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This section first uploaded 22.12.18.
John West of Tiverton (a 1605)
1. John West
m. (1594) Edy Bludnell (dau of James Blundell of Tiverton, niece of Peter & Ellinor (wife of John Comyns alias Chilcot))
  John was probably father or uncle (or grandfather or great-uncle) of ...
  A. Peter West of Thorverton, later of Tiverton Castle (a 1663)
  i. Peter West of Tiverton Castle (d 1726)
  TCB (vol 3, 'Carew', p224) suggests that the mother of Dorothy, wife of Sir Thomas (4th Bart), was "presumably" the daughter of his paternal aunt, Dorothy Carew (who married a Peter West - ## see here ##) . However, Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Fursdon of Fursdon', p384) shows that the mother of Dorothy was ...
  m. Elizabeth Fursdon (dau of George Fursdon of Fursdon)
  a. John West of Tiverton Castle (d unm 1728)
  b. Dorothy West
  m. Sir Thomas Carew, 4th Bart of Haccombe (b 1692, d before 1746)
  c. Christian West (d 1759)



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Alexander Leigh of Bretherton, Lancashire
'The Gentleman's Magazine' reports that the family "was descended from a highly respectable line of ancestry, who have been possessed of landed property (in Lancashire) for several centuries past; but it cannot be maintained, as Mr. Burke in the account of the family in his Baronetage asserts, that they are of the same descent as the Leighs of Adlington, in the county of Chester, which is unquestionably an error."
m(2). Dorothy Holt (dau of Robert Holt of Sherrington, brother/coheir of Robert Holt of Wigan Park Hall & Sherrington)
1. Holt Leigh of Hindley Hall & Whitley Hall, Lancashire (b 03.01.1730, d 11.03.1785)
  m. Mary Owen (dau/coheir of Thomas Owen of Upholland Abbey by Margaret, dau/heir of Thomas Bispham of Bispham)
  A. Sir Robert Holt Leigh, Bart (b 25.12.1762, d unm 21.01.1843, MP)
  B.+ other issue (dsps?) - Alexander of Leeds (d unm?), Robert Holt (d unm?), Johanna
2. Edward Leigh
  m. Frances Owen (dau/coheir of Thomas Owen of Upholland Abbey, sister of Mary)
  A. Margaret Leigh
  m. Robert Pemberton (of the Middle Temple)
  B. Frances Leigh
  m. Matthew Pemberton
  C. Loveday Leigh
  m. W. Cooke (of Lincoln's Inn)
  D. Mary Leigh (d unm?)
  E. Anne Leigh
  m. Rev. John Radcliffe



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The following John has been identified by some as the Norman ancestor of the Lyon family of Scotland which produced the Lords of Glamis (see Lyon01). We have also seen suggestions that both the Scots family and the following Northamptonshire family came from a Norman family that was based in Norfolk. We hope to investigate these further in due course.
Sir John de Lyons of Warkworth, Northamptonshire (a 1080)
1. Nicholas de Lyons of Warkworth
  A. Sir John de Lyons of Warkworth (b c1167)
  i. Sir Roger (or Richard) de Lyons of Warkworth (b c1192)
  m. Hawise
  a. Sir Roger de Lyons of Warkworth
  m. Joanna de Napton (d 1278, dau of Adam de Napton of Warwick)
  (1) Richard de Lyons of Warkworth (b 1242, d c1269)
m. Emma
  (A) Sir John de Lyons of Warkworth (b c1268, d 1312)
  m1. Margaret (Margery) de Oakley (dau of Richard de Oakley of Oakley)
  (i) Sir John de Lyons of Warkworth (d 1371)
  m. Alice de St. Liz (b c1300, d 1374, dau of Sir William de St. Liz)
  (a) John de Lyons of Warkworth (b 1320, dsp 1385)
  m. Margaret St. John
  (b) Elizabeth de Lyons (d 1371) Y
  m1. Sir Nicholas Chetwode (d 1351-2)
  m2. Richard de Wydeville Y
  m2. Margaret Chetwode (d 1345, dau of Sir John Chetwode)
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  (ii) Margaret Lyons
  m. Sir Giles de St. John of Plumpton (d 1392, MP)



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Henry Hunt
1. Henry Hunt
  m. _ Piddock
  A. Henry Hunt
  m. _ Gee
  i. William Hunt of the Brades near Birmingham
  m. _ Yate
  a. Hannah Hunt
  m. _ Tate of Devon
  b.+ other issue - William, Thomas, Henry, John, Frederick, Elizabeth
  ii. Henry Hunt of Ladywood near Birmingham
  m. _ Brailsford
  a.+ issue - Henry, John, Sarah
  iii. Lydia Hunt
  m. _ Rickards
  a. Lydia Rickards
  m. William Withering of Edgbaston
2. Ann Hunt
m. _ Freith
3. Mary Hunt
  m. Joseph May
  A. John May of Birmingham
  m. Sarah Mason
  i. Benjamin May of Birmingham
  m. E*** Humphries of Birmingham
  a.+ issue (d unm) - John of Birmingham, Joseph of Birmingham
  ii. Phoebe May (bur 15.12.1798)
  m. Joseph Wilkinson of Birmingham (bur 25.09.1780, cleric)
  B. Joseph May
  C. Mary May
  m. _ Ray
  i. Samuel Ray (dsp)
  m. Joanna Scot (aunt of John, William & James Scot of Stourbridge)
4.+ other issue - Sarah, Joanna



This section first uploaded 15.03.19.
Gilbert de la Ley (c1154-1197)
1. Philip de la Ley (a 1220)
2. John de la Ley
  m. Ivetta
  A. Philip de la Ley (a 1289)
  i. Richard de la Ley (b c1305)
  a. Aline de la Ley (d 1408)
  m1. William de Dalden (a 1368)
  m2. Sir Robert de Ormesby (d 1392)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert (a 1328), John (d before 1320)

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