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Families covered: Fothringham (Fotheringham) of Pourie (Powrie)
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The Fothringham family appears to have derived from a branch of the Foderingaye (Fothringaye) family which came to Scotland in the employ of the Baliol family.
Henry Fothringhame of Balunie (a 1377)
1. Thomas Fothringhame of Balunie (a 1377) possibly father of ...
  A. Thomas Fothringham, 1st of Pourie (b c1379?, d c1448)
  i. David Fothringham, 2nd of Pourie (d before 11.08.1468)
a. (Sir) Thomas Fothringham, 3rd of Pourie (d 1490-1)
  m. (c1450) Egidia
  (1) Nicholas Fothringham, 4th of Pourie (d c1505)
  m. Margaret Collace (dau of Thomas Collace of Balnamoon)
  (A) Thomas Fothringham, 5th of Pourie (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Elizabeth Arbuthnott (dau of Sir Robert Arbuthnott of that ilk)
(i) James Fothringham, 6th of Pourie (dsp 1515)
  (ii) Thomas Fothringham, 7th of Pourie (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  m. (c1530) Alison Charteris (a 1592, dau of John Charteris of Cuthilgundy and Kincleven)
  (a) Thomas Fothringham, 8th of Pourie (b c1533?, d 28.02.1595/6)
  m. Helen Lindsay (dau of Sir John Lindsay, 5th Lord of the Byres)
  ((1)) Thomas Fothringham, 9th of Pourie (d c1609)
  m1. Barbara Scott (d 17.02.1606, dau of Sir William Scott of Balweary)
  m2. (before 02.06.1608) Elizabeth Wemyss
((2)) Alexander Fothringham
  m. (mcrt 22.05.1609) Grizel Durham (dau of James Durham of Pitkerrro)
  ((3)) David Fothringham of Idvies
  ((4)) Matilda Fothringham
  m. (1586) Sir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity (d c1624)
  ((5)) Marion Fothringham
  m. (03.05.1593) John Scrymgeour, 5th of Kirkton (d 06.1629)
  ((6)) Margaret Fothringham
  m. William Ross of Dalton
  ((7)) Catherine Fothringham
  m. (1581) John Carnegy 'of that ilk' (d 12.1604)
  ((8)) Isabel Fothringham --
  m. (c1585) William Ruthven of Freeland (d 20.10.1608) --
(b) Alexander Fothringham of Shielhill (a 1598)
  (c) David Fothringham (d before 1598)
  m. ?? Lindsay (dau of Lindsay of Vane)
  ((1)) Thomas Fothringham
  (d) William Fothringham (a 1598)
  (e) James Fothringham (a 1612, minister of Inverarity and Meathie)
  m. Margaret Lindsay (b 1528, d by 12.1599, dau of John Lindsay, 5th Lord of the Byres)
  ((1)) David Fothringham (minister) had issue
  m. (12.03.1602) Margaret Ker
  (f) Margaret Fothringham (d 1571)
  m. David Tyrie of Drumkilbo
(g) Katherine Fothringham
  m. John Carnegie of Peplis
  (h) Christian Fothringham
  m. David Stewart
  (i) Agnes Fothringham
  m. John Wedderburn in Dundee
  (iii) John Fothringham in Dundee
  (iv) Elizabeth Fothringham
  m1. Sir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity (d c1547)
  m2. John Ogilvy of Inverkeilor & Kinordy
(B)+ other issue - Alexander (chaplain in Bruges), Charles
  (2) David Fothringham (a 1483, in Dundee)
  (A) David Fothringham in Dundee
  (i) Thomas Fothringham in Leith (a 1537)
  (3) Charles Fothringham (b c1465, d c1526, rector of Edzell)
  (4) Janet Fothringham
  m. Alexander Bois in Dundee
  (5) Katherine Fothringham --
  m. Sir David Lindsay of Bewford and Edzell (d by 1529) --
  b.+ other issue - John, Andrew (d c1495, in Dundee)
  ii.+ other issue (in Dundee) - Henry (a 1454, Provost of Dundee), James (d c1481), Alexander

Main source(s):
(1) 'The Genealogy of the Fothringhams of Pourie-Fothringham' by Henry Steuart Fothringham, 6th edition privately printed February 2004, kindly copied to Stirnet by the author
(2) BLG1886 (Fothringham of Pourie and Fotheringham), BLG1952 (Steuart Fothringham of Murthly and Strathbraan)
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