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Families covered: Chetwode of Chetwode, Chetwode of Oakley, Chetwode of Reyse
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John Chetwode of Chetwode
1. Robert Chetwode of Chetwode
  A. Sir Raufe Chetwode
  i. Sir Robert Chetwode (a 1104)
  m. Sibell Strange (dau of Thomas Strange)
  a. Sir John Chetwode
  (1) Sir Robert Chetwode of Chetwode & Hockcliff (a 1297)
  m1/2. Amicia (de Cugentio or Cogenhoe?) (dsp)
  m2/1. Johanne
(A) John Chetwode (a 1297, 1316)
  m. Lucia
  (i) John Chetwode (a 1331)
  m. Johanne
  (a) Sir Nicholas Chetwode of Chetwode (d 1351-2)
  m. Elizabeth Lyons (dau of Sir John Lyons by Alice, dau/heir of William de St. Lis)
((1)) Sir John Chetwode of Chetwode
  m1. Mary
  ((A)) Sir John Chetwode (dsp bur 1420)
  ((B)) Margery Chetwode (d 1420)
  m. John Browning
  m2. Amabell Green (d 1430, dau of Thomas Green of Green's Norton, m2. Sir Thomas Strange)
  ((C)) Sir Thomas Chetwode of Chetwode (a 1458)
  m. Agnes @@ see here @@
  ((i))+ issue - Alice (dps), Johanne
  (b) Robert Chetwode in Chetwode - continued below
  b. William Chetwode of Horton, Kent



Robert Chetwode in Chetwode - continued above
1. Sir John Chetwode (a temp Richard II who r. 1377-1399)
  m. Elizabeth Oakley (sister/hier of William de Oakley)
  A. John Chetwode (a 1398)
  m. Margery
  i. Roger or John Chetwode 'of Oakley'
  m. Margery Crew (dau/coheir of David Crew of Pulcroste)
  a. Thomas Chetwode of Chetwode (a 1422, 1482)
  m. Margery Sounde of Cheshire (heir)
  (1) Roger Chetwode 'of Oakley' (a 1485)
m. Ellen Ree (dau/heir of William de Ree)
  (A) Thomas Chetwode of Worleston (Cheshire) & Reyse (Cheshire)
  Lipscomb identifies Thomas as of Worleston. Visitation (Walter Metcalfe (1883), Buckinghamshire, 1566, 'Chetwood of Chetwood') starts with this Thomas, showing him as of Reyse. Lipscomb identifies his 1st wife as Ellen, dau of Thomas Bereford of Bentley. Visitation identifies her as unnamed dau of Bearesforde of Bearesforde. It appears that she was ...
m1. Cicely Berisford (dau of Thomas Berisford of Bentley)
  (i) Roger Chetwode 'of Oakley' of Chetwode (Chetwood of Reyse)
  Lipscomb identifies Roger's wife as Ellen, dau of J. Masterton. Visitation, which does not name the second wife, identifies his first wife as ...
  m(1). Elianor Masterson (dau of Thomas Masterson of Wiche)
  (a) James Chetwode or Chetwood 'of Rees' of Oakley (a 1566)
  m. Catherine Hulse (dau of Philip Hulse)
  (b) Richard Chetwode or Chetwood (3rd son)
  m. Agnes (d 20.03.1575-6, dau of Anthony, "Baron of Woodhall")
  (c) Ellen Chetwode
  m. James Hawke of Chester
  (d)+ other issue - John, Roger, Margaret
  m2. _ Wilbraham (dau of _ Wilbraham of Wooday) mentioned by Visitation but not by Lipscomb
  m3. Ellen Spurston (dau of John Spurston of Spurston (Spurstow of Spurstow))
  (ii) Ellen Chetwood (dsp) shown by Visitation as Eleanor, dau of _ Wilbraham, who married ...
  m. William Clayton of Thelway (Thelwell?)
  (iii)+ other issue - John, Randolph both shown by Visitation as dsp

Main source(s): Lipscomb (Buckinghamshire, vol 3, 1847, 'Pedigree of Chetwode of Chetwode', p2+)
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