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Families covered: Hanbury (Hambury) of Benhall, Hanbury (Hambury) of Hanbury Hall (Hambury), Hanbury of Kelmarsh

The main source for this family,Visitation (Worcestershire), uses the name Hambury rather than Hanbury. We are not sure whether this is correct but, noting that Hanbury appears to be used by some other sources and to be consistent with pages Hanbury1 and 2, we use Hanbury throughout.
William Hanbury of Hanbury Hall
m. Margery Hanbury (dau of John Hanbury of Hanbury Hall)
1. John Hanbury of Hanbury or Hambury
  A. John Hanbury of Hanbury or Hamburye
  m. Anne Menshe (dau of Robart Menshe)
  i. William or Walter Hanbury of Hanbury
  m. Joanne Cockes (dau of Henry Cockes or Cooke of Tarbyke)
  a. John Hanbury of Hanbury (a 1569)
  b. Elizabeth Hanbury
  m. Thomas Beste
  c. Felice (or Alice) Hanbury
  m. William Strange
  d. Jone Hanbury
  m. Thomas Hancock
  e. Alice Hanbury
  m. John Brascey
  f.+ other issue - Henry, Anne



John Hanbury of Beanhall and Feckenham
1. Edward Hanbury of Benhall
  A. Humfrey Hanbury of Benhall
  i. Anthony Hanbury of Benhall
  m. Anne Jennetts (dau of Humfrey Jennetts)
  a. Walter Hanbury of Benhall
  m1. Ursolow Sprott (dau of Edward Sprott of Ashemor Brockett)
  (1) Walter Hanbury
  m. _ Hanbury
(A)+ issue - Edward, daughter
  (2) Jossua Hanbury
  m. _ Morgan (dau of _ Morgan of Huntsend)
  (A) John Hanbury
  m1. (sp) ?? Ayleworth (dau of ?? Ayleworth of Tackley)
  m2. _ Houghton
  (i) Jonas Hanbury (a 1569)
  (B) Thomas Hanbury
  (3) Humffrey Hanbury
  (4) Allice Hanbury
  m. Thomas Geffereys
  (4) Joyce Hanbury
  m. _ Morgan
  (6) Margery Hanbury
m. _ Leeche
  (7) Frances Hanbury
  m. Thomas Bartley or Barkley of Cessage
  (8) Martha Hanbury
  m. William Balis
m2. Cicely Rowse (dau of John Rowse of Rowse)
  (9) Sir John Hanbury of London and Kelmarsh
  m. Mary Whettill (dau of William Whettill of Isham)
  (A) Edward Hanbury 'of Kelmarsh Hall' (d 1656)
  The Visitation ends with this Edward, showing that, by 1569, he had had a daughter by a Shukborough. More on Edward's marriages & children is given by MGH (NS2, vol 3 (1890), 'Shuckburgh Pedigree', p319).
  m1. Dorothy Shuckburgh (dau of Edward Shuckburgh of Naseby)
(i) John Hanbury 'of Kelmarsh Hall' father of John (father of Elizabeth), presumed also of ...
  (a) Thomas Hanbury
  BP1870 starts with Thomas Hanbury, identifying his son William as great-great-grandson of Sir John Hanbury of Kelmarsh.
  m. Elizabeth Clarke (dau of George Clarke of Northamptonshire)
  ((1)) William Hanbury of Kelmarsh (d 1768)
  m. Sarah Western (d 1766, dau of William Western of Rivenhill by Anne Bateman)
  ((A)) William Hanbury of Kelmarsh (d 16.11.1807)
  m. (1778) Charlotte Packe (dau of Charles James Packe of Prestwold)
  ((i)) William Hanbury, later Bateman-Hanbury, 1st Lord Bateman (b 24.06.1780, d 22.07.1845) had issue
  m. (16.08.1822) Elizabeth Chichester (b c1799, d 19.09.1882, dau of Spencer Stanley Chichester of Dunbrody)
((ii)) Sir John Hanbury (b 1782, dsp 07.06.1863, General)
  m. (17.05.1842) Charlotte Rycroft (dau of Sir Nelson Rycroft, Bart)
  ((iii)) George Hanbury of Swaffham (b1782, d 04.02.1862, rector of Kelmarsh)
  ((iv)) Anne Hanbury
  m. Sir Sotherton B. Peckham-Micklethwait, Bart of Iridge Place (dsp 1853)
  ((B)) Anne Hanbury (d 1778)
m. John Harvey Thursby of Abington Abbey (d 1798)
  (b) John Hanbury probably of this generation
  ((1)) Elizabeth Hanbury
  m. (1748) Jacob Bosanquet of Bath (b 12.1713, d 06.1767)
  (ii) Dorothy Hanbury
  m. George Fant of Easton (Faunt of Foston)
  m2. Lucy Martin
  (iii)+ 4 sons + 3 daughters
  (B) Mary Hanbury (d 1686)
  m1. Sir Myles Sandes of Miserden (son/heir of Sir William of Musserden)
  m2. Sir Thomas Richardson (b 1597, d 12.03.1642-3)
  m3. (27.02.1646-7) John Gofton of Stockwell
  (10) Jonnas Hanbury
  m. Adrian(ne) de Cash ("a Dutchwoman")
  (A)+ issue - John, George, Edward, Walter, Dorothy, Ciceley, Mary
  (11) Edward Hanbury in London
  (12) Eleanor Hanbury
  m. Thomas Pendrishe of Crowill
  b. Alice Hanbury
  m. Thomas Jefereys or Jessors of Bentley Gamsfolk
  c+. other issue - Francis, John, Anthony

Main source(s): Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, 'Hambury' (sic)), BP1870 ('Bateman')
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