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Families covered: Fauconberg of Fauconberg, Fauconberg of Ryse, Fauconberg of Skelton

Peter de Falkeberg
1. William de Falkeberg
2. Walter de Falkeberg
  m. Agnes (dau of Simon FitzSimon)
  A. Sir Piers (Peter) de Fauconberg of Ryse (a 1230)
  m. Margaret de Muntfichet (dau of Richard de Muntfichet of Stansted)
  i. Walter de Fauconberg of Ryse, 1st Lord (d 01/2.11.1304)
BP1934 (Conyers) shows an additional generation with this Walter not being the 1st Lord but dying before 1272 with his son, Walter who died in 1304, being the 1st Lord (but with no wife identified for him). We follow TCP which shows them as the same person.
  m. Agnes de Brus (b c1215, d before 05.1279, dau of Peter/Piers de Brus, lord of Skelton and Danby)
  a. Walter de Fauconberg, 2nd Lord (d 31.12.1318)
  m1. Isabel de Roos (dau of Robert de Ros of Hamlake and Belvoir, 1st Lord)
  (1) son (d young)
  (2) Sir Walter de Fauconberg (dvpsp Bannockburn 24.06.1314)
  m. Anastase de Neville (dau of Sir Ralph de Neville of Raby)
(3) John de Fauconberg, 3rd Lord, Sheriff of York, Governor of York then Berwick (b 1290, d 17/8.09.1349)
  m. Eve (probably dau of Sir Ralph de Bulmere of Wilton, Lord Bulmer)
  (A) Walter de Fauconberg, 4th Lord (b 1319, d 29.09.1362)
  m1. (c12.1330) Maud Patshull (dau of Sir John de Patshull of Bletso and Pateshulle)
  (i) Thomas de Fauconberg of Skelton, 5th Lord (b 20.07.1345, d 09.09.1407)
  m1. (before 17.11.1366) Constance de Felton (d 05/6.1402, dau of John de Felton)
  (a) Sir John Fauconberg of Whitton (dvpsp 20.07.1405)
  m. Joan Conyers (d 06/7.11.1438, dau of Sir Robert Conyers of Ormesby)
  (b) Isabel Fauconberg (dvp)
  m. (18.10.1406) John de Wilton
  m2. Joan de Bromflete (d 04.03.1408/9, dau of Sir Thomas de Bromflete)
(c) Joane Fauconberg, Baroness Fauconberg (b 18.10.1406, d 11.12.1490/1)
  m1. (before 28.04.1422) Sir William Nevill, Lord Fauconberg, Earl of Kent, Admiral of England (d 09.01.1462-3)
  m2. John Berwyke
  m2. (before 15.01.1359/60) Isabel Bigod (dsp 19.05.1401, dau of Sir Roger Bigod of Settrington)
  (B) Joan de Fauconberg possibly of this generation (suggested by various web sites)
  m. Sir William Colvile
  (4) Lora de Fauconberg possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Herbert St. Quintin of St. Quintin (b c1283, d by 02.1338/9)
  m2. Alice de Killingholm (d 22.06.1356, dau of Sir John de Killingholm of Boythorpe)
  b. Sir Geofferey Fauconberg shown by some web sites as of this family, of this generation
  (1) Beatrix Fauconberg (heir)
  m. Sir Edmund Penyston of Beaconsfield
  c. Amicia de Fauconberg
  m. Nicholas de Engaine of Colne Engaine and Coton (d 12.1322)
  d. Margery de Fauconberg possibly of this generation
  m. Herbert St. Quintin of St. Quintin and Brandesburton (d 02.1301/2)
3. Stephen de Falkeberg
  m. Petronill (dau of Simon FitzSimon)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Conyers), TCP (Fauconberge of Fauconberge)
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