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Families covered: Burnett of Crimond, Burnet(t) of Leys

This family was in England before the Conquest and so was probably of Saxon origin. It achieved some importance in Wiltsthire, Bedfordshire, etc.. The first known was ...
Burnard (a 1086, in Wiltshire, Bedfordshire, etc.)
1. Roger filius Burnard (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
  A. Roger Burnard
  m. Margaret
  i. Odo Burnard (a 1192)
  m. Martilda
  a. Roger Burnard
  B.+ other issue - Gilbert, Stephen
The branch of this family that we focus on in this page was descended from a descendant of one of the above, possibly the last Roger, who settled in Scotland in the 12th century. The first on record of this branch was ...
Alexander Burnard (a 1323)
1. Symon Burnard
  A. William Burnard (a 1378)
  i. Robert Burnard
  a. John Burnard or Burnet of Leyis (d 1454)
  (1) Alexander Burnet of Leys
  m. Elizabeth Forbes (dau of Alexander Forbes of Echt)
(A) Alexander Burnet of Leys
  m. Agnes Lichtoun
  (i) Alexander Burnet of Leys (a 1567)
  m1. Janet Hamilton
  m2. Marjory Forbes (dau of John Forbes, 6th Lord)
It is not clear which wife was mother of Alexander's children.
  (a) John Burnet of Leys
  m. Elizabeth Lumsden (dau of John Lumsden of Cushnie)
  ((1)) Alexander Burnet of Leys
  m. Katherine Arbuthnot (dau of Robert Arbuthnot of Fiddes)
((A)) Alexander Burnet of Leys (d 1619)
  m. Katherine Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon of Lesmoir)
  ((i)) Alexander Burnet (dvpsp)
  ((ii)) Sir Thomas Burnet, 1st Bart of Leys (d 1653)
  m1. Margaret Douglas (dau of Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie)
  m2. (1621) Jane Moncreiff
((iii)) James Burnett of Craigmyle
  m. (1608) Elizabeth Burnett (dau of Thomas Burnett of Craigmyle)
  ((iv)) Robert Burnet of Crimond (d 1661, judge as Lord Crimond)
  m1. (24.02.1620) Beatrix Maule (dau of William Maule of Glaster)
  ((a)) daughter (d young)
  m2. Rachel Johnston (dau of James Johnston in Edinburgh)
((b)) Sir Thomas Burnett of Crimond
  m. (1662) Janet Bruce (bur 30.04.1699, dau of Robert Bruce of Broomhall)
  (((1))) Euphemia Burnett
  m. James Roberton (d 06.1719)
  (((2))) Helen Burnett
  m. William Craufurd, younger of Auchenames and Crosbie (dvp 1695)
  ((c)) son
((d)) Gilbert Burnett, Bishop of Salisbury
  m. (1670) Margaret Kennedy (dsp 1685, dau of John Kennedy, 6th Earl of Cassillis)
  ((e)) Rachel Burnet
  m1. Sir Thomas Nicolson of Cockburnspath
  m2. (sp) Sir Thomas Hamilton of Preston & Fingalton (d 1672)
  ((v)) Anne Burnet
  m. George Baillie of Jerviswoode (d 1646)
  ((vi)) Katherine Burnet
  m. Patrick Maitland of Auchincrieff
  ((vii)) Helen Burnet
  m1. (1617) John Allardyce of that ilk (b c1595, d 02.11.1631)
  m2. Sir Robert Graham of Morphie (d c1666)
((viii)) Barbara Burnet
  m. (before 1607) Sir Robert Innes, 1st Bart of Balvenie (d before 02.1642)
  ((ix)) Isobel Burnet
  m. James Cheyne of Arnage
  ((x)) daughter
  m. Robert Forbes of Echt
  ((xi)) Janet Burnet
  m1. Alexander Skene of that ilk
  m2. Sir Alexander Comyn of Culter
  ((xii)) Mariot Burnet
  m. George Symmer of Balyordie
  ((xiii))+ other issue - George, John
((B)) Thomas Burnet in Bralatree (physician)
  m. Jane Foys
  ((C)) Duncan Burnet in Norwich (physician)
  m. Jane Marsham (dau of Robert Marsham of Little Melton)
  ((D)) Janet Burnet
  m. Gilbert Keith of Auquhersk
  ((E)) Elizabeth Burnet
  m. Gilbert Skene
  ((F))+ other issue - Robert, Gilbert (a 1649, professor and author), John, Margaret
  (b) Isabel Burnett
  m. (1555) Robert Arbuthnot, 1st of Fiddes (d before 30.07.1606)
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas (parson of Methlik), Andew of Cowcardie, William of Slowie, Alexander of Kynneskie
  (B) Christian Burnet
  m. (1480) Alexander Comyn of Culter
  ii. daughter possibly of this generation --
  m. Sir William Dischington of Ardross (d after 1402) --

Main source(s): BP1934 (Burnett of Leys) with input/support on the earliest generations from 'The Family of Burnett of Leys' (edited by Colonel James Allardyce, printed for the New Spalding Club, 1901)
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