) Elizabeth Hastang
  m2. (by 07.1325) Elizabeth
  (b) Sir John Hastang of Chebsey and Budbrook
  m. Blanche
  BE1883 combines this John with his son. TCP notes that Maud Trussel is "always assigned as 2nd wife of the elder Sir John" but is clear that they were of different generations.
  ((1)) John Hastang of Grafton and Upton Waryn (d 10.1367)
  m. Maud Trussel (d c1371, dau of Sir William Trussel)
  ((A)) Maud Hastang, heiress of Grafton (bpt 02.02.1358/9)
  m. Ralph de Stafford of Grafton (b c1330, d 01.03.1409/10)
  ((B)) Joane Hastang, heiress of Upton Waryn
  m1. Sir John Salisbury (d 1388)
  m2. Rustin de Villeneuve
  m3. Roger de Swynnerton
  (B) Robert de Hastang of La Desiree and Badenhall, Sheriff of Roxburgh then Peebles, Lord Hastang (dsp before 15.04.1336)
  m. (before 24.04.1300) Emmea de Cleseby (dau of Sir Robert de Cleseby by Amabel)
  (C) Richard de Hastang, Sheriff of Jedburgh
  (2) Alice de Hastang
  b. Hamon Hastang or Hastynge



David Hender or Hendower of Wales (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
m. Margaret Cornwall (dau/coheir of John de Cornwall)
1. David Hender
  A. Thomas Hender
  i. ?? Hender
  a. ?? Hender
  Vivian shows a dotted line connection, with 3 intervening generations, between the above Thomas and the following William. We presume that this means that there is uncertainty as to the number of intervening generations.
  (1) ?? Hender
(A) William Hender of Botriaux (Bottreaux) Castle, Cornwall
  m. Agnes Newcourt (dau of John Newcourt of Holisworthie)
  (i) John Hender of Botreaux Castle (d 09.06.1613)
  m. Jane Thorne (dau of (Andrew) Thorne of Northamptonshire)
(a) Katherine Hender
  m. John Molsworth of Breage (Pencarrow)
  (b) Mary Hender
  m. Ellys Heale of Devon
  (c) Elizabeth Hender
  m. William Cotton
  (d) Frances Hender
m. Sir Richard Roberts of Truro, 1st Lord (d 19.04.1634)
  (ii) Edward Hender of Veriam, Cornwall (a 1620)
  m. Elizabeth Trefrie (dau of John Trefrie of Foye)
  (iii) Julyan Hender
  m. William Arscott of Holsworthy
  ii. Richard Hender
  m. _ Chamberlayne (dau/heir of John Chamberlayne by dau/heir of Pever)
  a. Margaret Hender (d 14.04.1500)
  m. Thomas Tregarthen 'of Tregarthen'
  (1) John Tregarthen 'of Tregathern' 'of Coombe' (b c1488, d 05.01.1503)
  (A) Johanna Tregarthen (b c1495)
  (B) Margaret Tregarthen (b c1500, d 07.07.1558) who married ...
  m1. George Tanner of Colampton (Collumpton)
  m2. (sp) Nicholas Ashford (b 1481-2, d 10.06.1557)



William de Huntingfield (d 1155)
m. Sibyl (d 1189) wife of William, presumed mother of ...
1. Roger de Huntingfield (d 1204)
  m. Alice de Senlis wife of Roger, presumed mother of ...
  A. William de Huntingfield (d 1220, Keeper of Dover Castle)
  BE1883 suggests that William's wife was Alice de St. Liz but TCP suggests that Alice was his mother and that his wife was ...
  m. Isabel 'de Gressinghall' (d 1209, widow of Osmund de Stuteville)
i. Roger de Huntingfield (d by 10.07.1257)
  m(2). Joan de Hobrugg (d by 07.09.1297, dau of William de Hobrugg)
  a. Sir William de Huntingfield of Huntingfield (Suffolk), Frampton, etc. (b 24.08.1237, d 1282/3)
  m. Emma de Grey (d 1264, dau of John de Grey by Emma, dau of Geoffrey de Glanville, sister of Geoffrey)
  (1) Sir Roger de Huntingfield of Huntingfield (d c11.1302)
BE1883 shows Roger as the 1st Baron but TCP does not. We follow TCP and so disagree with BE1883 on the numberings of the Lords.
  m. (c1277) Joice d'Engaine (d 1312, au of Sir John d'Engaine of Laxton by Joan de Greinville)
  (A) William de Huntingfield of Huntingfield & Frampton (d 09.1313)
  m1. Joan de Hastings (dau of John de Hastings, Lord, by Isabel de Valance)
  (i) Sir Roger de Huntingfield (b c1305, d before 26.04.1337)
  m. Cicely de Norwich (dau of Sir Walter de Norwich)
(a) Sir William de Huntingfield, Lord (bpt 08.01.1330, d 11.1376)
  m. Elizabeth Willoughby (dau of John Willoughby, Lord of Eresby)
  ((1)) John de Huntingfield (dvpsp before1374)
  m. Margery de Welles (dau of John, Lord Welles, by Maude de Ros)
  (b) Elizabeth de Huntingfield
  This connection given in TCP (Norwich).
  m. Richard Fraunceys
  ((1)) Eleanor Fraunceys (a 1376)
  m. Sir John de Norwich, 2nd Lord (dsp 1373)
  m2. Sibyl (d before 23.07.1317, she m2. William, Lord Latimer)
  (B) Joan de Huntingfield apparently of this generation
  m. (before 1300) Richard Basset, Lord of Great Weldon (d c07.1314)
  ii. Alice de Huntingfield mentioned by BE1883
  m. Richard de Solers (d by 1214)



Thomas Hepden ("came out of the north")
1. Stephen Hepden
  A. Richard Hepden
  i.+ issue - Thomas, John, Stephen, William
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Peter
2. John Hepden of Burwash, Sussex (bur 27.12.1583)
  m. Jane Wenham (d by 1591, dau of John Wenham of Laughton)
  A. Thomas Hepden of Burwash
  m. Mary Harmer (dau of Richard Harmer)
  i. Joane Hepden
  m. John Pilcher
  ii. Mary Hepden
  m. George Overy
  iii. Elizabeth Hepden
  m. Nicholas Maunster of Hgihtown
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas, John, Herbert, Pelham, Judith, Martha, Constance
  B. Goddard Hepden of Burwash (d before 18.03.1632-3)
m. Anne Frye (d before 27.05.1641, dau/coheir of Nicholas Frye of Ringmore)
  i. Thankfull Hepden of Burwas (bpt 20.10.1594, bur 18.02.1675, 3rd son?)
  m1. (sp) Susan Selwood (dau of Humphrey Selwood)
  m2. Frances Brewer (dau of Richard Brewer of West Farley)
  a.+ issue (a 1662) - Thomas (bpt 22.9.1649), John (bpt 18.01.1651)
  ii. Elizabeth Hepden
  m. George Deering
  iii. Godsguift (or Goodguift) Hepden
  m. Zabulon Newenton of Ticeherst
  iv. Hopestill Hepden
  m. Samwell Newenton of Kingston Bowsey
  v. Fearenot Hepden
  m. Thomas Newenton of Bishopston
  vi. Constance Hepden
  m. Alexander Elliott of mayfield
  vii.+ other issue - John, Retorne (sic), Goddard, Herbert
  C. John Hepden (dsp)

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