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Families covered: Campbell of Duntroon, Campbell of Glencharran, Campbell of Raschoille

Duncan 'Mor' Campbell (a 1442)
HJHeraldry starts the pedigree of this branch identifying Duncan as son of Sir Colin of Lochow "by his second wife, Marion (?), daughter of Sir John Campbell" but in volume 1 (p18) he is shown as a probable "natural son" of Sir Colin, which is supported by TSP.
1. Duncan Oig Campbell of Duntroon (a 1448)
  A. John Campbell of Duntroon (a 1446, d 1470)
  i. Donald Campbell of Duntroon (d Flodden 09.09.1513?)
ii. John Campbell of Duntroon (d before 02.03.1560)
  m. ?? Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell, 3rd of Ardkinglass)
  a. Duncan Campbell of Duntroon (d c1584)
  m1. Agnes McAchin (dau of Neill McAchin)
  m2. Agnes McLachlan
  m3. Agnes Campbell (sister of John Campbell of Inverliver)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (1) Duncan Campbell (a 03.1567, dspm c1584)
  (2) John Campbell of Duntroon (d by 1603)
(A) Donald Campbell of Duntroon (d 1630)
  m. (mcrt 04.03.1610) Anne Lamont
  (i) Duncan Campbell of Duntroon (a 1658)
  m. Margaret Campbell
  (a) Nicall Campbell of Duntroon (d c1659)
  m. Mary McNeill (dau of Hector McNeill of Taynish)
  (ii) Patrick Campbell of Duntroon & Raschoille (d c1667) - continued below
  m. Margaret Campbell (dau of Donald Campbell, Baillie of Rothesay)
  (iii) John Campbell of Glencharran (d c1677)
  (a) Colin Campbell of Glencharran
  (iv) Jean Campbell probably of this generation
  m. Farquhard Campbell of Lagganlochan (d before 25.02.1642)
  (v) Anna Campbell possibly fits here
  m. Duncan Campbell (b 1614, Captain of Carrick, MP)
  (vi)+ other issue - James of Strones & Drumnamuckloch, Colin
  (B)+ other issue - John, Colin, Patrick



Patrick Campbell of Duntroon & Raschoille (d c1667) - continued above
m. Margaret Campbell (dau of Donald Campbell, Baillie of Rothesay)
1. John Campbell, last of Duntroon (dsp c1675)
  m. ?? Campbell (dau of Alexander Campbell of Inverliver)
2. Alexander Campbell of Raschoille (d 1685)
  m. Margaret Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell of Blairintibbert) ## see here ##
  A. Patrick Campbell of Raschoille (d c15.01.1724)
  m. (17.01.1695) Barbara Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell)
  i. Archibald Campbell of Raschoille (dspms?, 2nd son)
  ii. James Campbell of Raschoille (d c1775)
m. (15.12.1736) Jean Fisher (dau of James Fisher, Provost of Inveraray)
  a. Alexander Campbell, last of Raschoille (d before 1800)
  m1. (27.06.1767) Janet Fisher
  m2. (04.04.1771) Margaret Stewart (dau of John Stewart of Achadasheuaig in Mull)
  (1) Donald Campbell (b c1784, d 28.11.1865, Major, 8th son) had issue
  m. Margaret Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart of Achadasheuaig)
  (2)+ other issue (dspms) - James (b 15.01.1772, d unm 1811, Captain), John (b 20.04.1774, d c1800), Robert (b 05.08.1775, d c1800), Patrick Hume (b 21.09.1776, d 22.01.1841), Niall (b 04.01.1779, d 21.05.1794), Archibald (b 04.01.1780), Alexander (d 10.01.1851, Captain), Duncan
  iii.+ other issue - Neicll (dvp), Dougald
  B.+ other issue - Niall, Duncan
3. Donald Campbell (d 1674)
4. Anna Campbell possibly of this generation
  m. John Macfarlane, 17th of Arrochar, 14th Chief (d before 25.02.1679)

Main source(s): HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'House of Duntroon', p39+)
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