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Families covered: Grosvenor of Budworth, Grosvenor of Eaton, Grosvenor of Hulme (Holme)

The generations before Sir Robert, Sheriff of Cheshire who died in 1396, are taken from BP2003 (Westminster). The Visitations & Collins start with Gilbert le Grosvenator (to England 1066), identified as nephew of Hugh Lupus, Count of Chester (c1050-1101). Gilbert is shown as father of Robert, father of Henry, father of Ralph, father of Richard, father of Robert of Budworth (m. Emma Modberley) - though Collins inserts an additional Robert before Richard whilst 'VisitC1' inserts an additional Robert after Richard. That is mentioned by BP1934 though that does not give full support to the view. We follow BP2003 but, because that appears to have omitted information not directly relevant to the line of Hulme (and Eaton), we refer below to some of the data provided by the Visitations.
Robert le Grosvenor of Budworth (a 1170)
m. Alice (she m2. William de Stretton)
1. Randle le Grosvenor of Budworth (d by 1232)
  A. Richard le Grosvenor of Hulme, Cheshire (d 1269)
i. Robert le Grosvenor of Hulme, Sheriff of Cheshire (bur 1293)
  m. Margery
  a. Robert le Grosvenor of Hulme, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 1328)
  m. Margery
  (1) Robert le Grosvenor of Rudheath, later of Hulme (d by 1342)
  'VisitC1' shows Robert (buried in Budworth) & Emma as father of Ralph, father of the Robert who m. dau of Sir John Daniell, but then does not clearly connect to the next generation. 'VisitC2' & 'VisitW1' show the Robert (buried in Budworth) who m. Emma Modburley as father of 2 sons - Ralph & Robert. 'VisitW1' shows Ralph as son not of Emma but of Alice (who m2. William Sketton) and as father of another Ralph father of Robert of Budworth father of Warin of Budworth who had issue. Collins, 'VisitC2' & 'VisitW1' show (the other son), Robert, as m. Emma, dau of Warin Mainwaring of Pever, by whom he was father of Maud/Matilda (m1. John Hatton, m2. Ralph Vernon, not mentioned by Collins) and the following Ralph.
  m. (by 1323) Emma de Modburlegh (dau of William de Modburlegh by Maud Downes)
  (A) Ralph le Grosvenor of Hulme (d by 1356)
  m. Joan
  (i) Sir Robert le Grosvenor of Hulme, Sheriff of Cheshire (b c1341, d 22.04.1396)
  m1. Margaret (dsp 06.1370, dau of Sir John Danyell or Danyers of Tabley)
  m2. Joan de Pulford (dau/heir of Sir Robert de Pulford (son of Sir Robert son of Sir Robert), widow of Thomas Belgrave)
  (a) Sir Thomas Grosvenor of Hulme (a 1423)
m. Katherine Fesant (dau/coheir of Sir William Fesant or Phesant or Phesaunt of Staffordshire) named Joan by Collins
  ((1)) Robert Grosvenor of Hulme (d by 1465)
  m. Jenetta (Jonet or Johanne) Chidell (dau of Galfrid Chidell (Jeoffrey Chedell))
  ((A)) Elizabeth Grosvenor (d by 1503)
  m. (1446/1464) Peter Dutton of Hatton, later of Dutton (d 1503)
  ((B)) Emma Grosvenor
  m1. John Legh of Booths (d 1470)
  m2. Peter Shakerley
((C)) Katherine Grosvenor
  m1. Richard Winnington of Winnington
  m2. William Venables
  ((D)) Margaret Grosvenor
  m. Thomas Leicester of Tabley (b 1444, d 1526)
  ((E)) Anna (Agnes) Grosvenor (b 1435, d 1520)
  m. (1470) William Stanley of Sturton and Halton
  ((F)) Margery Grosvenor (abbess)
  ((2)) Raufe (Ralph or Rawling) le Grosvenor (d by 1477) - continued below
  m1. Joan Eton (dau of John Eton of Eton, later Eaton)
  m2. Ellen Manley (dau of Jenkin Manley or Mandley)
  ((3)) Thomas Grosvenor
  m. Isabel or Elizabeth Pershall (dau of Richard Pershall of Chetwin)
  ((4)) Ralph (Randall) Grosvenor
  m. _ Whitmore
  (B) Robert le Grosvenor
2. Robert Grosvenor



Raufe (Ralph or Rawling) le Grosvenor (d by 1477) - continued above
m1. (married before 1444) Joan Eton (dau of John Eton of Eton, later Eaton)
'VisitC1' shows Rafe as father of Robert father of Thomas father of the Robert who m. Katherine Norris father of Thomas (dsp) & Richard. 'VisitC2' & 'VisitW1' support BP2003 in showing the generations as follows.
1. Robert Grosvenor (dvp) this generation omitted by Collins
  m. Johan Fitton (dau of Thomas Fitton of Gawsworth)
A. Robert Grosvenor of Eaton, Cheshire this generation omitted by Ormerod
  m. Catharine Norris (dau of Sir William Norris of Speke)
  i. Thomas Grosvenor of Eaton (dsp 1512-3)
  BP1934 names Thomas's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Sir Hugh Calverley of Calverley. BP2003, Ormerod & Collins name her ...
  m. Elizabeth Calveley (dau of Sir Hugh Calveley of Calveley (Lea))
  ii. Richard Grosvenor of Eaton (d 27.07.1542)
  m. (1509) Catherine Cotton (dau/coheir of Richard Cotton of Ridware)
  a. Sir Thomas Grosvenor of Eaton (d 1549)
  m. (1529) Maud Poole (dau of Sir William Poole of Poole)
b. Richard Grosvenor, Sheriff of Flintshire had issue
  m. Elizabeth Dutton (dau of Sir Piers Dutton of Hatton, widow of Sir Roger Puleston)
  c. John Grosvenor (dsps)
  (1) Thomas Grosvenor (dvp)
d. Anthony Grosvenor of Dodleston
  The following is supported by Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2 (1819), 'Gamul of Crabwall', p318).
  m. Juliana Puleston (dau of Sir Roger Puleston of Emerall) named Uriel by BP1934 & Collins
  (1) Elizabeth Grosvenor (d unm)
  (2) Amy Grosvenor (d 1612)
  m. Edward Bellott of Moreton
  (3) Frances Grosvenor
Visitation suggests that Frances (d unm) but Ormerod suggests that she married ...
  m. William Gamul of Crabwall (a 1608)
  e. Eleanor Grosvenor
  m. Thomas Reddish of Gropenhall
f. Catherine Grosvenor
  m. Thomas Ravenscroft of Bretton (son/heir of George)
  g. Anne Grosvenor
  m. Roger Puleston of Emral
  h. Margaret Grosvenor
m1. Ralph Birkenhead of Crowton
  m2. George Wood of Halterley and/or Battersey ('Chief Justice of Chester')
  m3. John Molyneux of Hutt or The Wood
  i. Maud Grosvenor
  m. Humphrey Ridgeley of Ridgeley
  j. Jane Grosvenor
  m1. George Sandford of Sandford
  m2. Sir William Hollis
k. Dorothy Grosvenor
  m1. Richard Wilbraham of Woodhey
  m2. Henry Savile of Bartley (Barrowby)
  l. Mary Grosvenor
  m1. Thomas Legh of Adlington (b 1527, d 1599!!)
m2. Sir Richard Egerton of Ridley (bur 11.06.1579)
  m.+ other issue - George (d young), Elizabeth (prioress), Alice (a 1559, nun), Ursula (d unm)
  iii.+ other issue - Ralph, James mentioned by 'VisitC2' & 'VisitW1'
  With Collins & Ormerod missing out a generation, there is some uncertainty as to which generation some of the children belonged to. 'VisitC2' & 'VisitW1' report that Robert dvp but mention that Robert & Joane/Johanna Fitton had 8 sons & 7 daughters. To 'play safe' (and avoid descendants presuming that Catherine Norris was an ancestress), provisionally we show Catherine & Joan as amongst those children.
  B. Catherine Grosvenor shown by Collins & 'VisitC2' as dau of Robert & Catherine Norris
  m1. Thomas Hough of Leighton (d 1513-4)
  m2. Sir William Venables of Kidderton
C. Joan Grosvenor shown by Collins & 'VisitC2' as dau of Robert & Catherine Norris
  m1. Ralph Legh of East Hall in High Legh (d c1507)
  m2. John Spurstow
  D.+ other issue
2. Ralph Grosvenor of Chester named Richard by Collins
  A. Richard Grosvenor, Sheriff of Chester (a 1492)
  m. Sibell
  i.+ 2 sons and 2-9 daughters Collins & 'VisitC2' report 9 daughters, 'VisitW1' reports 2
  B. Alice Grosvenor
  m. William Goodman of Chester
  C.+ daughters
3. James Grosvenor
  m. Margaret Stanley (dau of Piers Stanley of Ewloe (Ewlove or Ewlanda))
  A. Margaret Grosvenor
  m. Richard Oldefield of Knottesford
4. Alice Grosvenor
5. Jonett Grosvenor
  m. Oliver Hope (son of John)
m2. (sp) Ellen Manley (dau of Jenkin Manley or Mandley of Mandley) mentioned by Collins & 'VisitC2'

Main source(s):
(1) BP1934 (Westminster), BP2003 (Westminster), Collins (Egerton Brydges, vol 5 (1812), 'Grosvenor Earl Grosvenor', p239+) with support/input for the lower section from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, 'Eaton of Eaton and Grosvenor of Eaton', p454+)
(2) Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, 'Grosvenor al's Gravenor of Eaton') referred to above as 'Visit C1'; Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, 'Grosvenor of Eaton') referred to above as 'VisitC2'; Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, 'Grosvenor') referred to above as 'VisitW1'
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