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Families covered: Cleland of Cleland, Cleland of Faskin, Cleland of Gartness, Cleland of Knownoblehill (Connoblehill), Cleland of Monkland

Alexander Cleland, 11th of Cleland (a 1572)
m. _ Hamilton (dau of Hamilton of Haggs)
1. William Cleland of that ilk
  m. Marion Stewart (dau of Sir John Stewart of Minto)
  A. James Cleland of Cleland (d c1635)
  m1. _ Stewart (sister of Walter Stewart)
  We have some unease with the identity given by our Source for James's 1st wife in case there has been confusion with James's mother who was also a sister of a Walter Stewart (the 1st Lord Blantyre).
  i. Alexander Cleland of Cleland
  m. (c1620) Mary Hamilton (dau of Sir John Hamilton of Lettrick)
  a. _ Cleland (b c1621)
  There appears to be some confusion about this and the next generation, possibly caused by the fact that a cousin Alexander (see below) claimed to be 'of that ilk'. It is possible that that Alexander bought (part of) the old estates of this main line of the family, which may have fallen into difficult times, but this is not know for sure and the position has yet to be clarified.
  (1) _ Cleland
  (A) John Cleland
  (B) William Cleland ('the Commissioner', Major)
  (C) daughter (d 1733)
  m. Thomas Hamilton of Newton
  b. John Cleland
  m2. Mary Somerville (dau of Sir James Somerville)
ii.+ other issue - Jean, Marion
  Not sure by which wife were ...
  iv. James Cleland
  a. Alexander Cleland 'of that ilk'
  The book that is the Main Source for this family reports that this Alexander had no right to call himself 'of that ilk'.
  m. (c1680) Margaret Hamilton (dau of William Hamilton, 3rd of Wishaw)
  (1) James Cleland
  b. Margaret Cleland
  m. John Hamilton of Udston, Sheriff of Clydesdale
  v.+ other issue - William, Andrew, John, Arthur
  B.+ other issue - Walter, Andrew, Claud, John, Archibald, Alexander
2. William Cleland of Ormistonhill (4th son)
  A. James Cleland
3.+ other issue - Arthur, John



Arthur Cleland, 1st of Knownoblehill
m. Margaret Pollart
1. William Cleland, 2nd of Knownoblehill (a 1608)
  William may have been the Cleland of Knownoblehill who married ...
m. ?? Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton, 3rd of Orbiston) possibly mother of ...
  A. William Cleland, 3rd of Knownoblehill
  m. Margaret Baillie
  i. William Cleland, 4th of Knownoblehill or Connoblehill
  m. (c1676?) Ann Hamilton (dau of Gavin Hamilton of Raploch)
  a. Archibald Cleland of Connoblehill (a 1710)
  m. Elizabeth
  (1)+ 2 sons - Gavin, Archibald
  (3) William Cleland of Connoblehill
  ii.+ other issue - James, Elizabeh, Jean, Janet, Grissel
2. John Cleland in Edinburgh



John Cleland, 3rd of Faskin
m. Agnes Muirhead
1. John Cleland, 4th of Faskin or Faskine
  m. Jean Creichton
  A. James Cleland, 5th of Faskin (d by 1676)
  i. James Cleland, 6th of Faskin
ii. William Cleland, 7th of Faskin (d by 1686)
  iii. Alexander Cleland of Dormonsyde
  a. John Cleland, 8th of Faskin
  iv. Margaret Cleland
  m. Gavin Cochrane of Craigmure (d 1701)
2. Sir James Cleland of Monkland (d c1633)
  m. Mary or Christian Steuart (dau of James Steuart of Allanton)
  A. Ludovic Cleland of Monkland and Gartness
  B. John Cleland (d 1684)
  m. Bethia Baillie (dau of Arthur Baillie)
  C. Margaret Cleland (dsp c1667)
3. George Cleland of Gartness (4th son)
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of William Hamilton, 1st of Wishaw)
  A. Anne Cleland
  m. George Weir of Blackwood
4. Janet Cleland
  m. (mcrt 1584) Alexander Baillie
5. Christian Cleland
  m. (mcrt 1600) George Anderson
6.+ other issue - Robert in Glasgow, James, Alexander

Main source(s): 'The Ancient Family of Cleland' by John Burton Cleland, published in London in 1905
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