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Families covered: Carveth of Cornwall, Conyers of Hoppen, Capper of Bushey, Collinson of Chantry, Collinson of London, Curry of Bishop Oak

Richard Carveth of Ladock & Probus, Cornwall
m. (1743) Dorcas Gerrans (bur 23.04.1797)
1. Richard Carveth of Carvoss (bpt 30.05.1748, d 17.12.1822)
  m. (11.05.1769) Margaret Andrew (bpt 21.08.1745, d 22.06.1824, dau of Matthew Andrew of Probus by Margaret Langdon of St. Michael Penkevil)
  A. James Andrew Carveth (bpt 27.07.1775, bur 09.02.1812, surgeon)
  m. (15.01.1799) Anna Hennah (b 27.02.1772, bur 18.09.1812, dau of Rev. Richard Hennah by Mary Carthew)
  i. Richard Carveth of Plymouth had issue
m. Julia Hennah (dau of Henry Hennah of Blackheath)
  ii. Mary Carveth (b 08.1799, d 12.11.1862)
  m. (07.05.1827) John Mills Carkeet (b 17.10.1797, d 22.08.1867)
  B. Dorcas Carveth (b 1780, d 1866)
  m. (1805) Octavius Temple, Governor of Sierra Leone (d 1834, Colonel)
2. Anne Carveth (bpt 05.11.1745)
  m1. James Veitch of Grampound
  A. James Veitch (Captain RN)
  m2. John Carpenter of Tregony
  B. John Carpenter of Truro had issue
  m. (03.1797) Theresa Heneage (dau of George Fieskie Heneage of Hainton Hall)



Edward Conyers of Hoppen & Berwick, Northumberland (d by 1626)
m1. ??
1. Robert Conyers of Hoppen (a 06.1626)
  m. Mary Brandling (dau of Robert Brandling of Felling)
  A. Edward Conyers of Hoppen (a 1649)
  B. Mary Conyers
  m. _ Bradford
  C.+ other issue - Jane, Cicely
  partner unknown
  E. Robert Conyers
2. Elizabeth Conyers
  m. _ Gardner of Berwick
m2. Thomason (a 1626)



BLG1886 reports that "This family was settled in Herefordshire early in the 16th century."
Richard Capper, 1st of Bushey, Bournehall & Carston, Hertfordshire (a 1695, d 1759, of Lincoln's Inn)
m1. Elizabeth Hyde of Finchley
1. Francis Capper of Bushey (b 1698, d 1764, bencher)
  m. (1725) Mary Bennet (dau of Thomas Bennet by Elizabeth (granddau of Sir John Wittewrong, Bart))
  The following was expanded on 01.08.21 using MGH (NS4 vol 2 1908), 'Pedigree B', p79+).
  A. Richard Capper of Bushey & Garston (b 19.06.1730, d 02.09.1800, bencher)
  The following is partly supported by 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, 'Ord and Capper of Bingfield', p229).
  m. (10.05.1759) Mary Ord (d 04.11.1810, dau of Robert Ord (Lord Chief Baron of Scotland), sister/coheir of John of Newbiggin & Hunstanworth)
  i. Robert Capper of Bushey, Garston, Bingfield & Newbiggin Hall (Northumberland) (b 1767/13.10.1775, d 22.04.1851/28.08.1861) had issue
  m. Mary Anne Jenkinson (b 13.10.1785, d 25.08..1861, dau of Richard or Robert Jenkinson of Twickenham)
  ii. Isabella Capper (b 15.09.1762, d c1820)
  m. (15.10.1762) Thomas Nixon (Captain)
  iii. Elizabeth Capper (b 21.09.1763, d 29.08.1895)
m. (1791) Spencer James Lewin (b 1767-8, d 29.04.1845, Rector of Crawley & Rushden)
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - Frances in Cheltenham (b 1765-6. d 07.06.1850), Mary (d c1831?)
  B. Francis Capper of Earl (probably not East) Soham (b 24.08.1735, d 13.11.1818, cleric)
  m. (06.11.1759) Elizabeth Pierson (b c1731, d 02.1816, dau of Peter Pierson by Mary Coppinger)
  i. Francis Capper (b 14.01.1761, d 03.1809, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Emily Fraser (b c1777, dsps 1794, dau of Colonel Charles Fraser of Ardachy (not 'of Lovat'))
  ii. George Capper (b 25.12.1767, dsp 14.06.1847, Rector of Little Blakenham & Gosbeck, 4th son)
  m. Anne Reid (d 24.08.1855, dau of George Reid of Jamaica)
  iii. Charlotte Capper (b 07.06.1772, d 04.03.1848)
  m. (13.12.1809) Charles Brooke of Ufford Place (d 30.03.1836)
  iv.+ other issue - John (b 27.03.1763, d 27.07.1763), Samuel Peter (b 19.11.1766, d young), Elizabeth (b 02.07.1765, d 1838), Dorothea (b 07.03.1769, d unm 19.02.1795), Mary (b 13.08.1770, d 19.11.1837), Catherine (b 10.08.1775, d unm), Frances Anne (b 17.08.1777, d unm)
  C. James Capper (b 15.12.1743, d 06.09.1825, Colonel)
  m. (1772) Mary Johnson (d 1789, dau of James Johnson of Hereford)
  i. Marianne Capper (b 17.02.1773, d 07.01.1856)
m. (11.01.1798) Robert Clutterbuck of Watford (d 25.05.1831)
  ii. Elizabeth Henrietta Capper (b c1774, d 23.11.1788)
  iii. Louisa Capper (b 15.11.1776, d 25.05.1840)
  m. (16.11.1810) Rev. Robert Conyngham of Londonderry
  D. Elizabeth Capper (b 27.02.1726-7, d 02.02.1793)
  m. (18.12.1753) Edward Williams of Totteridge (b c1724, dsp 06.02.1759)
  E. Mary Capper (b, d 1786)
  m. (17.08.1761) George Smallridge (b c1734, d 16.02.1804, Rector of Bothal & Shipwash (by Anne, dau of Rev. William Freind of Hitcham), son/heir of Rev. Philip (Chancellor Worcester) son of George, Bishop of Bristol)
  F.+ other issue - Mary (b 24.08.1728, d 04.03.1733), Anne (b 26.01.1731-2, d 10.04.1734), Mary (b 23.02.1736-7, d 16.11.1737), Dorothy (b 22.05.1744, d 10.01.1746), Martha (b 17.03.1747, d 11.12.1747)
m2. Dorothy Clavering (sister of Sir Francis Clavering, bart, relict of Charles Waite of The Temple)



Peter Collinson
1. ?? Collinson of Hugall Hall ('Height of Hugall')
  A. Peter Collinson of London
  i. Peter Collinson 'of Mill Hill' of London (d 11.08.1768)
  m. Mary Russell (d 04.1753, dau of Michael Russell of Mill Hill)
  a. Michael Collinson of The Chantry, Suffolk (d 1795)
  m. Jane Banester (dau of Charles Banaster (solicitor))
  (1) Charles Streynsham Collinson of The Chantry, Sheriff of Suffolk (b 03.04.1753) had issue
  m. (30.04.1803) Maria Sowerby (dau of John Sowerby of Puttridge Bury)
  (2) Peter Collinson (d infant)
  (3) Marianne Collinson
  m. Esward Close of Rungamatty, East Indies
  b. Mary Collinson
m. John Cator of Beckenham Place
  ii. James Collinson
  m. _ Gill of Godalming
  a. Thomas Collinson of London (dsp 22.08.1803, banker)
  m. _ Brown (dau of Hinton Brown)
  iii. Mary Collinson
  m. Daniel Bell
  iv. Margaret Collinson
  m. Thomas Holme, Mayor of Kendal
  a. Margaret Holme
  m. (1738) William Maude of Sunderland



BLG1886 reports that "An ancestor of this famiy, which is believed to be of Scotch origin, was King's Messenger at the Court of King James II. of England".
?? Curry
1. John Curry of Hatfield, Hertfordshire (dspms)
2. William Curry of Bishop Oak in Wolsingham, co. Durham (d 1727)
  A. Robert Curry of Bishop Oak (b 1692, d 06.1763)
m. Frances Taylor of Stanhope (d 03.1787, heiress)
  i. Robert Curry of Bishop Oak & Consett Hall (b 1745, d 17.07.1827)
  m. Elizabeth Greenwell (d 02.06.1827, dau of Hugh Greenwell of Byers Green, sister of John of Greenwell & Willington House)
  a. John Curry of Bishop Oak (b 1782, d 23.03.1833) had issue
  m. (16.110.1819) Elizabeth Wooler (d 09.03.1831, dau of George Wooler of Fawnlees House by Elizabeth, dau of John Darnell of Deckham House son of Elizabeth, dau of Nicholas Shuttleworth of Durham, cousin of Sir Richard Shuttleworth of Gawthorp)
  b. Elizabeth Curry
  m. (01.01.1798) Thomas Elliott of Newcastle ("a branch of Lord Minto's family")
  c.+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (b 1775, dvp 16.10.1820), Frances (d 14.01.1863)
  ii. Elizabeth Curry
  m. John Darnell of Deckham Hall
  iii. Barbara Curry
  m. Thomas Sanderson of Auckland
  B. Anne Curry
  m. Thomas Wren of Wolsingham

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